TeamViewer QuickSupport App for Android
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TeamViewer QuickSupport App for Android

TeamViewer, is a powerful program that you can use for remote control and monitoring of your Android device. With TeamViewer, you can remotely control your device from any computer, as if you were using it in your own hands. And, for personal use, it’s completely free. To get started, download TeamViewer on any Windows, Mac or Linux computer. On your Android device, open the QuickSupport app and use the TeamViewer ID on your computer. Then click, connect to partner. On your device, accept the remote support request, and you’re all set. You will see the dashboard, which contains all your device’s information. You can initiate a file transfer, manage apps, stop processes, and much more. To start a remote control session, simply click on the remote control button in the top left of the session window, and accept the request on your Android device. You can now completely control your device remotely. Open apps, and even change settings, all from your computer. TeamViewer, it’s never been easier to troubleshoot devices.

38 thoughts on “TeamViewer QuickSupport App for Android

  1. What if I wanted to remote control my tablet and it is sitting at home and I am at my office????ย  I won't be at home to click "allow"….worthless

  2. Thank you for sharing this. It helps me a lot ย in doing my everyday job. The app is Awesome!!! well done TeamViewer!

  3. Hello Teamviewer, are you planning of giving android users of quick support the option to allow connection automatically and with out the need for allowing to connect to the device? If not why is the reason? thanks alot

  4. Hey I have a Visual Land Prestige Elite 10QS that I just bought. When I use QuickSupport, I can see what's on my tablet's screen but I can't seem to manipulate icons or open apps. Keyboard entry and mouse movement seem to be ignored. What am I doing wrong?

  5. and with my moto device it just show hand on screen it cant control or select from screen
    want something which can control my mobile screen from laptop…..

  6. im using team viewer i want to change a portal url name on a friends android box how can i do this? I Dont have remote control tab for some reason

  7. What good is team viewer if all you can do is delete apps and send files? How do i actually go in and fix or set up something? Unless im doing something wrong this app is limited

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