Ted Koppel calls out liberal media bias against Trump
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Ted Koppel calls out liberal media bias against Trump

100 thoughts on “Ted Koppel calls out liberal media bias against Trump

  1. The morons at CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the MSM are just puppets for the demonrats and I will never trust anything they say again!!!!


  3. Thank you Ted for standing up a being a MAN and stating the truth!!! It's not journalism anymore!! The news is a Rabid base of activists!! That doesn't report news!! They just report lies and fake news!! They are biased in their reporting!!! They are an axis of evil!! That's I why I don't have any respect for journalist or listen to the news outlets!!!! They do nothing but lie, lie, lie!!!!!!!

  4. Ok. So THEY don't like President Trump, but he IS the PRESIDENT!

    Those of you who say "but he didn't win the popular vote".
    How about VOTER FRAUD?
    We KNOW Florida did & HAS been "finding" extra votes till things came out the way they wanted. Can you say "hanging chads"?
    How many ILLEGAL ALIENS voted?
    Just think about what Trump's popular VOTE WOULD have been WITHOUT voter FRAUD!!

  5. Watergate was a rogue deep state op. Nixon got conned into protecting these cabal of assassins. Bernstein and woodward were spoon fed info they never were sleuths they were sloths

  6. Everything in the "news" has become tainted with personal opinions instead of just the actual news. I took a lot of writing classes, including Journalism. Will never forget the teacher pounding into us not to use adjectives to color or to add our own opinions in the news pieces. Now, when I start to read an article of "news", I rarely make it past the second sentence because it's been embellished by personal opinion without being called an "Opinion Piece". I lost all respect and trust for the media long before Trump became POTUS. My instructor is rolling around in his grave, and we can't get an unbiased news report.

  7. The media isn't the same as 60 years ago because the real reporters have passed away and the ones now wear blinders. Nothing but trouble unless you're far left and democrat. Sad

  8. So, Donald Trump is at a beach and notices there's a little boy drowning.   He immediately goes to save the boy by walking on the water like Jesus Christ.   Trump plucks the little boy out of the water, walks on the water back to the beach saving the boy's life.  The following day, the headline news in the New York Times reads:  TRUMP CAN’T SWIM.

  9. The MEDIA is just a bunch of LYING DOGS… I can't even Trust Hannity (Parrot for the Left) & Tucker… they are part of the media, so they must be lying, too….

  10. Thank you Tucker Carlson. ❤️
    May I just say our People Elected President, Mr Donald J Trump is very much Loved by We The People, World Wide ❤️
    He is a Genius World Leader and He Is Leading By Example. He has and is achieving amazing things for America. He is honest and transparent in his dealings, and We The People Know It. ❤️
    It’s just that the majority of the media, for some very strange reason, have an aversion for recognising an Honest, Law Abiding, Hard Working, Amazing President ❤️
    TRUMP 2020 ❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺 ❤️ Q ❤️

  11. and Fox did everything they could do to unseat Obama…remember the tan suit controversy or the fact that the prez wore a bikers helmet…and the list goes on. Ted did the news a disservice…the New York Times and Washington post have an obligation to report truth to power…the lies in which this president, and in fact, Fox and republicans spew lies right and left…giving no time for its base to fact check anything because if you overwhelm them with fake news…they're swamped. Tucker, Hannity and Fox and Friends are fake journalists; most Americans realize it

  12. I expect liberal media to be biased against the lying Rump regime. I expect the Republicon News Network (AKA Faux Nooz) to lie for Rump. That leaves the other 95% of the available media, which actually does an OK job (not great, but they gotta make a buck, too).


  14. What many demonrats dont realize is that all they've done is turn many democrats to D. Trump as witnessed by the hatchtag walkaway movement. And its growing by leaps and bounds. I personally do not lend credence to false allegations. All allegations that are void of substance are just that " void!" its Repubs in 2020 as God will undo the demonrats for good. God is in control period…

  15. Hume helped the democrats win the midterms by calling races for the democrats with 1% of the vote in put him on trial

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  17. No the news people are not concerned with the fact that Trump is bad for America. All they are concerned about is there Liberal Ideas have been put on hold by the American people that voted Trump into office. They wanted globalism to come to a head and now they have to wait. The Dems also are so upset for this reason. All the world now has to wait because we the people have spoken. God Bless America and Donald Trump.

  18. the main stream media is a joke period and the people still following them are nothing more than little brainless puppets

  19. Ted better watch his back. He'll be on the news himself as soon as they pay someone to say he sleep with her or to say she was molested by him when she was a child. Worse case he will comment suicide.

