INSTAGRAM – Expectation vs Reality – How to Take Perfect Pictures/Boomrang/Slow-mo | #Fun #Anaysa

Today we’ll tell you how you can make perfect boomrang, pictures or Gif with you BF, BFF even tik tok video as well you’ll have fun watching these ultimate tricks so hit 1,00,000 Likes to this video and help us to reach 8 Million soon so do SUBSCRIBE fast for this kinda picture you need […]

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Instagram vs Real Life | Hacks For Taking Perfect Photos | #Teenagers #Ideas #Fashion #Anaysa

did you clicked the picture?? Yes Hey!! you are here.. Are you too wish to post perfect Pictures on Instagram like others??? so we are bringing for you Instagram Hacks to make you a Insta Star Not only this We’ll also tell you the Instagram – Expectations Vs Reality like what actually happens behind the […]

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