SocialBee Review – Evergreen Social Posting Automation Perfect MeetEdgar Alternative
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SocialBee Review – Evergreen Social Posting Automation Perfect MeetEdgar Alternative

In this video I’m in to do a review of a product
called SocialBee which is a basically a tool to automate your entire social media presence
and not just pushing out the content but also growing good in engaging with people and I’ll
kind of talk about all of the different features that it offers is also happens to be deal
that is currently on AppSumo you look at it all work and the look and see how it compares
to other tools that you may be familiar with and to work and go through it all in this
video hi my name is Adam from where I make a WordPress tutorial videos for
non-techies if you know your consider clicking on the subscribe button if you don’t want
to miss thing click on the bell and everything that I talk about the be a link in the video
description box down below or you just head on over to the website for the tool I’m talking
about just visit Bubba plus SocialBee oh my gosh I forgot the name I’m
just moving to quick today or maybe I haven’t had enough coffee all right here is the tool
it’s going to be 50 bucks for a lifetime account this is a steel now let me kind of put it
in perspective really quick there is a another tool very very popular service and there’s
a lot of people using it and this is better than that tool that tools $50 per month SocialBee
right now on AppSumo just $49 and this does things that that does not and it’s probably
got to be one of the most polished sass apps that I’ve seen that AppSumo hasn’t brought
out so it’s most likely going to be comparable to meet Edgar if you’ve heard of MeetEdgar
and meet Ed Edgar was really on the forefront of this concept of evergreen social media
posts so the problem with your typical social media processing same problem with anything
you put on Facebook or twitter and then is it has a really short shelf life right so
if you spend I don’t know maybe 30 minutes writing the perfect social media post and
you publish that out well it’s got maybe 24 to 48 our life and the no one’s ever going
to see it again and this is actually a problem you spent time creating content that could
be just as relevant today as it could be in six months or year in two years and you poppet
in there you pop it into twitter you pop it into Facebook or wherever you’re in a post
that that piece of content that you put your time effort thought and energy into and then
basically after 24 to 48 hours no one will ever see it again it just goes into this empty
black hole of social media and that’s a problem and that’s where MeetEdgar came in to solve
and SocialBee is most comparable to that so only reason I’m mentioning MeetEdgar is one
to put it a framework of what the cost of a service like this normally is that being
$50 a month and SocialBee being less expensive if you bought a directive but for time you
can get it on AppSumo for a lot less of the cost at $49 so what this does is instead of
you taking this content in putting it directly on Facebook or directly on twitter you instead
put it into SocialBee into these buckets of content that you will create in each of these
buckets of content you would probably want to be similar and have kind of a similar posting
schedule so you can have a bucket a content where you only want the content to two may
be posted once and you can have another bucket of content that maybe is cute quotes with
images or something like that so you put them in these buckets and then you can start filling
up your social media posting schedule such as the quick overview of what it does and
now I’m about to get Mr. Fancy pants on you right where did it go here it is
that’s right this is my attempt at being on point in this video in respect of your time
getting a little fancy pants on you so I have this will thing here of everything I wanted
to cover in this video so what is can allow you to do is post to Facebook Twitter and
LinkedIn you’re going to notice two things that are missing that’s Instagram and Google
plus I don’t know who even post on Google+ anymore but you can also post on that today
was SocialBee through buffer so buffers can be the intermediary but the good news is only
reason they’re doing it that way is because they’re waiting on Instagram and Google+ to
approve their API connection so soon as they do that your to be able to natively post to
all of these platforms here there are people asking for Pinterest support I think it might
be on their twitter trail a board of things that they may want to implement but it doesn’t
today support Pinterest and SocialBee’s gonna really do three things and so first is Evergreen
now when I was showing you meet Edgar meet Edgar does the one thing right Evergreen and
they do it really well they Pat pioneered the concept SocialBee just taken that idea
and enhanced it and added some other useful tools to it so I’m in a show you in this video
where you create these content categories the categories can have rules how you put
your social media posts in these categories and then you set a schedule and you can say
at 2 o’clock I want to pull from the quotes category and at 4 o’clock I want to pull from
this category so you can schedule it out like that and everything gets recycled you can
just keep funneling new content into these buckets and you never lose any of your content
and that social media black hole you can always keep reusing the content that you spend your
