Supercell ID: Getting Started
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Supercell ID: Getting Started

GETTING STARTED Step into the future of Supercell games
with Supercell ID, a service we created to make it easy for you to safeguard your game progress
and play our games effortlessly. One Supercell ID
for all your Supercell games. Let’s get you started! First, enter your game settings.
See where it says Supercell ID? Tap below on “Disconnected”. That opens Supercell ID,
and you can start the registration. Let’s use this Clash of Clans’ Village
as an example. Don’t worry! The process is the same
regardless of what game you’re playing. If you already have an account,
tap on “Log in”. But since you probably don’t,
tap “Register Now”. If you’d like to learn more
about Supercell ID, follow this link
to the Frequently Asked Questions. To register, all you need
is a valid email address. No need to memorize
boring stuff like passwords. If you’d like news and updates from us,
just tick this box. You can always turn it off
in the settings. Tap on “Register”. You’ll receive
a six-digit verification code in the email you used to register. Key in the code. Submit, and you’re all set. When you go into your game settings,
your account should read as “Connected.” You will also see other Supercell games that can be connected
to your Supercell ID. One thing to remember: Only one Base,
one Village, one Farm, and one Clash Royale account
can be saved to the same Supercell ID. Find the Supercell ID settings here. You can log out here. If you have the same game account
on another device, go to the game,
and you’ll end up on a loading screen. All you need to do is tap on
“Log in with Supercell ID” using the same email you registered with. You will get
another six-digit verification code. A prompt will ask to load the game. You must tap “Confirm” to load it.
And you’re all set. If you play other Supercell games, and would like to connect them
to the same Supercell ID, which we highly recommend,
simply use the same email address. I just created a new Supercell ID
on my Clash of Clans account. I would like to use my Supercell ID
to save my Boom Beach progress. I’ll enter my Base’s settings,
open Supercell ID, and instead of creating a new one, I will log in
with the same email I used earlier. Tapping “Log in” will send over
another verification code. This is because I’m linking this Base to this Supercell ID account
for the first time. After hitting “Submit”,
we’re ready to rumble. Want to connect Hay Day and Clash Royale? It works exactly the same way. Look out for another tutorial. Next, we’ll focus on using Supercell ID
to save multiple game accounts. FIND OUT MORE AT

100 thoughts on “Supercell ID: Getting Started

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  2. All the time for changing account it requires 6 digit code. Worse system. Old system was great. Just write CONFIRM. now its too much long process. This game is going worst.

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  4. I am connected my email with google play account with town hall9
    also connected with supercell id
    when I log in with email , Google play id it shows town hall 9 load
    when I load it it's says you connected that with supercell id &says load
    but it did not give me town hall 9
    it's starts from new town hall1 with level 1
    so how can I get my progress with town hall 9

  5. Supercell ben neden brawl stars ta engellen dim ? Hesapta çalmadım benim hesabımı kurtarın ben şu kulupdeyım 4_A ismim utkuprobaba55 bide hesabı kurtardıktan sonra hesabımı çalan kişıyı oyuna almayın ! hesabı çalan kişıyı oyundan attıktan sonra bana sandy verin lütfennn !

  6. Supercell!!!!!!!! Plz help IAM lost my account in brawl stars 4500 trophy. And crow legendary 😰😰😰🤔🤔😭😭😭😭😭

  7. Please supercell I need help, I spend so much money and time on my account and I lost it. It gives me the prompt to sign in from Game Center but it’s saying to sign in with supercell ID. I never created a supercell ID and I can’t access it so please help me.

  8. Hello super cell
    I really need your help
    about the supercell id
    in brawl stars Im going to have a new phone but I lost my Gmail account so how can I receive the code if I don't have the Gmail I signed for my brawlstars account?


  10. Ich kann mich weder registrieren noch anmelden denn immer kommt die Nachricht dass der bestätigungscode ungültig ist. Ich habe mir sogar eine neue Gmail Adresse gemacht doch es geht nicht

  11. Can I use the same email to make another account I have a old clash Royale account I don’t like with supercell id on. I wanna switch my supercell id to a new account, for some reason I have to make a whole new google account in order to do so.

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