Stephanie Exacts Revenge on Lori | Ambitions | Oprah Winfrey Network
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Stephanie Exacts Revenge on Lori | Ambitions | Oprah Winfrey Network

– You set me up. Jess and Daniel here are
two of the most in-demand high-end escorts in Atlanta. I knew that a brazen,
indiscriminate tramp like you would never be able to
resist their charms. Lady, you really need a hobby. Mm. I figured you’d eventually
show your true colors and break my daughter’s heart. I just sped things along. You’re dismissed. You went to all
this for nothing. Carly and I never
agreed to be exclusive. Mm. I doubt that my daughter
would see it that way. You see, Carly’s always
been quite the romantic. She’s never going
to believe you. It’s my word against
her psycho bitch mom and a pair of hookers. Oh, she’ll believe me
when she sees the video of your vile sexcapades. They taped us? Show that to anyone, and I will
sue your ass into bankruptcy. Oh, enough. I refuse to waste any
more time sparring with a vapid little
nothing like you. Break up with my
daughter immediately, or I will blow up
your life the way our friend Daniel
blew out your back. You really want me
to hurt Carly that way? She’s in love with me. She’s too young to
know what love is. You were just able
to get her whipped so fast because you’re older
and God knows more experienced. [CHUCKLES] Sure, it’ll
hurt her for a while, but she’ll get over it. I’ll see to it. Constance? Yes, Mrs. Lancaster. Take out the trash. [MUSIC PLAYING]

29 thoughts on “Stephanie Exacts Revenge on Lori | Ambitions | Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. Im sitting here wondering am i complete and utter TRASH as a person MYSELF simply due to the fact tht i hv somehow rationalized tht n this situation "Mother knows best"?

  2. Smh at Stephanie, this will only bring carly and lori closer…. and you're daughter will see the wolf that you are!!!!

  3. Although Stephanie set her up Lori could have just said no thanks to the threesome so they’re equally wrong because she still willingly cheated

  4. The only person playing Carly is Stephanie. Lori really does keep it 100 with Carly she always answers straight up when Carly asks her something. She cares about Carly; people who lie, manipulate and play someone don't care about how the person they're playing feels Lori cared what Carly would say. I think Lori was doing self sabotage when she had the threesome, she doesn't want to admit she cares for Carly as much as she does I think she sees that as being weak………..high end escorts tho, that man look dirty

  5. Robin Givens is funny calling her daughter's white girlfriend trash LOL. Robin forced her daughter's white girlfriend to break up with Robin's daughter LOL. I love Robin Givens, Brian White, Erica Page, Kendrick Cross and Essence Atkins. I love Ambitions.

  6. Though Stephanie set this up Lori still could have said no. And besides, what’s the point of Carly saying that she and Lori are in love even though they never made it exclusive?

  7. I'm gone need Carly to pull her head out her azz, and peep game. For me it's neither here nor there, as to if Lori cares and or loves her. All you need to know is, she was ready, and willing to bump uglies with STRANGERS within seconds of meeting them. How is Evan your daddy, and Stephanie your mom…and yet you have the instincts of fabric softener?!

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