Stretch Your Knowledge Social Media Night Edition | Cubs Trivia, Episode 3
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Stretch Your Knowledge Social Media Night Edition | Cubs Trivia, Episode 3

– [Mike] What’s up, Cubs fans? I’m Mike Bolling and we’re here for
another round of Stretch Your Knowledge. It’s Social Media Night tonight. We’re trying to find someone to win this
Kris Bryant signed baseball. They got to get the questions right,
and they got to beat our famed organist, Gary Pressy. This is a three-round trivia contest
featuring you, Cubs fans, and our trivia expert, Gary Pressy. The rules are simple. Round one consists of a knockout question. Answer correctly and it’s on to round two,
our lightning round. But the contestant with the most correct
answers moves onto round three, the final round, where they’ll face a
one-on-one showdown with our expert, Gary Pressy. Gary’s witnessed every game at Wrigley
Field for over 30 years, but maybe we’ll find a Cubs fan
knowledgeable enough to take him down. Round one starts now. All right, we’re here at Social Media
Night, Cubs social. I’m here with Brett, Bleacher Nation. Excited for the event tonight? – [Brett] Yeah, it’s going to be fun. I mean, like we were just talking about,
it’s fun to meet the people that we interact with constantly on social media. And now we have an excuse to actually,
like, we can do this kind of high five. – Like this one? – Yeah, there it is,
instead of just sending gifs to each other and being, like, yeah. So yeah, it should be fun. – All right, we’re doing Stretch Your
Knowledge. This is the first round. Every question is social media themed,
so you should be all right, we hope. Ready? – I’m ready. I’m ready, let’s do it. – First question, “Which Cubs player has
the most Twitter followers?” – Oh, it feels like it should be
Yu Darvish, given how active he is, so I’m going to say Yu Darvish. – That is correct. Look, you’re the social media guy, right? – I could not get that one wrong. – That’s a super easy one for you. That was the soft ball. I’m here with Jeff Chipper. – [Jeff] There you go. – And this is round one. All right, first question. Who has the most Twitter followers on the
Cubs? – I’m going to go…hmm. I’m going to go Javy Báez. – Final answer? – Yes. – That is incorrect. It’s actually Yu Darvish,
who has over 2 million followers. – Japan, that makes sense.
That makes sense. – Who has the most Twitter followers on
the Cubs? – Anthony Rizzo. – So wait, you were going too fast. We’re doing too fast. Take a second, think about it. The most Twitter followers. – The most Twitter followers? All right, let’s say El Mago. – It’s not Javy, it’s Yu Darvish. He’s got over 2 million followers. – Wow.
– I’m here with Nicole. – [Nicole] Hello. – We’re best friends. We’ve known each other forever on Twitter,
so this is the perfect night for us to finally meet. – Right? I’m so excited. – And now you’re going to be on Stretch
Your Knowledge, all right? – All right. Oh my gosh. – First round, who has the most Twitter
followers on the Cubs? – Anthony Rizzo? – Hold on, just take your time. You don’t have to answer right away. I’ll give you a hint, it’s a pitcher. And I’m only giving you a hint because
you’re my friend. – Is it Jon Lester? – It is not Jon Lester. The right answer is Yu Darvish.
He has over 2 million followers. – Really?
I would’ve never guessed, ever. – Which Cub has the most Twitter
followers? – Oh, I’m going to guess it’s
Lester because of his, like, you know, philanthropical… – That’s a good guess, but it’s incorrect. It’s actually Yu Darvish. – Yu Darvish? That’s what I was going to say first. – You should’ve went with your gut. – Oh, man. – Yeah, he’s got over 2 million Twitter
followers. – Oh my gosh, nice. – Yeah, and he’s a good follow,
in my opinion. I think he’s good. – Oh yeah, absolutely. – [Crawly] You got to remember,
I’m one of the older guys on Twitter. I had to have my daughter help me out to
learn how to do TikTok. – I don’t even have a TikTok. – I got TikTok now. – I should probably get one. All right, first round question. Which Cub has the most Twitter followers? – Wow, which Cub has the most? I’d say Javy Baéz. – No, no, wait. Just for you I’m giving you one more
chance. Just think about it. – Yu Darvish. – That’s correct. There you go. – That was a tough one. – Yeah, that’s just round one though. – Round one? – Stretch Your Knowledge,
first-round question, social media themed. – [Danny] Oh boy. God. – Which Cub has the most Twitter
followers? Take your time. Everyone’s answering super fast. Think global, like, think big. – Yeah, think big. Yu Darvish. – That is correct. All right, so with your life line you’re
into the second round. – [Andi] This is a lot of pressure. – This might be the best one now that we
got Clark involved. All right, we’re here with Andy,
Stretch Your Knowledge. First question on Social Media Night. First of all, how’s your time been so far? – My time, like, here? – Yeah, just [crosstalk 00:04:43]. – Oh, are you kidding? It’s insane. I come from St.
