Supercell ID: Switch Between Accounts
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Supercell ID: Switch Between Accounts

You don’t have to be an evil genius to switch between
Clash Royale accounts on one device. Sign up for Supercell ID, and easily switch Royale accounts
on one phone or tablet. SIGN UP NOW

100 thoughts on “Supercell ID: Switch Between Accounts

  1. But how do I use same account on different devices.
    Like using the same Brawl stars account in 2 different phones

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  5. Anyone know if you can use the supercell account to switch between iphone and Samsung. Planning on switching and don’t wanna lose my account

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  7. What to do is someone else also using your supercell id?
    how to make security stronger and make that person logout from this?

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  10. good supercell, I have a request to you, I had a 10k trophies account, but unfortunately I took the money unfairly, I was on my account trying to recover another because, I doubt why that account had a security code, and because of this I took money, I worked on that account a lot, I admit I did not put money in the account or something but it is my 10 months work, thank you, please take my money!

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