Swedish State Media Reacts to Trump’s Victory
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Swedish State Media Reacts to Trump’s Victory

The election is between these two people: Democrat Hillary Clinton, 69 years old.
Former Secretary of State, senator and First Lady. And Republican Donald Trump, 70 years old.
Real estate mogul without political experience. Hillary Clinton has a slim lead in most of the polls. In here where Hillary Clinton is expected
by the Democrats to give her victory speech. Right now the mathematical sites
like FiveThirtyEight believe she will win and so do the betting companies,
they give her an 81% chance of victory. And in that case the United States will have
its first female president. “Let’s break the last glass ceiling” or
“I’m with her” are popular slogans here. They sold Women Cards during the campaign. Having a female president is something that
could prove very benefitial for the United States. chose to vote for Hillary Clinton
because she prioritizes women’s rights instead of just pretending to care,
so this is something that people really care about. Women still make 79 cents
to every dollar a man makes. Micke? Micke? Yeah, I want you louder. I can’t quite hear you. Is that OK? How do you explain
the strong support for Donald Trump that many in Sweden have difficulties understanding? We live in a very polarized world right now,
where populism runs deep. It’s not just in the United States,
but we see strong indications of this in Europe as well. With populist and quite extreme racist parties. We see in the Philippines with president Duterte
and also in many other places around the world. There is a xenophobic glue among these people
that I think Trump is channeling. I hope with all of my heart that Hillary Clinton
will break the magical glass ceiling and become the first female president
of the United States. But it’s also important to see that the populists have
very simple solutions to complicated societal problems. To reduce trade the way he wants is not something that leads to long-term growth,
on the contrary. You understand that as economists. But there are
a lot of people who don’t have your education level and maybe not have the proper tools, so to speak. After all, many people are drawn to his message. Yes, many people all over the world
are drawn to populist messages Clinton’s private email,
but the FBI have said that this isn’t… The investigation a few days ago concluded that
she isn’t guilty of any criminal wrongdoing. Don’t the Trump supporters care about that? And it’s important to point out
that she hasn’t done anything illegal. And sometimes I feel like it’s about how male and female politicians
are judged differently based on their gender. That’s something that has played a big role in this,
because if we look at EVERYTHING Trump has done and I’m not just talking about anti-semitic campaign videos, islamofobic
and racist statements and openly bragging
about sexual harassment. – He has no judgement!
– But he has been criticized for all those things, to be fair. He has been criticized,
but it’s important to look take this into perspective. What she did was unsuitable, but at the same time they haven’t found
anything serious when they have investigated it. All of Trump’s rhetoric has been built around
pitting people against each other and this isn’t his only statement that’s
contemptuous or scornful towards women. If you go to his campaign meeting you will see that
there is a very aggressive attitude towards women. He is disrespectful towards women and
the overwhelmingly male audience cheers him on. This hatred towards women has been present
all throughout his campaign. Incredibly scary how a politician in our time
builds so much of his rhetoric around mocking women. I think many men feel pushed back
by women entering the work force and this new and more equal society we live in and he channels their frustration and anger
with his horrifying rhetoric. A rhetoric that is so horrible and
demeaning towards women but it’s treated by the pundits
like everything is normal. “Oh, now Trump said this and how will this affect
public opinion?” It’s nice to see someone pointing out
how bad this really is. This is totally “outrageous”as the Americans say and also to play to peoples fears like that. That’s what makes him such a
despicable politician and human being, that he keeps pushing these dangerous buttons.
And this could end really badly. And he is in many ways a product of his time,
this populist time we live in right now. Where freedom of speech has become the freedom to choose your facts. It’s really a matter of good manners
to admit defeat. Exactly, Donald Trump has a tendency to give quick
and simple solutions to very complex issues. While Clinton is a former Secretary of State and an
experienced lawyer. She’s used to arguing her position. When Hillary Clinton is talking about how she
wants to help in Syria, but not send in ground troops and instead attack from above, it’s possible that a lot of people think her arguments
are getting too complicated and hard to follow. And now we will speak to Swedish rapper Timbuktu.
Welcome to SVT’s election coverage! Thank you very much. – We’re are you?
