Teens Roast BuzzFeeders’ Instagrams
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Teens Roast BuzzFeeders’ Instagrams

100 thoughts on “Teens Roast BuzzFeeders’ Instagrams

  1. they were actually pretty nice!! it made me feel happy that they mentioned color scheme cos i feel like people don't notice that in my feed LOL so im just… gonna follow more teens yes

  2. what what, this isn't a " roast" teens already have big egos why dose the media constantly tell everyone that teens are tech geniuses where did that idea come from? they don't know any more than the next person. all teens walk around " I'm too cool for school, eew look at that 24 yr old who is a tech junky, he/she is so lame, tech is so 2000's." tech is a part of everyones life, my mom can post on instagram. " oh big shocker…"

  3. I’m kinda annoyed that they basically only looked at the picture but didn’t bother to read what was written below the picture and the dates of when the posts were made.

  4. Y'all please hit me up and I'll actually roast people and I'm not gonna hold nuh'n back frfr reply and I'll send you my agents contact info

  5. I thought this was gonna be a good roast and then I was reminded that it was posted from buzzfeed and they wouldn't want to actually roast themselves💀💀💀

  6. Honestly the people who post things that keep it real like the girl at 4:30 ish and ppl like emma chamberlain. A nice photo then a silly face or something

  7. They givin all these tips but its like??? Yalls ig aint even poppin off enough for you to even be givin tips in the first place?

  8. If someone is posting more than once a day they getting muted for me. I don't need your pics cluttering up my feed

  9. 6:54 "it all looks the same" it's a goal to be the same when following a certain color pallet, having a specific look to it, and trying to put out a clean image

  10. People care about social media way too much. Like, it doesn't even matter. I loathe this whole social media culture we have today.

  11. they said social media tells you a lot about a person…i do not agree…you want to meet and get to know new people, go the hell out and live life,so people pretend for social media, so i think that it has its faults, the only way to really get to know people is to hang with said persons…just my opinion….

    I feel that people are a bit to obsessed with how many followers they have and how many likes a picture has….but reality check how many of these people do you actually know…just saying…

    example: i only have like less than 30 followers and i am ok with that, i legit know everyone of them, i don't post often and i can say that is because i don't capture everything i do, i live in the moment and when it's over i have a good memory, i don't need a picture…but to each his own…don't come for my life…lol

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