Steve-O Talks Lil Boosie’s Dirty Instagram Live Video Pt. 2
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Steve-O Talks Lil Boosie’s Dirty Instagram Live Video Pt. 2

Is this Steve O.? Yeah what up?
How’s it going Haley? Is this him for real? It is certainly Steve O. for real and I have
just viewed your butt hole. Oh my God. I got to say, that’s a fine
little BH you got right there. Oh my God. How embarrassing
because it was … okay, yeah, I’m the person. I know you’ve done
more embarrassing stuff. I love your ass though. Sure, yeah, my butt hole is
far more blown out than yours. My butt hole’s a mess Haley.
So now … Was it you that broke your dick
or Johnny Knoxville? No, Knoxville was the one
who broke his dick. So when’s this Boozy concert?
I’m trying to think … and do you have
an extra ticket for me? Listen, listen, look, that’s
what I was gonna tell you. I got VIP
but it wasn’t for that. That’s not what I was saying. I know that’s what it
looked like and it sounded like are you gonna give me
some tickets for doing this and da, da, da, da, da.
But that’s not why I did it. You did it because you have
the utmost respect for Boozy and so do I. I would show him my butt hole in
a flash, tickets or no tickets. Well I’m just sitting here
crying and I’m glad you called
and fucking made me feel better. Well yeah, you should feel
not only better but you should feel
fucking great. Today should be
the best day of your life. Yeah.
So, you got- [crosstalk] calling me
with the bull shit saying they’re Boozy
and they’re Boozy’s nephew. No, no, no. We’re not Boozy
and fuck all those people. Now I saw on your page it says that they got no pimps,
no boyfriends- Right.
That’s good. Right. Yeah, fuck a pimp, huh? Right. Yeah one time I was
in New York City and I was trying to film a stunt
where I went under a bridge and paid a hooker
to piss on me. I did it, it was great,
but I tell you I had a bad experience negotiating with
those fucking pimps. I did not enjoy that. Hold on, you said
you was in where? That was underneath a bridge
in New York City, quite a while ago. I mummified myself
in saran wrap, it was really pretty funny. Of course with you,
I wouldn’t have to do that. I know that because
I seen that pussy’s clean. So what radio station is this? This is Comedy Central. Comedy Central radio
on Sirius XM. And you’re live with
Big Jay Oakerson and Dan Soder. These guys are
funny mother fuckers. Hell yeah. So you’re like sitting there
doing an interview? Correct. Yeah, he’s doing an interview
and then … I’m the special guest and I
got to say this episode is hot. And it only got hotter
once we got you on the line. That’s true.
That is very true. I saw the video, this is Jay. I saw the …
if you’re keeping score. I’m just mad because I didn’t
post it and go viral. And I didn’t hit world star
with it so I could get the check.
You know what I’m saying? Oh absolutely, this is-
I’ll tell you what, we’re not talking
to little Boozy right now. This is Dan, Jay’s co-host. Yeah, and you’re the star
of the video. You’re the one
we wanted to talk to. We don’t want
to talk to Boozy. Yeah, I concur. Let’s go me. But yeah, does Steve O.- But you all do it for free. Oh that’s great. Oh shit, I get the respect
like Boozy. Yeah. Steve O. getting that Boozy
respect. Everybody else has to pay
for that shit. Yeah, no roll over minutes
except for Steve O. That’s right. Because Steve O.
gets roll over minutes. That’s right. Right, you know what,
I got to say, you are a lovely lady.
And you got a great you know … a real great sense of humor
and you’re a good sport. It’s fun to- Haley, if somebody
like me walks in, I mean I know
you don’t know who I am. Picture me like a- Jason Momoa. A pile of book bags
in a sweat suit. Well he looks like the guy in
Raising Arizona who is chasing- Tex Cobb, Randall Tex Cobb. Yeah. Have you ever had
to tap out from- Size-
From dick size? No.
Wow, okay. Clean. Wow, that’s a … And accommodating pussy,
pretty good. Right. That’s good. You’re not gonna get service
and a smile like that. So how do you feel about a guy who after he finishes
wants to snuggle? Oh great question. Like I never ever
was able to … And we’re talking real light,
like a spooning. Yeah, a spooning. Not an intertwine. I don’t like that,
like boyfriend, girlfriend shit. If I’m not your girlfriend,
I’m not your girlfriend. I’ll make you feel good.
I’ll put on a good show. I’ll give you what you want
but all that extra shit, I don’t …
I’m not like that. What’s the weirdest request
you’ve ever had from somebody? There’s gotta be
some great ones. The weirdest, it was kinda like
the fucking sickest, like sick. This dude had called
