Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Essentials (Google I/O’19)

ALEXIS MOUSSINE-POUCHKINE: Hello, and good afternoon, Google IO. Thank you for being here. Thank you for everybody on the live steam, as well. The cloud is what powers an endless number of web and mobile apps, and that makes them magical. The easy access to potentially huge amounts of compute, storage, and to machine learning […]

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Best Practices for Identity and Authorization With GCP (Cloud Next ’19)

[MUSIC PLAYING] NAVEEN CHAND: So my name is Naveen Chand. I’m a product manager. I work on Google Cloud and identity on GCP. Today I’ll be presenting with some of my esteemed colleagues, Blake and Breno, who you’ll get to meet in a few minutes. So why are we here? GCP offers a myriad of […]

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