Songkick Concerts – iPhone App Review – Frackulous 226
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Songkick Concerts – iPhone App Review – Frackulous 226

I am crushing extremely hard on the Songkick
app, there is no denying it. If you haven’t already heard of it, Songkick is a service
that will send you email alerts everytime one of your pre-determined favourite bands
is touring near you. And now, it comes in app form, which makes it even better. Open
the app and it automatically scans your iTunes library for artists you like and then arranges
the ones that are touring in a list – perfect, unless thanks to Spotify you stopped buying
music in 2009. If you’ve already got an account, it’ll also add in the people you’re
already tracking. Each gig can be viewed on a map, and you can go to the ticket site,
or share it. You can also say whether you’re going or planning on going, which is viewable
by other Songkick people on the site. It also adds the gig into the ‘your plans’ tab.
You can view gigs by your location, although London does bring up an awful lot of gigs,
and you can add locations. The artists tab is where you can view and add artists to track
– the catalogue is pretty exhaustive so it takes a pretty obscure act not to be listed.
It’s completely free, and it’s bloody marvellous. I’d love to see it scan Spotify
for your favourite acts, but I’ve yet to see anyone do this so perhaps I’m asking
the impossible. Over all though – ACE.

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