STUDENT REGISTRATION__Connecting your Blackboard and LaunchPad Accounts
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STUDENT REGISTRATION__Connecting your Blackboard and LaunchPad Accounts

This video demonstrates how to connect
your blackboard account with your Launchpad account so your Launchpad
grades automatically sync with the blackboard gradebook to begin log into
your blackboard site and access the blackboard course that’s using Launchpad
content to initiate registration click on any Launchpad activity link with a
red flag icon if the pop-up blocker is enabled in your web browser make sure to
adjust your browser settings if you experience any difficulty accessing
Launchpad content please visit the links in the notes section below click on the
launchpad link again and the registration screen will open in a new
tab or window agree to the legal terms if you do not already have a launchpad
account use your school email address enter your first name last name password
and confirm your email address and password hit register if you already
have a launchpad account and it’s different than the email at the top of
the registration screen hit the Change button this is important for Launchpad
grades to report to blackboard only one Launchpad account can be connected to
blackboard at a time if a second Launchpad account is created only half
of your blackboard grades will report to the Blackboard gradebook enter your
Launchpad email address and hit submit enter your password if you do not
remember your Launchpad password hit the forgot password button hit submit click
enter an access code to enter your Launchpad access code click purchase
access to buy an online subscription to Launchpad click request free trial
access for temporary access to launchpad for 21 days if you use the free trial
access make sure to apply full access to the same Launchpad email address or only
a portion of your Launchpad grades will report to Blackboard once you’ve
registered you’ll be able to access your Launchpad assignments through the links
in your blackboard course click on the Launchpad assignment and the assignment
will open in a new tab or window always access Launchpad content through
blackboard to ensure that your grades are reporting to the Blackboard

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