Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency Program – Worth it??
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Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency Program – Worth it??

14 thoughts on “Tai Lopez Social Media Marketing Agency Program – Worth it??

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  2. Hi Jason. Thx for your honesty. I was planning to take udemy courses before trying tai's smma. Do you think thats a good idea? I tried tai's online biz courses for 30 days and it wasnt userfriendly (couldnt see screens and didnt explain shopify details)

  3. How much does the program cost and do you have to pay monthly fees ? I work 5 days a week so are those 2 days i get off worth it,does it give me a enough time to learn the course ? And do you know anything about Alex Becker ? I do know that they have several programs for online marketing or sales. I almost got into the sfm (six figure mentors) program and man they really still your money because they are fake. I will put in the hard work because am tiered of this low income job.

  4. What distinguishes your program from Tai's? Is there 2 things, 3 things or more? What specifically makes yours unique over his at the same price?

  5. I like your honesty. By the way. Is the Los Angeles area too saturated for social media marketing in the real estate niche? What are thoughts on this?

  6. Thanks Jason. By the way I am interested in your social media marketing program. I just have 2 questions. 1st what is the current cost and is it a one time fee? 2nd if I take your program which is specific to real estate, will it be necessary to take Tai program as well? In other words I just want to learn social media marketing for real estate and is your program enough for that?

  7. This is pathetic. You are not really giving a review on Tai Lopez course. You are just promoting your business. Junk! Somebody should report this video as a misleading one. This money-hungry guy is trying to make more money through a misleading title!
    Go use another tactic! This is why I HATE YouTube. People use misleading titles or thumbnails to increase advertising revenue or to promote their own stuff. Pathetic!

  8. I want to start my own social media marketing business but I am very scared to get myself out there even after finishing the Tai Lopez course man! Any advice on how you where able to breakthrough that stage…. I'm 25 years old, from Tucson, Arizona


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