State Run Media Or Media Run State: Inside The Fox News, Trump White House Tango | Deadline | MSNBC
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State Run Media Or Media Run State: Inside The Fox News, Trump White House Tango | Deadline | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “State Run Media Or Media Run State: Inside The Fox News, Trump White House Tango | Deadline | MSNBC

  1. Fox propagandists Ann Cuntler, Rush Limbitch, Laura Ingrain, Tucker Snarlson, Jerk Judge Jeanine, and Hannity Insanity all lie

  2. House Judiciary demands info from 81 people and groups including White House Trump organization campaign and transition

  3. Mueller and SDNY need to investigate the Murdochs for crimes against the US democracy as well as perverting the course of justice, with their biased and agenda-driven reporting.

  4. When is MSNBC going to call out Nancy Pelosi for acting like she's getting donations from drug cartels and call for an investigation? Why is Pelosi so against border security? Congress should find out!

  5. TRUMP has likely NEVER read the Constitution, not the Bill of rights or subsequent amendments. He swore to uphold and defend the thing but bothers not to basically comprehend it. He never honored his oath enough to even learn his duty.

  6. 3:05 yeah but its not wrong when we do it only when they do it … cose we're doing it cose were right and just and they are doing it because they are corrupt and eeeevvvvviiiiilllll….

  7. Let me think… do I find it good when they now go after FOX? Helly, yeah! FOX is a propaganda machine and not a media.

  8. The whole Amazon shipping rate that was contracted with the United States Postal Service debacle, that Trump went ummm…. barking mad about! – Involving the same 'entity', Jeff Bezos and was such out of the blue craziness on Trump's part as to be almost surreal.
    Even when the Postmaster corrected Trump, repeatedly about where the funds to operate the USPS came from and how they were used, Trump just wouldn't let it go.
    ((((….. hears dogs baying… sees torches coming up the hill in the moonlight ala an old Frankenstein movie…. "he's a monster!!"))) LoL

  9. I've been saying it for quite some time: House Democrats also need to look into who, how and why is whispering so successfully into trump's ear. Invite some of these Fox clowns to closed hearings and find out. Closed, because the do not deserve the big stage in the good House.

  10. Rupert Murdoch's involvement is also crucial. Think about it. We're told Russia had a role in the outcome of the election……but many of Russia's propaganda points entered into conservative discourse through Fox News. Putin and Murdoch both wanted Trump to win. Fox News has perverted and distorted political discourse in America for almost 30 years………..They make Russia look like a bit players when it comes to screwing America over with lies.

  11. msnbc become dnc mouthpiece or maybe someone should tell them that truth before they going to criticises fox

  12. I heard somewhere the other day that Eric Trump is actually a competent human being, more or less, certainly in comparison to his imbecile brother and his prostitute sister (first natural born American woman to be bought with a dowry in over 100 years). So I hope Eric understands the reality that is coming – everything he owns, gone, everything he expected for the rest of his life and the lives of his family, gone. America is going to wipe the Trump name out of history.

  13. This is state run TV. Fox is Trumps second hand. What they say he believes them more than the FBI/CIA/Intel from the United states. He will quote them day in and day out. FOX those who speak with Trump aren't JOUNALIST just commentators people… And he is actually believing these people more than those who actually keep this country safe. All to do for getting him reelected no doubt…

  14. FYI I was just threatened yesterday, not a surprise, by a tangerine tornado fan, and I did report. Again, these followers are VERY prone to violence and need mental health help. You cannot silence and intimidate fellow americans all because you are support the pig in the oval office. SDNY is coming for them, Lock them up.

  15. Trump supporters may "change their mind" if Fox News told them the truth? That possibility makes the very large assumption that Trump supporters have minds. If one could locate a "mind" in any Trump supporter it would probably be a hive mind.

  16. #tRUMPforcedSOCIALISM #republicanism in desperation NOW
    exposes usa to extremes from both sides.
    i repeate; trump only strengthened true socialism.

  17. Murdoch sells division in many countries, not just the USA.
    He gets rich by provoking civil animosity. Big bucks in that.
    FUX News is the enemy of the people.

  18. Fat Donnie Trump has always thought he was above the law. I hope the DOJ buries this narcissist and that he is a broken man when he leaves this world. What a POS.

  19. FOX iS state run MAIN STREAM MEDIA. It was created by the REPUBLICAN PARTY.
    Therefore when TRUMP SAYS the main stream media is fake news. HE MUST BE RIGHT…

  20. Can't wait to see which Fox News pundit will be the first to break from Donnie Tiny Hands.
    Don't forget they're all in the same boat. No empathy, no conscience or morality and last but not least they have no soul..

