100 thoughts on “Terrible Instagram Survival Tips – DiWhy?

  1. 14:29 I'm up for the job! Call 202-456-1111 or email me at [email protected] for an assassin!………………………….*gets bows and arrows ready*……………………Am totally not a phycho!

  2. The vape one, basically a lot of people cough when they hit a vape for the first couple of times I did it, almost everyone does, so his life hack is to put the vape juice in the humidifier, which is actually a horrible idea, 1 you could just lower the wattage on the vape, 2 vapes have coils for a reason by doing this, he is probably not heating the juice up to the right temp which could lead to a multitude of different things but the most likely outcome would just be that it doesnt vaporize

  3. Yeah, because the most inconvenient thing about USBs is that they don't turn to dust in your pocket.

  4. If u wanted to carry around half a beer bottle for some reason all u had to do was pop in a whisky bottle cork lol

  5. 12:06 I remember that..my family had told us to always cut strawberries open before eating them. Luckily, I don’t have to because I’m deathly allergic to them! They still do tell us to cut fruit before you eat it even though it was a year ago…talk about paranoid.

  6. 14:32 They are a channel called ‘Ice Cream Rolls’ and I’m pretty sure they are Australian…

  7. 9:42 their were these two forks who became married to each other, had sex. Nine months later this little shit called a baby came out, that very baby was holding their marriage together yet making it fall apart at the same time.

  8. These kinds of videos are why i believe that robots have gotten onto the internet and are trying to act like people but are just really bad at it

  9. I'm gonna be honest with you my favorite part of this series is when you start dancing to the video music

  10. isn´t peanut butter much more expensive than shaving cream?
    so even IF it works, its just incredible ineffective.
    not to mention, you will small like peanut butter for the rest of the day, or you wash extensively.

  11. I hadn't seen a burger box in forever. Just a weird thing to see. Totally off topic. They are banned here.

  12. B-bb-b-ut, you never tried making an epic crystal with peanut butter and ice, how do you know that it won't be an epic diy life hack?

  13. 16:07 Even if we go by some twisted logic that you can afford peanut butter, but not water and/or soap. And it somehow actually works, it would still be better to just not shave your face, at least then you are not known has the insane one that smeared peanut butter on your face.

  14. Don’t use a knife like the Oreo USB one, that idiot cut towards themselves. That’s how you get an epic ouchie

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