Supercell ID: Playing with Multiple Game Accounts
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Supercell ID: Playing with Multiple Game Accounts

Supercell ID is a service that makes
safeguarding your game progress easy. For those of you who have
multiple game accounts, this is for you. Let’s use Clash of Clans to demonstrate. Don’t worry. The process is the same
regardless of the Supercell game. Let’s say I play two different Villages.
In the “How to create an account” video, you saw me connect my first Village,
this one, to a Supercell ID. My other one is still bound
to Game Center. To connect the second Village, log out of the first Village’s
Supercell ID in the game’s settings. Tap “Confirm”,
and a loading screen will appear. Before doing anything here, log out of the Apple ID account
that is currently on your device. Enter your device’s settings
and tap your Apple ID account. Scroll down to sign out. You will be prompted by a few pop-ups. Follow them until you’re
fully signed out. Then, log in to the Apple ID account
that is connected to the second Village. It will automatically sign you
in to Game Center. Before going back to the game, find Game Center in the settings
and make sure it’s turned on. Open the game and, in the loading screen,
there will be two options: “Log in with Supercell ID”
and “Play without Supercell ID”. Tap on “Play without Supercell ID”. A fresh Village will appear,
but don’t freak out. Within a few seconds, a game pop-up will appear
prompting you to load a Village. The Village suggested is that connected
to the Apple ID email you signed in to. Tap “Load”, and your Village will appear,
like mine just did. If a pop-up does not appear
prompting you to load the game, close the app and open it again. To connect to its own Supercell ID, follow the same process you did
when connecting your first Village: by registering a new account. Repeat this process
for the rest of your Villages or other Supercell games
you have multiple accounts for. Possibly the coolest feature
in Supercell ID so far is how easy it is to switch
between game accounts. Log out of your Supercell ID
for the game’s loading screen to appear. Tap “Log in with Supercell ID”, and you’ll see a list
of your previously saved logins. Tap on the account you want to load,
and it will load. No hassles, no drama. If you play with an Android device,
the process is similar. This Clash Village is already connected
to a Supercell ID, but a second Village
I play on this device is still attached
to its Google Play account. To load the second Village and attach it
to a Supercell ID account, enter the settings
and log out of Supercell ID. Confirm and a loading screen will appear.
There will be two options: “Log in with Supercell ID”
and “Play without Supercell ID”. Tap on “Play without Supercell ID”. A fresh Village will appear.
Again, don’t freak out. Enter Settings mid-tutorial. See where it says “Google Play”?
Tap “Disconnected”. Google Play will prompt
to choose an account. Select the one attached
to the second Village, and it will load like mine did. Go back to the settings
to connect the Village to Supercell ID, just like on your first Village,
by registering a new account. To learn more about Supercell ID, peruse through our support pages
and Frequently Asked Questions.

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  2. My account is not opening and all clan players also not opening. Plz help me support me.
    Clan name :- INDIAN
    Clan tage :- JL9C9P8R,
    My village name V.B.S.

  3. عندي قريه مسروقه سرقها شخص واريد استرجاعها والرد في العبه الي ارجو المساعده

  4. I have received ton and ton of verification code but it still doesn't load my old account, the only thing is chief we have found your th10, but doesn't load. Fix it

  5. Pls help i am First not connect google play connect first i am connect Supercell id, then my google play account connect th9 base but same gmail account connect supercell id th1,,

  6. Can you also safe your old account and create a fresh account on the same device and email adress (because i'm scared that my old pogress is deleted)

  7. Why does it have to be so difficult? It should only just be a button saying link accounts and u should be able to switch in between the, easily. I don’t get y u make it so complicated like Jesus Christ

  8. when i try to register to supercell it said already connected and i try to login its starts from first level….. but in google play it show my th 12 base how can i fixed it on supercell plz help

  9. some one using my supecell id , i don't remember somewhere i have login anyone mobile forgot to logout , and he is still using my supecell id to play , how i reslove this

  10. I For some reason, when the Superseld account was switched, my main account was banned from outside for security, what a security pancake, then my account is a brave starter for the tail of a cat as I played on How much I played on my account and just because I was left without a favorite account now I do not feel interested in playing brave stars

  11. What if i have one on Android and one on Iphone is the process still the same? Would I be able to play both accounts in one device instead of two?

  12. This is worst.our id can get hacked by this very easily.I want to remove supercell id.tell me how can I remove

  13. How to change my email id on super cell id?????
    Sir please tell i have changed to a new email account sir plzz help me….

  14. They should make merge accounts I have brawl stars and I have skin in my main account but I accenedentaly got a skin on my 2nd

  15. hey super cell, its been a few month that supercell ID came out and i have been having issues with it since . i have evenst my TH12 account due to problem with supercell ID. I prefer the old Google play ID. Can you please remove supercell Id for me and get back Google Play ID.

  16. Any harck Google account and canect suparcell I'd I am not opan Bay coc help him
    Suparcell not help him

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  18. Supercell is less secure and I want to log out bcoz it is working with another devices even I change Gmail password if we login other devices it is unable logout

  19. What I did was

    I made a new email acc cuz I had only one😂 so when I made it I logged out of my supercell ID so now I was on a fresh clash Royale acc and then I simply made a new supercell ID i didn’t do anything with Apple ID

  20. good night team coc I as the owner of the WORLD CHAIN ​​clan as well as a leader. and after I was active I saw my status as a leader no longer existed. I want to take over my status that was previously given to someone else. thanks.

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