Superstars who debuted at Survivor Series: WWE Playlist
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Superstars who debuted at Survivor Series: WWE Playlist

100 thoughts on “Superstars who debuted at Survivor Series: WWE Playlist

  1. 14:03 till 18:03 (4 full minutes) the two wrestlers are motionless !!
    And they are professional wrestlers, not like one of us. Somebody call an Ambulance !!!!! 😃😃😃😃

  2. Sting and Undertaker debut are iconic. But Sting debut is the most memorable moments of my Survival series experience, right moment with right storyline. I remember jumping up and down shouting forgotten it's midnight already… Wish I can have one last Sting moment in the ring.

  3. Can we give undertaker on final wwe title run and can he fued with aj styles i just want him to rip with a title and a great fued

  4. 3:33 Uh-oh. Big mistake.

    4:44 What the heck?! What is this?! What. Is. This?!

    12:23 Sierra, Hotel, India, Echo, Lima, Delta. (At the time, I only knew Seth.)

  5. "Holy COW!"
    "Look at tha SIZE of that hamhock"
    "Check out them drummmmsticks baby!"

    I hope I get a similar introduction at my funeral 😂

  6. The worst thing about Sting's debut it was ruined by what happened after… Never should have been made to job to Triple H nor should he have had to "go out" the way it happened because of carelessness on the part of his opponent…

  7. 1:24 Mark Callaway has an aura of star from his debut as the Undertaker. Dwayne Johnson a.k.a Rocky Maivia in other hand, looked like a solid jabroni 2:51, LOL!

  8. Undertaker, Rock, Angle, Sting, Steiner… some big names have debuted at Survivor Series. However, the Deadman has the most popular Survivor Series debut.

  9. *Every Legendary career began with a debut at Survivor Series.*
    The Undertaker,The Rock,The Shield and could have also been The Sting if it wasn't for Seth Rollins.

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