STORIA DELL’ARTE SU INSTAGRAM / L’arte al tempo dei Social Network/ ArteConcas / Andrea Concas
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STORIA DELL’ARTE SU INSTAGRAM / L’arte al tempo dei Social Network/ ArteConcas / Andrea Concas

The art history goes beyond the school desks. What if I told you that even Instagram is about art history with daily and exclusive contents. Let’s find out how. Let’s find out art can also be told through the social networks. Instagram has now become breeding ground not only for artists, where they can make space for their creativity, we think of Maurizio Cattelan that despite posting only one post a day and he cancels it the next day, he is always desecrating and strong or even Banksy that uses Instagram as the only channel to show off his art or to post the latest challenge to the art market like that of London. But instagram also houses interesting channels dedicated to art or marketing campaigns such as the case of Gucci which created the Gucci beauty channel, dedicated to the art history and to beauty par excellence. Within it find space paintings of the nineteenth century or portraits of beautiful Egyptian women accompanied each of them from a curating text written by important critics and art curators. Everything is obviously in perfect line with the creative director Alessandro Michele who continues to reaffirm a certain interest in the art world and in the artists, going even beyond Instagram producing and supporting Maurizio Cattelan with the exhibition organised in Shanghai, an international event of primary importance that also this time has ensured very large billboards in the buildings of half the world, in this case portraiting no less than Marina Abramovic. Therefore is still on the desire of the great companies to associate their brand to art related activities. Obviously on Instagram there are not only brands but there are also museums, galleries, institutions, foundations which every day share their own collections that more and more often allow us to live their own art collection and to share them with the whole world from our phone. Institutions like the British Museum, the Centre Pompidou or Hauser&Wirth, David Zwirner, Gagosian, the MAXXI, the MoMa, or our beloved Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo. Today, thanks to our mobile art is always closer thanks to social networks and thanks to Instagram we can at any time enjoy the greatest artworks in the world. And you, which art do you want to discover on social media?

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