time creating Evergreen I’m gonna have to show you that the second thing is engagement
it does some neat things with engagement now it’s primarily focused on Twitter and what
it does that I think is really cool is if someone adds you or starts following you on
Twitter you can have this automatically send them a mention back thanking them for the
ad you can actually make it say whatever you want back to them and you can pull in total
tokens you know it’s funny that’s actually happened to me I’ve actually followed someone
on Twitter before and then got this thank you back and I was thinking while did they
manually do that by Phil by Phil important to you and so that’s one of the things that
the engagement tool does this something exclusive the SocialBee you don’t see this and if you
anything else and then you have this discovery module which is a tool to kind of grow your
Twitter audience and I’m in a show you that as well so this one platform has these three
components to it now you typically see with these social media applications as they don’t
have all of these aspects to what they really just have one thing that they do well so like
our same earlier in the beginning of the video this mostly compares to from the Evergreen
feature to meet Edgar and that $49 per month it’s very closely matched to that that’s why
a one time fee of $49 for me is like I’ve been waiting for tool like this for a while
so let’s talk about some of the other social media tools and how it differs then will go
ahead and jump into the website and the dashboard so here’s three or so different services that
you might already be familiar with I use them also content the studio I did buy content
studio and content studio it it it’s hard to explain I’ve ever been to a restaurant
that serves every single dish but doesn’t specialize in any one dish and everything
is just okay that’s the best way that I could describe my personal experience with content
studio and I know I might be losing some of you and that criticism because I’m sure many
of you already have content studio and light content studio I have content studio and I
just never liked it is probably the one of the purchases that I made in 2017 that are
regrets and they did recently add the Evergreen feature but it’s nowhere as near like what
you’re getting with SocialBee with the Evergreen featuring content studio it doesn’t have these
content categories and you don’t have all of the fine-grained control over what goes
out and when and how it all works together so it’s very rudimentary as far as Evergreen
and that kind of goes into my thought process in my comment of it does a lot of things but
it doesn’t do anything really well I guess one of its strengths is content discovery
although I don’t even think it does that well either and I know I might lose you some of
some some guys here that is just my opinion on the tool and it’s one the one tool that
she was going to collect us for me I don’t like it at all MissingLettr now what MissingLettr
does is entirely different there’s just slight similarities right what MissingLettr does
is a ghost your blog when you post a new blog post and it automatically writes all this
content for you that you then go in you tweak a little bit and then you you click approved
and then it’s can a drip feed that content out and another thing that it does is it also
makes is really cool quote images offer your content those image quotes and so that is
totally different than what were we have here with SocialBee I almost wish there and there
may be a way of taking what MissingLettr creates in pumping that in to SocialBee instead and
that Lent let SocialBee handle the drip feeding out in the recycling so that’s MissingLettr
MissingLettr isn’t really a Evergreen content tool where you put your content in these buckets
it’s more of a content generation and minute trip feeds it out I love missing I think X
and AppSumo if they might have some codes left or they might’ve run out today then that
brings me to plan a bowl and also implantable and amplifier which was a deal last year now
what plan a bowl does is it’s really just good for going in there writing your social
media post having team come in to audit it so maybe a client for an approval process
and then you posted and then your content goes out there’s no reposting or taking your
content and putting it in this reusable bucket and the same goes for amplifier amplifier
and implantable are very similar in that way now when amplifier came out they had said
that they were to build this evergreen thing and they totally flaked out and I don’t even
know what’s going on with them anymore but I’m glad SocialBee is coming and I’ve got
social be working right now for me so let’s go back and take a look at some of the deal
points I’m just gonna scroll down and will jump into what SocialBee does okay so you’re
going to get for the $49 are to be of the connect and 10 social profiles now there is
some word that after you get this if you needed more like say up to 25 there and have another
thing where you can pay $49 directly to SocialBee and then you’ll have the additional accounts
for lifetime sites not per month if you wanted additional accounts and here’s where it tells
you where you can post and you could create these categories and evergreen posted them
you can also plug in RSS feed so what this is if you wanted to and say you’re posting
a blog post and what it can do is push that content into a bucket and then posted your
social media accounts for you and you can also do the same thing for other blogs that
