Subliminal Messages Hidden in Modern Media
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Subliminal Messages Hidden in Modern Media

30 thoughts on “Subliminal Messages Hidden in Modern Media

  1. The Drake video has many occult symbolisms. The owl on his hoodie, the baphomet pose, throwing up the devil horns, and more…

  2. You seem to think these subliminal messages are a joke or funny, NOPE!! Its neither cute or funny your just the tail wagging the dog. Your just as shameful by trying to make these ads seem normal

  3. If anyone has watched that justin beiber video in slow motion, there are much better sub messages than that stupid selena one, I took screenshots of them before, go check it out, one said to go read a book and to stop idolizing…something or other, and a few more, pretty creepy

  4. After 2 years I knew that Justin's ex is Selena

    (more like.. Dirt)

  5. You have a messed up attitude toward truthers I think you shouldn't discuss this subject considering you do not have a clue what you are talking about other than finding a few subliminal messages maybe you should open your eyes subliminal messages are all around you

  6. Hey I have a good idea, lets have a agaritiomicicly pushed by YouTube tell us "the truth" about subliminal messages, ofcourse they can be trusted.

    Is BIND torture kill jackass

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