  21. “Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president or any other public official, save exactly to the degree in which he himself stands by the country. It is patriotic to support him insofar as he efficiently serves the country. It is unpatriotic not to oppose him to the exact extent that by inefficiency or otherwise he fails in his duty to stand by the country. In either event, it is unpatriotic not to tell the truth, whether about the president or anyone else.”

    ― Theodore Roosevelt

  22. Fox is a propaganda machine. USA 1st & only. Sinclair broadcasting needs to be investigated. Fox needs to be dismantled.

  23. Can't lift a foot in the Trump camp without finding a Russian under it.
    Trumps a traitor and a tyrant.

  24. They were never partisan. Look at the court case when two of their reporters sued them for changing and ultimately killing their story on Monsanto. FoxNews is under their entertainment division because that’s what they consider it thus allowing them to pretty much say what they want. They just have to say “Some people say..” in front of whatever lie they want to start. That’s one tactic

  25. Meanwhile back at the news desk, more and more authentic journalists are emerging between the foggy Fox & Friends and the lying prime time Deluders.

  26. More garbage from #fakenews mslsd and the drive-by media.. brainwashing the morons that believe this crap.. political circus..

  27. I hope there are more normal people living in the USA than cruel hateful imbeciles .trump will not be impeached .your only way to save this great country is 2020 blue wave .

  28. Trump's involvement in this merger is dangerous. Nonetheless, the merger itself is dangerous.

    The more companies that merge, and defy antitrust laws, the fewer monopolies that can exploit American consumers. This particular merger is especially dangerous as it limits the viewpoint of free press. This is not the job of the president but the congress who MUST take steps to limit corporate exploitation and control over Americans. This is NOT a step toward greater "free press."

    "M&A [mergers and acquisitions] is a major
    area, with over $409 billion in deals announced so far in 2018 alone. This is a
    jump of two-thirds over the same time last year. It's also part of a broader
    trend: from 2010 to 2016, the number of proposed mergers that were passed along
    to the federal government for approval climbed by 58%."

    Let's step back and look at the bigger picture here. This decision should not be a matter of what is profitable to Trump; rather it should be an issue of consumer protection AND the need to reinforce antitrust laws. No matter what, Congress: protect our free press.

    p.s. By the way, I do not consider "Fox news" =oxymoron. Hannity is the biggest representative propagandist, basing his "news" on little or no factual "news." I have no interest in having his propaganda and lies thrust in my face because of this merger.
    What would be MORE helpful to Americans is to have a non-partisan reliability group who would analyse the accuracy of reporting by each SEPARATE and diverse news media outlets. Fact finders.

  29. So MSNBC, CNN and others all just deciding to do this hit job at the same time was a coincidence right? Yeah right!

  30. We all must, in whatever way we can and without harm or name calling, I think,
    keep the light within ourselves clearly lit and shinning brightly upon the honest truth and tenants of our Constitution. Our constitution is our country's
    1st saving grace to clear the swampy decks and regenerate our God given rights to freely embrace, Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Without any hurt or harm to others – ever again.

  31. It is NOT the media run state, they have lost the narrative. Let's face it, America is awakening to their agenda, their fake, Project Mockingbird, deep state narrative. It is dead. Fox is NOT the news, "We are the news now."
    In 13 days the DECLAS will happen, we will all know the real truth, documented, proven truth. HISTORY WILL BE MADE!

  32. So, why would I watch FOX, if hey are in bed with Trump? That is so stupid and ignorant to get my news from an agency that STRONLY supports this lunatic of a person called the POTUS.

  33. Fox is state run media! And the attack on this nation from FAKE FOX ENTERTAINMENT is exactly how Putin discredit the media and seized power against The Free Russian People. This happened before our eyes then we did nothing. Now the Russians in quaudnation with Donald TRUMP stand at the threashold of completing discretation of our Free and honest Media, then our Nation!!

  34. "Fox News now stands for someone who is neither Republican nor conservative". True. But Trump is both a) racist and b) stupid, and that's the Fox News demographic.

  35. Fox News was created to propagate the message of propaganda of the right wing and conservative point of view. It's the reason for the existence of the network. Thus the name should be changed to Fox Propaganda Network!!!

  36. More corruption from the Trump camp. Just another day in Trump's America. Drain the swamp? Law and order candidate? How many hand picked Trump appointees have been fired for corruption? When will Republicans snap out of it?

  37. If at least 90% of American citizens had an IQ over 100, at least a decent general education, at least a reasonable understanding of reality, and was devoid of racist and bigoted views… Fox News would never have existed.

  38. CNBC once reported the news but not anymore now they only report Trump not much else they are such losers

  39. Trump is right to stop the merger. Time Warner and AT&T should be split into pieces. He's also a criminal who only opposes the merger because he thinks CNN says mean things about him (he doesn't even watch it). Two things can be true at once.