you might want to syndicate their content I don’t do that but some people like to do
that there’s these Twitter growth tools him to take a quick look at those actually let
me just talk to talk about them copy followers you can put someone’s twitter handle and see
all of their followers and you could follow them and then typically will happen is in
there in a fall you right back you can do keyword searches to find followers and content
user searches upload of followers I guess if you had all I don’t know if that is a thing
as if you had a list of follower names you can plug it in there or something like that
I don’t know and non-followers that’s actually cool I think what that’s going to be is you
can see out of all the people following you on Twitter you can see who or should I say
all the people you’re following on Twitter who’s not following you back if you wanted
to go ahead and unfollow them and only follow people that follow you while so much following
going on these days then you have those messages I was telling you if someone follows you you
can automatically mention them back and thank them but you can also send a direct message
back to them as far as these categories go you get 50 of them for in my mind 50 content
categories I don’t see myself using more than 5 to 10 max so 50 is very generous you can
have up to 5000 posts per category now there are other tools that do this this evergreen
and I gotta say that SocialBee has the Evergreen market cornered they have the tool down in
your to see it I mean it is solid the way they implemented it intuitive there you either
on boarding everything is gonna be on point now a 5000 posts per category that’s way more
than I think anyone needs just so you know there are other tools in that do kind of a
similar thing with Evergreen and it’s like 500 posts per category so it’s very limited
so you really get the full tool with SocialBee you literally get the full tool okay lifetime
we already know that and AppSumo you get your 60 days back I like to go here and read the
comments to see what people are asking and I always do that before these videos if you
see a review for me and you might go ahead and give that a in an upload so there’s these
ways of uploading so if you would just go ahead and upload that that’s pretty cool make
sure more people sit okay so here is their website is great content grow engage and I
would recommend going here and taken a look through the features and the pricing they
also have just you know a concierge service and this is really cool it’s a literally white
glove service it’s $50 per month and it’s a manual process where people are putting
in the work to grow your Twitter audience for you I think it’s a great value you know
some of the things involved with Twitter there have been tools that automate the process
and that’s like automatically following an un-following people but when you do that if
Twitter finds out they cut off the tools API access that actually happened to an AppSumo
deal named juicer and they got totally cut off and I knew when I saw juicer on AppSumo
I thought how that sounds a little black Hattie what they’re doing there and I don’t necessarily
think there to be in it for the long haul also something important to mention is you
can integrate this with some of the link short nurse so let me just go through the content
features right here and there were in a jump right into the tool okay so you got the Evergreen
you’ve got these categories I talked about that a bunch and you can set rules on a per
category basis and can assure you that I’ll show you how you can set up your posts you
can have post specifically for twitter or specifically for more than one social network
you get to choose that when you’re popping in your information there is a full calendar
where you can set everything up and then there’s also a way to see what has already posted
you can also when you’re putting in a post so for me this is actually perfect so I might
make a new video and I’ll take my YouTube link and then I can go in here and I don’t
wanted to just drip out on a schedule I want that sucker posting right now because I want
to get as many eyeballs and get the word out that I just created this great piece of content
you can actually go ahead and instead of going to twitter and Facebook you put it in here
it’ll posted immediately or that one post can initially go out at a specific time and
then it will go into its recycling in the Evergreen categories so that post reviews
now there is there’s importing you can there’s lots of ways of getting these posts in there
you’re not having to manually type everything out and that was one of the problems with
the Evergreen feature I saw on content studio you have to manually type everything in there
one by one by one it’s so stinking tedious here you have lots of ways of getting your
content into these content categories including one way that will be coming out in the future
where you can have it pull in everything that you’ve ever posted on Twitter and you can
automatically sift through it and just click on buttons of what you want to throw in one
of those categories so they have lots of ways of making it easy to get your content into
the tool to be doing a tutorial in this video but most likely the week I’m thinking I’ll
do a tutorial video for anyone that purchases SocialBee wants to know all the ins and outs
of actually implementing it for their social media profiles okay here this is really cool
custom URLs and tracking right now it will work with and also it’s really Brandley
