South Korea to foster one-person media industry as a future growth engine
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South Korea to foster one-person media industry as a future growth engine

The government says it will provide what it
calls a “one-stop platform” to support one-person media creators, such as YouTubers. Lee Min-sun has the details. South Korea’s Science and ICT ministry announced
a plan at a ministerial meeting on Friday… to fully support and nurture one-person media
creators and foster the industry as a new growth engine. One-person media is becoming an integral part
of people’s daily lives… due to the growing number of single-person households and the
use of smart devices. The government is staking high hopes in the
one-person media market,… especially with the commercialization of 5G networks earlier
this year. Faster networks allow simultaneous transmission
of higher-quality content. The market for one-person media is currently
estimated at around 3 billion U.S. dollars… and is expected to be worth about 6-point-6
billion dollars by 2023,… according to forecasts. After conducting a feasibility study next
year, the ministry will provide all-in-one support… from training in content-editing
skills to tax and legal consultation for one-person media creators. The ministry will open training classes at
13 institutes nationwide and will create free-to-use production spaces by the end of this year. The government will also provide regular meeting
opportunities for creators to better coordinate and share their ideas with one another. The ministry previously supported content
co-production with oversea creators,… mostly in South East Asia,… and the new plan will
encourage co-production with those from North America to help local creators gain a broader
foothold in the global market. Lee Min-sun Arirang News.

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