– Södermalm in Stockholm. You have your roots in the US, which our viewers can read more about in your autobiography
“A Drop of Midnight” available in stores now. Donald Tumps political being rests on the back of the white working class and their resentment of having
a black man in the White House. Fred believed in certain theories that he
passed down to his children. Especially one appealed to Donald. When Donald was in seventh grade
even Fred had enough of his mischief. He was sent to a place by the Hudson river,
to the strictest boarding school Fred could find: New York Military Academy. New York Military Academy held on discipline Former students include children of the ganster
John Gotti and Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista. Yes, absolutely!
And there is very nice food if you’re hungry. In here is the studio. According to American law
the crew has to have 45 minute breaks. So they’re on break now? Yes, but me and Thomas are on soon again. When are you on? Now? Yeah, very soon. This is Nils who is
in charge of everything. – Hi!
– Hello! – Hi!
– How are you doing? – Hello!
– Hello! How are you doing? How nice. Very nice. Yeah it’s a very cozy a Is there anything to his accusations
that the media is biased? Not in those attacks that he has… I think he’s totally off base in his attacks on media. In his big rallies he has two enemies: Hillary Clinton, who he paints this picture of as a horrible human being and the journalists who he has placed on a podium and whom he has insulted and singled out
individual journalists as his political enemies and this type of logic and narrative is anti-democratic. And then Donald Trump came along and
ruined the Republicans’ diversity efforts. At the same time you would think that… You would think that the voters would
punish attacks on women’s rights. You would think that the voters would
punish racism towards Latin Americans. You would think that the voters would
punish antisemitism and islamophobia. So I’m hoping that Hillary will win a decisive victory. I think it has been interesting talking to people, because in Sweden we always talk about
how thrilling something is. This is not thrilling for those of us who live
in the United States, it is in fact pretty depressing. Especially what’s happening in Florida right now. He has a simple message, but he lacks
concrete answers on how his policies
are going to be implemented. I still think Hillary will win Florida because there are a lot of votes in southern Florida
that hasn’t been counted yet and when they come in they will go to Hillary. I think Hillary Clinton will be a very good president. She will contribute to stability in the world
and advance global environment-friendly policies. And I think she will get
a lot of work done at home, as well. I don’t talk much, I’m mostly glued to my computer
and following this election with horror. – How do you think things are going?
– It’s looking rather grim right now. I’m looking at the New York Times live predictions
where they weigh in all the available results and they have lowered the odds of a Clinton victory
from over 80% to less than 60%. She is hesitant, as so many other Trump supporters. She doesn’t really want to say that
Donald Trump is great, but she still wants him to win. She doesn’t know what the future of the party
will look like, but she thinks it will be lead by Oh, something is happening! And Trump just won Louisiana. Am I good? Thanks, Lisa.
Now over to Stefan Åsberg in Florida. Stefan, you It’s not over yet, but everyone is
very surprised by how it looks right now.
This wasn’t the result we were expecting. It wasn’t supposed to be this tight!
And it’s not only tight! He’s winning! New York Times is predicting that
Donald Trump will win the entire election. What do you say to that, Birgitta Ohlsson? It would be a huge tragedy,
not just for the United States, but also for Sweden and for everyone who believes in an open United States,
a United States that helps out on a global scale, a Unites States that doesn’t close its door
to the rest of the world. I think he plays to the destructive emotions
that we’ve been seeing in many countries recently But isn’t he filling some sort of political need? Immigration, absolutely, gender equality Everything that makes the white population feel… The men! ..That makes the men feel threatened. Donald Trumps policies will not help people in need
or those who are unemployed. Donald Trump is not something
that is unique to the United States. Marine Le Pen in France and Duterte in the Philippines
prove that this is a global phenomenon. There is sadly a strong populist trend right now. He doesn’t have all the answers but he paints
with broad strokes and makes people listen to him. emphasize the points that Donald Trump
is a very strange individual with many weaknesses who has
made a lot of crude remarks and has made a lot of mistakes during this campaign, the attacks against women, against immigrants, which you would think would be enough to prove
that he is not suited to lead this nation. But instead the voters listened to him and his speeches,
which are very entertaining, but have very little substance. Six months ago we used to joke that the worst-case
scenario would be Brexit and president Trump and unfortunately we’re not far away
from that becoming reality. making sure American jobs stay inside the country. This is something that Trump has talked about, even