Louis, so I make the most of every minute. I know, don’t look at me like that. – All right, well, I can’t help you with
the answers to the questions, but first round. Name the Cub with the most Twitter
followers? – I should know this. Javy Baéz. – Just take your time. – That was way too fast? – Way too fast. I’ll give you a hint. It’s a pitcher. Think, like, big, like a lot of Twitter
followers. – Oh, man. I mean, Jon Lester does a lot,
but he does a lot of, like, community stuff.
Yu Darvish. – That is the correct answer. Clark. Clark might’ve helped, but that’s fine. – [crosstalk 00:05:28] – That’s what friends are for, right? Brett, Danny, Crawly,
and Andi advance to round two, our lightning round. They’ll be asked one question with
multiple answers, and the contestant with the most correct answers advances. Round two, a little harder. This is a multiple answer,
and if you get one wrong, you’re done. – I got to get all of them right? – You don’t have to get them all right,
get as many as you can. But if you get one wrong you’re done. – All right. – Name as many 2019 Players Weekend
nicknames as you can. – Tony, KB, El Mago. I’m trying to think of what direction I
want to go. Jon. Didn’t Lester do just Jon this year? – Lefthander. – Oh no, that was last year. – Was it Jon last year? – Oh no, it’s over. – Well, you got three, though. – Yeah, that’s a poor showing. That is a poor showing. How are you going to do me like that, Jon? Come on. – Name as many Players Weekend nicknames
as you can. The catch is if you get one wrong you’re
done. – Okay. Well, you got Tony, El Mago. Gosh, what’s Willson’s? Isn’t it just Willy? – It was not Willy, it was Venezuela. – Oh, it was Venezuela this year, yeah. – Right. – And then… – No, that’s it. – Oh, that’s it? I’m done.
All right, bye. – We don’t want you to jump,
but thanks for playing, man. – Yeah, thanks. – Name as many Players Weekend nicknames
as you can. The catch is, if you get one wrong,
you’re done. – Okay. El Mago, Tony, the Artist, Lefthander. We got KB. Contreras had something different this
year. I think it had to do with Venezuela. – That’s it. – Venezuela? Schwarbs. Happer. Yeah, there’s also one, though,
I’m thinking about, that Dirty…Kimbrel’s.
It wasn’t Dirty Frank. It’s Dirty something. – We’re going to call it there. – I’m struggling.
– That’s it? – Dirty Frank is so good.
– It was Dirty Craig. – All right. – All right, well, you beat Brett,
which is the most important thing. – Okay, that’s all that matters to me. – But if you are the leader after round
two, you’re going to go up against Gary Pressy in the organ booth tonight. – I’m ready. Listen, is there anybody that’s more
Wrigley than Gary Pressy? – Nobody. – The Iron Man calling it quits,
and he’s somebody that ever since I’ve been, like,
a kid coming to Wrigley, I’ve been coming to Wrigley for 40 years. So what, 33 years? – Yeah. – Thirty-three years on the Lowrey Organ. It would be an honor to sit with Gary. – Okay, so second round question. Besides Clark, name as many
Players Weekend nicknames as you can. Here’s the catch, though,
if you get one wrong, you’re out. So take your time. – Okay. The Artist.
