100 thoughts on “SOLVED – Remove Previously Synced Gmail, Bypass Google Account

  1. all these videos piss me off. they always so use google voice, turn your wifi off and on, put keyboard into googlekeyboard, likke fuck i cant do it, i have samsung s7 someone please help. i factory reset it and it say please sign in with google account previous before reset. i forgot my fucking password. i need help to bypass it. i tried evrrything. or people will say use wizard app or people will say go on google and download something but i cant download becuase im stuck at the fucking main sccreen. I tried to go the settings on the keyboard and did every step right


    Im tired of sht videos clogging up youtube

  3. After I shut off my router, my phone says no Internet connection and takes me back to the accept terms and conditions. Then it re- attempts to connect to the Internet again when I click the next arrow

  4. Dear I watched your video but it didn't helped me. I have Samsung note 5 how to remove or by pass my previous Google account.

  5. @Easy Steps, does this also work for a samsung tab a 6? If not can you make a video on how to do it. Thanks.

  6. [email protected] is a legit hacker that will help you hack any account( facebook, gmail, yahoo mail, skype, whatsapp, instagram, twitter, credit cards, online bank access, bank account) i just confirmed his services he is fast, reliable and trusted but there are hacking charges do not fall into the hands of scammers.

  7. I bought this phone from a person but someone has a Google account so I can't get into it. Has no Sims card but before I get a Sims card I wanted to be sure everything works but it want let me get in the Google account

  8. Hey I have note 5, I got to the "couldn't sign in" then the to terms and conditions kept looping, I hit accept, then asks T&C, acept, T&C…. Any suggestions?

  9. I shut off the hotspot on my other phone and I press next and it went back to select a network not to the date and time

  10. i get stuck on the very next screen that says " terms and conditions", i hit next but is just next the next page that ends up being the same "terms and conditions" bs

  11. After I disconnected my router, mine doesn’t say “next”, it says”skip”. But when I click “skip”, it says”Device protection – This device was factory reset. To continue, connect to a network and sign in to the previous Google Account (required).” How do I get past this?

  12. Steps are good man, and it works. With saying that, I do not mean to impose or be presumptuous, but you need to speak up. I had the same problem with mumbling and what not. Especially on "How-To instructional videos it is helpful to write a script to go by. It is all personal preference though, if you feel more comfortable winging it then go for it. Also, when a step is loading, i.e. selected factory reset and starts to load, you can do video editing to shorten the duration of that step, making it long enough to fit your video framework (dialogue, caption text, etc) in the clip. I am not expert by any means, just thought you had some good potential and offering some constructive criticism my man <3

  13. Tried on 08/24/2018
    does not work anymore, once u disconnect the router from the plug it just keeps switchin you back to the same page as it cannot let you bypass anymore.

  14. I have a Samsung Galaxy J7 prime and I have to check terms and agreements before the "checking info" screen. I tried to unplug the router but once it said "couldn't sign in" I pressed next and it took me back to the terms and agreements screen.

  15. I have a verizon s7 and my "next screen" after unplugging was "no network connection" I just knew it was too good to be true. Next step is to take phone outside and use hammer.

  16. after i disconect the router and it says cant connect and i hit next it just brings me back to the terms and agreement screen cant get out of that if i go back it asks me to connect to wifi to confirm my id, please help

  17. My Verizon Galaxy s7 edge … I unplug the router when it goes into "software update" then it gives me the screen you show but when I hit next it takes me right back to the wifi set up screen! Why is it not working for me?

  18. Galaxy s7 did not work at all. When he hits back for the wifi screen i get the terms an condition page …none of this worked

  19. Doesn't work on my Samsung galaxy S7 edge tried multiple times keeps kicking me back to the wifi connection spot every time please help!! Thank you

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  21. When I restarted my phone it just prompted me with the Welcome screen again. I cleared my data on the Setup Wizards, Google Play Services, and Google Account Services. After restarting after that and following the steps on a verified website, it gave me the couldn't sign in.

    I followed the steps in your video though not to a T. I had to delete the Setup wizard a different way.

    I'm trying to unlock a Cricket LG Stylo 3. Please Assist me.

  22. I have a device that was given to me and it's been reset to continue sign in with a Google account that was previously synced on this device I do not know what the Google account how do I obtain this or how can I bypass this

  23. No working won't let me even load the Google privacy policy to see welcome to Google privacy setting to highlight everything else worked so what should I do ?

  24. You’re life saver!

    Bought my Galaxy S6 Edge while ago, my friend locked herself out and forgot her info,
    Samsung or Amazon wouldn’t help me.

    Thanks a lot 👏👏

  25. (Your request has been declined for security reasons) shows up at the bottom of the screen after trying to share the highlighted area. (Galaxy tab a)

  26. i get into the google privacy policy but when i highlight a word and "share" nothing happens.. im stuck please help!

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