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South Abbayi North Ammayi | Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

‘To be notified of all Wirally updates,
do hit the bell icon.’ I hate attending interviews
and I hate waiting at interviews even more. You seem new to interviews. Interviews test your patience..
– Cut it! How many interviews have you attended? This is my 6th interview.
– This is my 66th interview. So, shut it. 66th? None of those 66 firms found you hireable?
– I didn’t find none of those firms workable. At every interview, I’m very frank.
I tell the interviewers I’m qualified enough as I learnt Java, Oracle, SQL, Python,
King Kong, Dinosaur etc but failed to learn English. But, none would hire you if you don’t know English.
– And that’s why this is my 66th interview. So, I plan to plead with the interviewer this time.
I’ll tell him to ask me anything but to speak in English. I suggest you leave right away.
– Why? – I’ve two reasons why. One, the interviewer is a girl.
– Shit! – And two, she is a North Indian. She can only speak English or Hindi and not Telugu.
– God damn it! I better leave now. Next candidate, Mr Ravi Teja.
– I’m not Ravi Teja. – Your photo is in here. Busted! Fine, I’m Ravi Teja.
Let’s do this God damn interview. How are you?
– What! You speak Telugu? I was told you don’t.. I’m sorry, I can’t understand Telugu.
– But you just spoke in Telugu. – What? You.. Telugu speak.. Just now.
– How are you? That’s the only Telugu I know. Oh! Lovely! – Thank You.
– Not only Telugu, she doesn’t even understand sarcasm. What did you just say?
– I said you know very little Telugu while I know very little Hindi.
“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven..” I can see your English is poor too.
– I no poor.. I middle class. You’re funny.
May I have your resume, please? So, Mr Ravi, your resume is pretty weird.
Your scores in theory papers isn’t so good but your scores in practicals are very good.
– Yes, exactly! – So, let me test you. Could you tell me the time complexity of this code?
– Time? – Time complexity. It is order of line.
– Impressive! I know your English isn’t so great but..
– Enough! I don’t get a word you say. No one ever interviewed me for so long.
Every interviewer kicked me out after hearing my bad English but no one was as patient with me as you’re.
I know I’m unfit for this job. My hands up for you patience.
– Hands up? – Yeah, exactly. See you. Listen. You’ve been selected.
– I no selection.. I no English.. Suresh!
– Yes, ma’am? Tell this guy he’s been selected.
– She says you’re selected. – Stop kidding me. I’m not kidding. I believe in his
practical knowledge than his theory knowledge. That’s why I hired him.
Ask him to come to work from tomorrow. She says she believes in your practical knowledge.
So, you can start woking from tomorrow. Ma’am! You’re the best! You’re the greatest!
– Please, stop it! Ma’am, I’ll see to it that I repay your faith in me.
Tell her what I told her. He says he’ll start from tomorrow. You’re cute.
– I? – Yeah. – Cute? You cute.
– Thank you. Funny guy. First day at work! How come you’re here?
– I got hired. Oh, I get it. I think you’re in dire need of money,
so you agreed to take up a job as the errand boy. Had you learnt English, you wouldn’t have been
the errand boy. Ma’am is here. Hello, ma’am.
– Hi. Hi! How are you? Because of you, I landed this job.
I’ll be fine from hereon, even if I wasn’t already. That’s too much Telugu for me.
– My bad. Anyways, done with all the formalities?
– Formals? Today I go.. Shopping.. I buy formals..
– You’re so funny. Alright, see you. Hi, guys! You remember I spoke to you
about a client? He’ll be here today. I want you guys to be ready
with the presentations and with the concepts too. I didn’t get a word.
– Ravi, anything wrong? I.. English.. No.. Understand.
– Suresh! – Yes, ma’am? Explain what I just said.
– She wants you to be ready for the client. Sure, ma’am. Hell with this English! Ravi, do you want to add anything?
– Yes, ma’am. – Then go ahead. English.. No know..
– It’s alright. Speak in Telugu. Why can’t he present his ideas in English?
– His English isn’t great. – Why did you hire someone so shit then? Aren’t you a Telugu guy too?
Do you have any problem with Telugu? He can’t speak in English
but that doesn’t mean he isn’t talented enough. Go ahead, Ravi. Impressive! I didn’t understand a word you said
but I believe in you that you presented well. Hands up!
– Hands up? – He always says that. Cute guy.
– Cute guy? I’m sorry, Mr Ravi. Being a Telugu, I shouldn’t look
down at Telugu. You were impressive. I understand knowing English is necessary,
but I don’t think that is the only necessity. There are 4,000 odd languages,
and English is only one amongst them. Let’s learn a new line today.
‘Play your flute around a deer, not around a tiger.’ English isn’t as hard as you think it is.
– Ma’am, I beg of you. I’ll do as you say.
I’ll even mop the floor if you ask me to. But please, don’t teach me English. I’m out of here.
– Ravi, come here! Your Telugu is improving by the day! Ma’am, do you watch Telugu movies?
– I watch the dubbed versions. – On Set Max? Like ‘Khiladi 123, ‘Local Khiladi’,
‘International Khiladi’, ‘Dangerous Khiladi’? Excuse me, ma’am.
– Hi! What’s up? – It’s my birthday today. Many happy returns of the day!
– What was that again? I’m throwing a party and I want you to attend.
– Sure, I will! I don’t like parties. So, please, count me out.
– Oh, alright. – Count me in, bro. ‘Screw you.’ Why are all these people here? Happy birthday, Ravi!
– Happy birthday, bro. – Thank you. Even I don’t remember my birthday.
But since you do, my hands up. Nevermind.
– You’re speaking good Telugu. – A little. And that too because of you.
Happy birthday again. Isn’t it cute, the way she speaks Telugu?
– Oh, yeah. I know. You know what?
– The special interest you both have for each other. Cut the crap!
– Why? Don’t you like her? See, you like her. Remember this,
she hired you despite your not knowing English but she won’t let you into her life.
Anyways, happy birthday. ‘He’s right.’ What’s the matter, Ravi? You look gloomy.
– Nothing at all, ma’am. Then why are you gloomy on your birthday?
– Nothing at all. Anyways, I wanted to tell you something
but I don’t know how to put it. You want to take Suresh’s help?
– No, I will say it myself. I’ll say it in Telugu. I love your. It isn’t I love your, it is I love you.
– Yeah, same thing. I love you.
– Right! I love you. Thank you for watching, guys!
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100 thoughts on “South Abbayi North Ammayi | Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

  1. very cute love story ilantivi vi cheste andamtho panilekunda manishi manasu chusi swachanga love chesukuntaaru mari inko andamyna ammayi kanapadithe velliporu….👍👍👍

  2. ఏదో ఒక షార్ట్ ఫిలిం తీసేసి అప్లోడ్ చేసేయడమే గాని దాని గురించి ఏ విధమైన గ్రౌండ్ వర్క్ చేయకుండా నువ్వు ఏం చెప్పాలి అనుకుంటున్నావో నీకు కూడా తెలియకుండా తలా తోకా లేని షార్ట్ ఫిలిమ్స్ తీయకు ఇంకా
    గజ్జి కుక్క లాగా మొఖం వేసుకొని.
    అరే ఒక్కసారి ఆలోచించు నీ ఫ్రెండ్స్ తప్పా ఎవరైనా లైక్ చేసారా ఆ వీడియోస్ ని……

  3. అన్న తెలుగు ని కపడి నా దుకు థాంక్స్ ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  4. IT interview attend avvandi..if you speak English continues 1 hour no one can't give the job…you should have talent as well as communication also….

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