You’re distracting me. – He’s actually helping. – I know he’s trying to,
but I don’t play that game well. Oh gosh, I’m totally blanking right now. This is bad. Rizz? Zo? – That is incorrect. – Wrong? Oh. – Because Rizz was Tony. – He was Tony. I had that shirt. That’s horrible. I have that shirt. – Why did you just admit that? – I don’t know. I know, I know. Womp-womp. – You have the shirt? – I have the shirt. – Oh, no excuses. – That’s horrible, I know. – Well, pleasure meeting you. – It was great to meet you. Let’s do this again some time. Maybe I’ll study before then. – Clark was giving you all the answers. – I know. Thanks, Clark. – He was giving you Lefthander. Man. – Thanks, Clark. – Yeah, we can’t use you. You know everything. Taking a look at our leaderboard after
round two, Crawly is moving on to the final round to face Gary Pressy. And here we are, Crawly, he’s here. – [Gary] I know you.
– I know, [crosstalk 00:09:40]. – How are you?
Good to see you, buddy. – How are you, Gary?
Good to see you. – You too, buddy.
Thank you. – He’s undefeated so far,
so the pressure is on. – Gary knows his stuff. Even if I come close I’ll be happy. – No, we’ll see. – All right, Gary. So I’m going to ask the final round
question. You go ahead and take it away for about 30
seconds, and then we’ll get to you. – You got it, buddy. Good luck. – Pressure is on. – Yes, sir. – The Cubs joined Twitter in 2009,
the same year that pitching staff finished fifth in the Majors in Team ERA. Name as many pitchers from the 2009
starting rotation as you can, and if you get it and you beat Gary,
you’ll win this Kris Bryant signed baseball. – I’m going to go with Carlos Zambrano. – That’s one. – Ryan Dempster. – That’s two. – Ted Lilly. – That’s three. – Rich Harden? – That’s four. – I think I’m good. – Good with four? That’s no wrong answers. All right, let’s see. All right, Gary, we’re ready. Crawly got four right. – Oh, okay. – Here’s the final round question. Cubs joined Twitter in 2009,
same year the Cubs’ pitching staff finished fifth in the Majors in Team ERA. Name as many pitchers from the 2009
starting rotation as you can, and the number is four. – Okay, Big Z, Zambrano. – That’s one. – Lilly. [inaudible 00:10:57] – That’s two. – Okay, that would be two,
and then you’re going to…oh my gosh. Then you got Harden,
picked up from Oakland. That’s three. Boy, okay, you got…I said Lilly. Oh, Dempster. – Dempster is right. – Okay, I got one more. Boy, had to be a fifth starter. I’m drawing a blank. – So we’re both at four. So the others were Randy Wells,
Sean Marshall, Tom Gorzelanny, Kevin Hart, and Jeff Samardzija. – Oh, that’s right, Samardzija. – He made two starts. – Samardzija, yeah. – All right, well, we do have a
tie-breaker. You guys both got four. You’re going to have to go back. – Going back to my work again. – All right, the tie-breaker. Which pitcher from the starting rotation
played in the 2009 All-Star Game? – Which pitcher now, current pitcher? – No, from this list. – 2009?
I’ll go with Lilly. – That is correct. All right. Gary, we need you. All right, so he got the tie-breaker
right. – Oh, okay. – Which pitcher from that starting
rotation played in the 2009 All-Star Game? – I’m going to go with Lilly. – It was Ted Lilly. All right, well, we have two winners,
no losers. We matched wits here. You both got the tie-breaker correct for
the first time in Stretch Your Knowledge history, so we’ll award you with
this Kris Bryant signed baseball. – Thank you. – We’re all winners tonight. – Always a pleasure, man. And God, I hope you’re still around
because you will sorely be missed. – Thank you, guys. – Yeah, absolutely. – Oh, you got it. – I want to give a huge shoutout to all of
our participants. Crawly came away with the tie. He didn’t win, but he goes home with the
baseball. Gary Pressy remains undefeated,
and he might stay that way forever. But we’re coming back,
be on the lookout for us for more Stretch Your Knowledge trivia to come. We need more winners and we’re looking for
you. ♪ [music] ♪

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  1. Ted Lilly was my favorite Cubs pitcher. That windup was so smooth, as hard as I tried to replicate it, I could never match that fluidity.

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