Spooky Gamer Snacks! – EZ Worms in Dirt Recipe – Vallaween
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Spooky Gamer Snacks! – EZ Worms in Dirt Recipe – Vallaween

welcome to Gamers Snacks! today for Vallaween
we’re making worms in dirt. Gross! step one. step one for this the recipe is
to crush up the sandwich cookies so how much should we use Kariv? all of them you take a spoon I take a spoon.
broken? yeah how do this with a spoon? the next step now that our sandwich
cookies are crushed up is to mix the pudding in the whipped cream inside. I
like pudding – let’s do everything. Use all? ok We can use two I think. Your antlers are attacking me. and whipped cream how much? as much as you want. oh my god now we mix not jelly? not yet. sugar party sweet party so now that we have our
mixture all mixed we’re gonna scoop it into a cup. Sweet. What you try? done. done. and then jelly. k so we’re
gonna hang them so they hang out you understand yeah like say they look cool.
like this. done. okay so now we’re gonna crush more
sandwich cookies yeah I sprinkle them on top to me they look nice
crush cookie. everything is mine. looks good! sugar party! this is sugar party.
sweet party. done. done. This is the finished product after you sprinkle the
cookies on top looks pretty good it’s pretty good
alright let’s try it mmm sugar party. I think jelly is the point. the
point? point. important. oh yeah yeah that’s it. that’s it.
all right guys all you need to recipe is some sandwich cookies whipped cream
pudding and gummy worms and a Kariv and don’t forget to like and subscribe

26 thoughts on “Spooky Gamer Snacks! – EZ Worms in Dirt Recipe – Vallaween

  1. thank you for this delicious food

    and by that i mean kariv and agilities' interactions 😉
    (jk also i love the worms in dirt recipe !! ill def try that out)

  2. This is hilarious, though I feel like somebody on the production side decided a food processor might be too dangerous for those “sandwich cookies”

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