  20. In the Age of Trump, read everything as if it were an op-ed.
    I am old enough to remember Koppel well, and I remember Brit Hume when he was a correspondent, and a bit of a younger version of David Brinkley. 50 years ago, the NYT newsroom was policed by Abe Rosenthal, who was a centrist and an ardent Cold Warrior.

    I warmly agree with Koppel's hypothesis that Watergate led the Fourth Estate to grab for power and overestimate its importance.
    I agree that the way State, the DoJ and the intelligence agencies put their thumbs on the scale in 2016, and tried to elect HRC by assassinating Trump's reputation, is a worse scandal than Watergate. But this time, the MSM resolutely looks the other way.

  21. Ted is right about the Times. They are reacting to an Orwellian circumstance.Trump srated as an overt criminal and continued daily to commit crimes . With his and the GOP obstruction the crimes are geometrically larger. A responsible press "must" , keep after him. He is currupt beyond the pale.

  22. Democrats are mad because Trump is cleaning the swamp. If you love your way of life keep Democrats out office. Vote smartly.

  23. Well we did not hear much of what Koppel actually said.
    Strange how POX news cut him off so EARLY.
    I wonder what he actually said.
    When a POTUS actually ask the leader of a foreign power to help him DEFEAT A POLITICAL RIVAL, I CALL THAT A CRISIS.

  24. So, notoriety and just plain meanness is your answer, Brett? Newscasters and pundits are going to ruin our country to be famous?

  25. Thank you Sir! Good Health to you and your loved ones! I grew up wanting to know what to expect for the next day growing up. . . I understand because of you and your Peers. I have shook hands with Tom Brokaw. I would bow my head down for a handshake for yours also SIR! THE Broadcasting Company needs your and your peers Help.

  26. Ted Koppel? Thank you, Sir! you haven't aged a day! God Bless. Do you and Dan still Golf? you should be the CEO of your own Broadcasting Company 5G!

  27. All media is opinion now and not News. That is the problem. And worse is online channels talking about it. Then we had Jon Stewart satirising the News and these Supposed News channels started opining on his satire. So we had the News talking about satire talking about News talking about THE NEWS. You don't need that many levels. You only need one level. The News. All of these opinion pieces should be dumped and the News should be reported without comment. It used to be ONE editorial and that was it. 24/7 News channels just spew the same opinions over and over until their opinion becomes the truth and the actual News is lost.

  28. Woah this is POWERFUL…. Koppel??? that is an indictment on ALL the press and all liberal media and that has surfaced because they are DESPERATE.. and WHY are they desperate ..?? what POSSIBLE secret are they hiding that in order to keep it a secret they must betray everything that is sacred about media??

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  30. I came from a third world country and always thought the news media there was so corrupt and bad but now listening to CNN, MSNBC, and many others that blindly hate Trumps is even WORST! I stop watching those media simply it is so bad, so bias and so sickening for them to keep trying to bring down our president who tries so hard for this country. This is sad for America. I wish President with great health to battle these stupid Dems’ ideologies and continue to lead our strong nation. Thank you Mr President.

  31. We Americans have become so prideful. We care more about worshiping the flag instead of the values it's suppose to stand for. God ALWAYS punishes the arrogant. And our president is the epitome of arrogance when he praised a tweet referring to him as "The king of Israel" and "The second coming". This is BLASPHEMY!!! We WILL lose a military engagement soon and an ally will betray us. That is how you will know that God is angry with us.

  32. How dare koppel dishonor our President of the United States elected by the people of the United States not to honor our decision. I now have no respect for koppel. He is now a hack to me.

  33. Brit Hume means that Donald J Trump is "unpopular" with the PRESS, right? because there has never been a President as popular with the PEOPLE as Trump!

  34. I still say Watergate was merely a test run–just to see what they ( the enemies of the People) could get away with! Bear in mind the people who are running this scam and frame-up are going off of 50, 100, and 500 hundred year plans. All the players are merely pawns. Hillary was supposed to be coronated as "the ONE" to finish off the USA, then all the other dominoes would subsequently topple as a result, and Viola! You have the one world government.

  35. It just media that HATES TRUMP….they are paid to put out this GARBAGE. Get over it. He will be in for another 4 years and WILL DRAIN THE SWAMP and the MEDIA with it.

