Swapping A McDonalds for a Car on Facebook Marketplace
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Swapping A McDonalds for a Car on Facebook Marketplace

hello its jay ya fucks imma finna die baby yee haw look at the engine bro what its that a piece of trash? bro its smell like chloes butthole cop the childish hoodies otherwise luke will come to eat your ass mate your house and rape your grandmas favourite vending machine cop the hoodies faggot i have lukemia and a very small penis0 soo basically we are buying a car with 33 bic mac meals bro this is what my room looks like when your mum comes over on a saturday night rather av a dark fruit then a wife we just catfished romells dad he rilly fought that we were is autny i am actually a faggot looke cums in my butthole i use these sciccoes to circumcise lukes haircut i fist myself everday ohhh shit wasn’t meant to say that romell has no muohter but a transgender dad i like loads in my bum sKENGBEAN know what I MeaN this is the face i make when chloe touches my clit i am getting head from luke i just came it hurt so good cop the hoodies faggot now

100 thoughts on “Swapping A McDonalds for a Car on Facebook Marketplace

  1. The car might have a hole in the exhaust or muffler because it makes a loud noise or the muffle might have rotted off, not too long ago the muffler pipe on my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee rusted off and was making that same loud humming noise because of the hole in the pipe that rusted away

  2. The Mazda 3 is actually not shit edit: every single Mazda 2/3is not insured for some reason because my mother had a mazda 2 which wasnt insured and now she has a tiguan which is

  3. First gear just became neutral in that bitch. They should've floored it in second and dumped the clutch, then they'd be able to move. 😂😂😂

  4. “If you were to take this on the motorway bro, the hard shoulder would be your cousin for a month” ahahahaha, I love him.

  5. I fucking hate it when they waste food. There are people dying of hunger and they are there throwing it like it is nothing. Muppets.

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