  40. I don't trust one word from MSNBC. Propaganda from the top to the bottom. Context means nothing to this horrible fake news organization.

  41. Is this news, didnt we know about this about 70 years ago. You move like Mollases. Get some espresso, and inject it. Trump is still winning. He is sorry until 1 thing sticks to him. He is winning

  42. Just another pipe dream i think this is the 121st time you leftists said you had him. Meanwhile we have the best economy in decades. That is why fox is number one and you aren't.

  43. You all are truly delusional. And so full of hate. Blinded by the Almighty God as the Bible says. There is just no other explanation for the hate and ignorance on the left's side. It's truly sad. I pray you guys can have the blinders lifted and see that NOTHING the Democrats are doing or hope to do is helping you, your family, or your country. If you could see past hating Trump long enough to see what the Democrats aren't doing you would see. But you can't and I feel sad for you.

  44. The Mafia Don presidency and the ascendancy of right wing radicals in the GOP is the collective Frankenstein monster created by Murdoch’s sensationalist, propaganda, TV rag, FoxNewspeak, and GOP micro-marketers manipulating primal fears, greed, paranoid fantasies, and willful ignorance of low info voters for over 25 years.

  45. Wow CNN my hats off to you guys .
    You guys kept playing in the story even though trump tried to bury you . I know dude I think CNN should win a Pulitzer Prize for sticking to the story even after a bombing.

  46. A so called pro business administration would not fail to collect taxes of 1.5 trillion dollars, in the new 'cuts'. Thus hurting the economy as the US is borrowing 23 trillion a year via bonds to break even now.

  47. They go bankrupt. The NRA is crying because they're losing money. I'd imagine faux will go that way too because most Americans are a mix of conservative & liberal. We're not just simply put into a single category. They've screwed themselves. Oh well.

  48. It's the opposite way around, Kiddos:

    Fox News, Sinclair Media, Facebook,Twitter et-all run the NRA-Nazis' fake news propaganda Trump-party, just like
    Leni Riefenstahl and Hitler's Meth- Doctors ran the whole Hitler's Nazi party. And Stalin at the very same time FYI.

    In simpler English for Trump's simpletons:
    Fox News has always been the militarized Christian Nazis, extreme Zionists' and Islamic "Kingdoms" propaganda-networks.

    Godless Best,
    Projectheureka LLC

  49. Awww, poor MSNBC doesn’t know what to do now that their boy Obama is gone other than cry and gossip about not being the presidential favorite. I love how unhappy they are. NBC and CNN is getting what they deserve after years of throwing dirt at Trump. You made your bed crybabies.

  50. Nothing is normalized just because we see it every day. Mobs aren't normal just because they've been around for centuries, and they are still corrupt. Trump is only concerned for himself, believes he's above the law, doesn't care about 98% of the 327 M people in the U.S. beyond their votes.

  51. More circus clown act news from a circus clown act media and Capitol Hill Democrats and Republicans in the big circus clown Trump

  52. CNN and MSNBC are Hate State Run Media. If Hillary was president, they'd be protecting her saying Fox was unstable or not credible.

  53. msnbc has NOOOOOOOOOOOOO room to talk about anyone being "state run". the people in charge there call in favors around the US on behest of the Democratic party all the time..*cough* smollett cough

  54. I have cracked up listening to your first second who’s running the Democrats foreign government who plays MS NBC or CNN ABC ABC and NBC by shooting trump down and promoting Avenattu your presidential contender

  55. lol lolol 😂 Talkable of network democrat Nancy Pelosi will say one word MS NBC CNN NBC will repeat it every day at the same time using the same terminologies we watch one no need to watch the other but fox does not

  56. I am comparing How CNN is calling the el paso shooter a white supremacist and how fox news says the investigation is still active and they do not want to speculate when they are pretty sure he published/produced an anti-imagrant manifesto . And how they are not really following what just happened in Dayton yet. 3:00 to 4:00 they are doing feel good segments and feel bad segments. So I just watched fox news propaganda pieces about a sherriif deputy folding Olexiy Kuzmin's resturants fallen flag and what the symbol means to him and a spin a segment about a teacher suing a California college and how in which the fox analyst stated institutions of higher learning are being radicalized by foreign powers and saying the middle class are becoming foreign agents at approximately 3:20 -3:30am PST 8/4/19. Sinclair media is controlling the narrative (Jon Oliver) and basically saying to their red state markets of simpler people that only get Fox news that are being told the educated free thinkers, products of higher education around the country are actually being fostered by foreign influences with questionable loyalties. How is the middle class becoming the "them" in a new "Us vs Them" scenario?? This is what the Russians did to Poles. They went after the intelligentsia and silenced the leaders, the influencers, and the backbone of communities before, during, and after they invaded.

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