  36. He is trash, things change for the better not for the worse. 50 years ago things were behind, things are getting better and we see threw Trump!!! Good bye baby boomers!!!! Too have maybe 20 more years!! That's all the people who support Trump hard head, closed minded, criminal minded people.

  37. People are calling out corruption, hate, division, that's what's changing!! WP, WSJ, don't have a agenda, they're calling it out because of what he's doing! Period. he brings it on him self!

  38. For Real News i go to citizen Journalists on You tube. I dont subscribe to Fox and yet Fox is ALL i get as suggested viewing … i Have to Type in what i want to see… EPOCH TIMES… REDPILL78. BCP TODAY, TRACY BEANZ, TRU REPORTING X22 REPORT, SGT REPORT , STYXHEXENHAMMER666, LORI COLLEY . …

    Fox brings what ALL These guys have been telling me MONTHS AGO..

  39. Most of the MSM should be charged with Treason. They pray for the destruction of the administration while all along seeking stardom. Selfish lying despicable psychos.

  40. Brit Hume is such a good man. I have read the best things about him. Fox is really fortunate to have him. He's supposed to be retired, but he cares too much to just let all of this happen without commenting.

  41. The media is vast and comes from different political viewpoints. YES YES YES, but one thing we know for SURE is that TRUMP has committed CRIME and violated the CONSTITUTION.

  42. The press is being called out by the Hume & Rather who I believe are Liberal but had Journalistic integrity & it is about time.

  43. I hadn't thought about this before. Every modern journalist wants to be woodward and bernstien. These people need to grow up. YOU AREN'T SPECIAL!! KNOCK IT OFF!! YOU ARE MAKING YOUR PROFESSION A JOKE!

  44. Ideological propaganda driven by unashamed leftist activists masquerading as journalists is simply ideological warfare perpetrated against the Christian ethos that was the foundational pillar that is the USA. It should be recognised and its propaganda banished as being subversive to the USA. Lefist shut down any dissent that is subversive to their agenda because they know full well the power and influence it has to release people from the articifical shame that the left produce which is to shackle the American people to their pernicious agenda and to socially re-design America into their preferred modus operandi. Not in the freedom of choice of the individual, but by the social captivity of the masses by the enslavement by false shame, designed to shut down any dissent.

  45. For years and years third world countries and countries like Russia and China tried to convince their people the American media was fake. To guess how much money they spent doing this is impossible but the end result was always the same they failed. Right now these countries are smiling and thanking the main stream media for doing what they couldn't destroying the American media ! What was once a source of pride for this country and its citizens is now a joke. This didn't just happen when Trump won he was just able to make people open their eyes and see it. Go back and watch action movies and dramas before Trump even the spy movies would say we have to get this information to the public. In those movies did they say lets get this to the Times and the Post NO they said we have to get it online for the world to see. Why you ask because the creditability of the media for a long time now has been questioned but today we don't have questions anymore we have answers it's bias and they are not above printing lies knowing they are lies. Every poll taken here in the states with both democrat and republicans the majority believe the media is either bias or liars or both ! This includes democrats the majority of them agree with these results to. Now take any poll outside of the U.S. and this is not one country that trust the U.S. media anymore in contrast to just 5 years ago were the majority of other countries trusted the U.S. media. Think about this at most Trump wins 2020 and leaves office in 2024 the media will not automatically go back to being trusted. The damages the media has done will take at least a generation maybe more or to get back to being trusted or it may never be trusted again. The internet has been taking away readers from papers before but now the media has speed that up so much that by 2024 I am not sure the Times or the Post will even still be in business by then. The Times is at and all time low in sales and is dropping fast along with the Post. Oh sure someone may come along and buy them out but just because that happens does not mean the people are going to say hey new owners we can trust them. There is a reason when you were growing up your parents and teachers taught you not to lie. Once you have that reputation you have lost everyone's trust and respect I guarantee the Times does not recover. The others I give a 50/50 chance but the one thing about Americans are they are willing to forgive and give second chances. Only if you owned up to your mistakes this means the media the ways it is doomed to be a joke until a new owner comes in and says YES they were bias and liars. Then says we pledge to earn back your trust one day at a time maybe they will but as of today I don't even trust the weatherman on the main stream media if they say its raining I still look out the window and check.

  46. But Britt missed the crux of Watergate – That Mark Felt, Deputy Director of FBI, led the two neophyte reporters down the path to their success.

  47. Constitution state it's the press responsibility to give the American people first of all the truth in which they have failed. Their nothing more then used car salesman.

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