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Student Stories – Film, Television and Media at UEA | University of East Anglia (UEA)

I’m a third year Film and TV student. I did my undergrad in Film and English. I’m studying Media. I first did my undergrad in Film and English Studies. I do Film and TV. And I’m currently doing my masters in
Film, Television and Creative Practice. So many things about UEA just like
attracted me to come to this uni. Norwich is really calming, they have like
green spaces which I value a lot. We have a beautiful campus, and all the
surroundings of Norfolk, so if you wanna go out and film, or if you
have some projects to do, you just have a
lot of choice. And also offer just some really great
modules that I didn’t see on like any
other course descriptions. What I love about the course is that
there’s a lot of modules that are both
practical and theoretical. I think one of my favourites was
adaptation and transmedia. Our lecturer was amazing, most of our
lecturers are actually researchers as well, it’s great to have all these researchers just
next to you, just full of knowledge. I did a practical dissertation where I
wrote a 50 page script. Modules are very well built in a way that
you go there, ask as many questions as
you want to, you know that you’re on the right path,
and they give you a lot of references. There are so many different kinds of ways
to be examined as well, we had to do scripts, we have the
dissertation, report, I’ve done research
based essays, I’ve made my own TV show. Alongside my degree I also be involved in
a lot of extracurricular activities and
societies. I became really involved in UEA TV. It kind of just gives you an opportunity to
practice and experiment, in a context
that’s not marked. I have my own Livewire show,
conveniently which is right over there. You can do radio, you can do newspaper,
there’s a filmmaking Society. UEA has really good facilities to
help you with practical work, we have a TV studio, they have the edit
suites, they also have a media centre. The Media Centre has cameras,
Mac books that you can take away, you also have technicians who are
available to help you out. From their practical knowledge in
working in TV, they could help me
with sound equipment, see how the cameras work, how
microphones work, how an actual
television show might run. Just become more familiar with industry
standard equipment. I decided to continue staying at UEA just
because I just really enjoy every aspect, I didn’t really want to let it go just yet. Enjoy it while it lasts, I’m in my my third
year and I don’t want to leave. I didn’t regret the decision for a
single second.

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