Spot Interview(좌표 인터뷰): DEAN(딘) _ Instagram(인스타그램)

Can we listen to the song first? Sure, would you like to see
the lyrics as well? You have to see the lyrics too Dope (Spot: DEAN’s studio where
he finished his new song, ‘Instagram’) Hello, fans from Melon
I am DEAN The place that you see now is my studio, where I spend
most of my life nowadays I come here at 3 in the afternoon
and work until 4-5 in the morning Because of my new song,
‘Instagram’, last two months
have been difficult for me (Q. You’ve been busy ever since
your debut with the EP ‘130 mood: TRBL’) DPR Live, offonoff, Suran,
songs for Show Me The Money, songs with FANXY CHILD crew,
Rad Museum, and so on… I’ve been collaborating
with so many artists, especially with underground musicians (Q. They say every artist who
collaborated with DEAN are doing well, especially Heize) I don’t think she is doing well
because of me and we had this good ‘chemistry’ Since she was a newcomer and
didn’t have ‘character’ I wanted to make that character of her
in the way that I wanted to make with stylish music (Q. When you look at the top 300
songs from the Melon Chart, it looks like there are at least
10 songs composed by DEAN) I don’t really look back into the past I don’t really care about how my songs
are doing on the charts I didn’t care so much about how much
I was earning from my songs either I do get notifications on my phone
on how much I’ve earned but honestly I don’t really have time
to care about those things (Q. Aren’t income important for you?) It is important, of course it is
But there is something more important Next album is more important
The quality of the next album (Q. When ‘D(half moon)’
reclimbed the charts, and when your debut EP was successful,
how did your life change?) My life was completely changed I’ve bought a car since then I started to hang around
with good musicians, I paid off my mother’s debt, I got a nice studio to work in… My life is now filled with
more opportunities and good things (Q. How did you compose
the song ‘Instagram’?) I wanted to compose an album
that’s really like ‘me’. People who are in their 20s and 30s are not really different from me So if I speak truthfully about myself,
people could empathize with me So I started to observe myself
as objectively as possible Then I realized that I’ve been
on Instagram whenever I get the chance Even when I don’t have a good reason,
I habitually get on Instagram From that small habit, I thought about
composing the song ‘Instagram’ The thing is, I often felt depressed
when I got on Instagram I follow people that I look up to
and people that I like Compared to those people,
I feel infinitely small and lacking And see how so many pretty, handsome
and cool people there are on Instagram I kept compared myself to them, and
my friends going to these cool places… While I was worn out
from working in the studio It felt like I was a lonely island
placed away from all those people That’s really what got into me So I thought about composing
a song that Because I was sure that I wasn’t
the only one who felt like this This feeling of relative deprivation A song that gives out that vibe of
‘Robinson Crusoe’ living in a city (Q. You are a good friend with Zico,
do you look at his Instagram page too? Nope, not at all Okay, I actually do, to see how he lives
But there isn’t much to it You know, people upload their photos
that look like their best It feels a bit weird to look at
because I’m his friend Zico has this face that he makes
when he takes selfies He looks really cute when he makes
that face with his lips closed It’s a bit cringy, but still cute (Q. Do you have photos on your Instagram
page that you want to delete?) I already erased all of the photos
that I wanted to erase (Q. Why did you erase them?) They felt like I was acting handsome I hate posing like
how I know handsome I am I erase photos that I get
that vibe from them (Q. Why do you hate acting handsome?) It’s supposed to be
a musician’s Instagram page It feels degrading when there’s
too much about my look (Q.Is the ‘girl who’s pretty in bob cut’
in the song your ex-girlfriend?) I guess so I thought about
the theme of ‘Instagram’, and talked with many people
about the theme In the end, it all ended up
being about ex’s So it’s a story that ends
in a very low note So, the point of this song is we have to stop snooping around
our ex’s Instagram page and that’s why the song ends like that (Q. So you’ve visited your ex’s
Instagram page for your song) I like composing songs
that I feel Photos that I posted on Instagram
are something that I want to become In the world everyone
likes that fake side of me How the person who knows
who I really am would be like On Instagram, people who are really
attractive often gets a lot of DMs, but that’s actually just something
that comes from just the looks and all those people don’t know
how you are really like How would the person who really
knows who I really am would be like? (Q. So you think that
Instagram is a ‘waste of time’?) I know that it’s a waste of time,
but I can’t help myself Everyone knows that social media
is a waste of time But there is so much information
on social media too I want to quit because I know
that it is a waste of time but at the same time I’m afraid
of missing all the information But nowadays I started to
know too much about things and that’s making me more stressed out I often think how it might have been
better off not knowing about it So, I continue to be on social media
although I know it’s a waste of time and it’s pretty much a cycle
of those feelings (Q. So ‘Instagram’ is a song that you
composed to empathize with) That’s right.
My next album is for myself that I wanted to listen and
that could console me I often had severe
emotional ups and downs I felt somewhat insecure
after releasing my previous album because of all the sudden happiness So I wanted to compose songs that
could console me and I wanted to listen Then maybe someone will
be consoled by them too and someone might want to listen to them It’s an album that I wanted to listen to
without caring about what others say (Q. When will the new album drop?) It shouldn’t be later than mid-next year

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