and I didn’t know if he was for real
or if he was not for real. He was … I was ready
to get him in trouble because he was talking
about fucking coming with a five year
old little girl. I was very real about that. And the fact that you would
tell people about that … just joking. It was me.
Oh that’s fucking … Okay, so back to this girlfriend
experience, extra shit. Does that mean
no deep tongue kissing? How about …
is kissing not cool? Kissing’s cool. I don’t want to kiss
everybody but kissing’s cool. What about just some light
compliments, like those shoes are nice? Yeah. How about if I make a fart noise
with my mouth on your belly? That’s cool too. What about inside jokes?
Inside jokes cool? If we had something
we kinda referenced- That’s cool too.
Alright. What if I want to smoke
a little bit of crack while we’re on our date? I’ve had that. Okay. Would you enjoy
a little bit of crack with me? No, I don’t smoke crack. Okay would you be
comfortable with me arguing with bill collectors while you sat next to me
on a couch? Yes. Okay. All right. What about other drugs?
What drugs do you do? Smoke weed. Smoke weed?
How about a little bump? If I want to maybe
snort some coke off your ass hole
is that okay? Yes. Okay cool, cool. Do you like a little coke
in your ass hole? Numb it up a little bit? I like to try new shit. I like she’s thinking. Do you know what I like
about you, and I will say this Haley,
you’re up for negotiation which I think is- Yeah, right. I mean you got
to meet people half way and I think Haley knows that. Close the deal. Would you watch me shadow box
and tell me I’m super tough
and no one can beat me? That’s awesome. Could you tell me
that you’re scared and I’m gonna say
I’m scared. And you’re gonna tell me
there’s no way I’m gonna win the fight? Could you tell me that I’m great
and it’s my dad’s loss that he didn’t pay
more attention to me? Yeah. Would you be willing
to break down high school
football tape with me. Of where I made mistakes, maybe where I could have lined
up to put myself into play? Absolutely. Would you join me
to my high school reunion? So that I can say everybody
fuck you guys, I made it. Abso-fucking-lutely. Absolutely. And if they go,
“Who’s this girl?” You say, “The cleanest ass hole
in all of Huntsville.” And then spread your butt cheeks
for all of his friends? Absolutely. Yeah. Hell yeah. If we went to Applebee’s
would you hold the thing that lets us know our table’s
ready and it vibrates? Hell yeah. Are you currently doing
[inaudible 00:07:44]? No. No because I’m waiting
on my cards to come in. I don’t have my card
right now. Haley whenever we have
fun guests in can we have Black Lou our producer
contact you again so we could ask
a bunch of questions with all of our
great guests with you? Hell yeah. That’s Jay’s way of saying that you are
a fucking star Haley. God damn right. You make great radio. You answer everything.
She answered every question. Haley you are indeed
the definition of very outgoing. Thank y’all so much. And fun to be with. So we’re gonna put you
on hold again Haley.
Thank you so much. And Black Lou’s gonna
give you all the info, we’ll make sure we get you
at least a file of this. Okay well I’m glad
I got to be on the live, I wish I got viral other
than showing my booty hole. But hell whatever. That’s all right. Hey whatever gets you out there. Whatever gets your foot
in the door. I bet you would sell better
than me at Albany Funny Bone. Oh that bone.
Thank you so much Haley.

33 thoughts on “Steve-O Talks Lil Boosie’s Dirty Instagram Live Video Pt. 2

  1. Absolute nonsense Comedy central releases full episodes of several podcasts but only 20 minute videos of Bonfire. Figure it out.

  2. I feel bad for Haley.. You can tell she really regretted doin what she did. Obviously she made the decision to do what she did but I think she didnt know she was gonna get that much attention from it. Seems like she wanted that to just be for Boosie and it got put on world star. Idk have instagram though or know what she does on hers. Idk I can just hear the regret in her voice.

  3. So i thought haley was black but it confused me cause Haley is usually a whote girl name and i watched the video and i was surprised as shit. She is white.

  4. So goddamn f**** funny. Jay and Dan you guys are f**** Legends. Steve-O you f**** killed it. Let's make this girl a household name please!!!

  5. Smoke weed. Lol, yea okay. She definitely does meth and heroin. I know Huntsville. She's a dope whore in the middle of selling her body to support her addiction. That's where she's at in life and it's fucking hilarious

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