though he has zero credibility when it comes to this. He has zero credibility when it comes to these issues. He sent all his own jobs overseas
to China and other countries. Let’s listen to John McCain speak
at the Republican headquarters. John… Hang in there. Well, let me then say that John McCain
once was a presidential candidate. What year was that? I don’t… It… Well…
I’m so focused on this election that I can’t think clearly. A couple of years ago? John McCain and here he is. This is bad for Sweden. We won’t know what he will do
because he never keeps his promises. An openly racist businessman
without political experience has won the presidential election and defeated a woman who was perhaps
the most qualified candidate we have ever seen. There is a very spiteful atmosphere
towards Hillary Clinton with many buttons and banners. This is pretty scary actually. The United States must be more racist
than they dare to admit. The white middle class, who are pretty well off,
have also voted for Trump and there is a hidden racism to that. Rudolph Guiliani is rumoured
to become Attorney General. He has stood in front and defended a lot of
Donald Trump’s lies during the campaign. We have seen a graceful Hillary Clinton
dressed in purple and black, symbolizing mourning, as she spoke of unity and just a few minutes ago
Barack Obama also extended a hand to Donald Trump and offered to teach him
how to assemble a government. Donald Trump doesn’t have any political experience
and doesn’t know how to build an administration. I had hoped for a different election result and
I’m worried how Donald Trump will act as president. He has no political experience what so ever. and a fear for the unknown and all the hate that
we all have noticed throughout this campaign. – So there is a xenophobia to all of this?
– Definitely and we can see that in Sweden as well. Nicole, why haven’t any of
the Trump scandals had any effect? He has obviously lied many times. I don’t think anyone is immune to this phenomenon. We are seeing this all over Europe.
We have growing populist movements, as we call them. Often they will make a point of their lack of experience as if it is a strength to not know what your going to do. But there won’t be a wall that
looks like the Chinese Wall. It’s very hard to imagine that there is
going to be a wall towards Mexico. But he can dismantle Obamacare? Yes, but he doesn’t know what he will put in its place!
All he says is “I will find something great!” Will Trump’s policies work? No. Interesting how Putin and Trump’s
rhetoric is very similar. They both talk about beating the shit out of terrorists.
Maybe that’s why they like each other, this image of strong leaders. There is often no greater intention behind
his statements. He just blurts things out. He has a way of seeing grand conspiracies everywhere. This is probably the best speech she has ever made. She was warm, personal, emotional and relatable. When the United States had the opportunity,
for the first time in history, to elect a female president they instead elected another white male and on top of that, he has been accused of sexism
and groping scores of women. Considering all we saw and heard about how Donald
Trump treats women and what he thinks of them and how he expresses himself. There was a hope that a woman would
break through and become the first female
president of the United States. But instead we got a classic, old-fashioned sexist. Perhaps they didn’t think this was as serious
as they would have in many other countries. The United States is a socially conservative society
where equality has a long way to go still. When will there be a female president of
the United States if it didn’t happen this time? The time will come! It’s not over for women or the
chance of a female president! Not by a long shot! and there will also come a
new generation of women, female politicians! Women like Michelle Obama and Elisabeth Warren! The time will come! Women has such a
big economic power in the United States that you can’t discard them and I also believe that there is kind of a… It is established that you can’t treat
women the way Donald Trump does. It doesn’t work like that in the professional world or
daily life in the United States, there are laws against it! There are a lot of female politicians
that can come forward and we see a lot more women in Congress already. When I do… When I decide to make
two shows about political violence. I make one about the Nordic Resistance Movement. Those guys did not play around and
I did a thorough investigation of them. We went up to Sunnansjö and they wrote about it in the
newspaper. We were the first to take them seriously. Things got very threatening, but everyone was very satisfied. Then I said that I wanted to do another show
about the extreme left and what they are up to and then the reaction was: “But why?” “But they’re the good guys!” Well look at the footage then and see for yourselves!
They’re fucking killing people! A little girl in Alingsås almost choked to death! Two guest workers from Slovakia But you did the show, right? We did the show, but under heavy protest
from within Swedish state media! It was kind of like back in 2002, when I did a show
about the Left Party and their dark history. I got reactions from everywhere even the very top: “But why are you investigating our party, Janne?” Our party? So we all have one party that we all vote for?
How do you know that? We need to be fucking vigilant about this kind of shit!

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