now replan Bramley does have a a free plan but I think it’s only limited to maybe a thousand
links or something like that and then you have I don’t know if they think they
want to add some additional use these URLs partners there’s a popular when I forget the
name I think maybe pixel me or something like that or something along those lines that is
very popular AppSumo users because it was a deal last year okay so let me instead just
go ahead and jump into the tool right here now want to let you know what to expect when
you sign up and you make the purchase and you creature count I’ve got to say they have
the best on boarding process that I’ve ever seen for any tool that I’ve ever used and
I know I’m being a little dramatic there but I really feel that strongly about how good
the onboarding process was here of okay step one do this step to do this step three do
this to make it as easy as possible to start using their tool now the only thing that I
don’t like about this tool is this image right here now it’s actually a little annoying him
in a message the developer and say hate your mind that I take it I’m can we get rid of
that is just a little annoyed it’s cute the first time but for it to be there every time
the dashboard is just a little bit much for me right here you can see the social media
profiles that I have it connected to now it’s important to note on Facebook you can Avid
be on your personal profile on your Facebook pages or if you’re an admin of a Facebook
group you can also add a Facebook group so this is just the dashboard now here are where
ever all the meat and potatoes are with the tool under here under content so let’s just
go straight to does this is the main strength of this platform is these categories right
here so I can make new categories but when you go through the onboarding process it knows
kind of what the most common categories are so you don’t have to sit there and think about
it they’ve already thought through it for you now you can see that each of these categories
have their own unique settings and that’s where the power is so saying blogs or from
RSS so this could be linking to your own blog this category said to share one’s and then
it set to not shorten the links that are in it and in I just like how you cannot only
put your content in categories based upon the content that it is but you can also have
different rules for the content in those categories so it sets these up for you right here now
you can go ahead and edit the rules for this particular category I can just click right
here and I can change it to Evergreen and there’s some various options here we click
on cancel so let’s go ahead and click inside of one of these categories on the click right
here into our blog posts and you can see I haven’t added anything yet like a cinema do
tutorial on that later once I have all of it worked out you click on add post and then
right here now I can go ahead and create this post for this the particular social network
that I wanted on so if I wanted on twitter only I can go ahead and write this up for
Twitter you can tag people on twitter and on Facebook they are limited to whatever these
social media platforms API tools allow you to do so I think right now with Facebook you
can’t tag a person but you can tag the pages and probably tag groups I don’t really do
much tagging like that anyway for something like this so you can go ahead and add your
piece of content in them right here is your option to post it at a specific time so you
can go ahead and pop that in and here’s what I like about this you get this fine grain
control over each piece of content and then the category so right here you can set it
to expire so maybe I only want this to post to so often maybe like 10 times and then or
maybe for the next month say some kind of promotion that’s over in a month then you
can have it expire then and you can also ask to have it expire based on how many times
it’s actually posted I think these fine-grained controls on a piece of content basis and then
on a category basis are really what makes this tool stand out to me so you’re gonna
want to go in here and dump all your content into these categories now there’s some other
interesting things that it has are very unique you can import a CSV you can import links
or so for me I could get all the links to my blog posts and I can pop them all in here
if I wanted to do that but there’s also pocket integration so if you use pocket you can do
some things in pocket and have it push into SocialBee which I think is very unique because
you can just be using pocket on your mobile phone and then boom it’s already going to
be in here in SocialBee for you and then of course you have RSS so now let’s look at the
other side of the coin which is the posting so right here first thing you need to do pretty
much is set up a schedule so I’ve gone ahead and when you when actually first going to
the schedule it’s can see if you want them to automatically give you the recommendation
it recommended schedule of posting in this is what it comes up with and it looks like
on the surface it looks like a man that’s a lot of posting going on right I just don’t
see like for instance on Monday me posting Juan 234-5678 times 09’d71011 1213 that’s
a lot of posting now to in their defense what they wanted to do is make this simple so you
can go here and you can set it up like this and then you can thin it down you can go ahead
and start deleting these different posts and so it it actually looks like more than it
is so right here saying on on Monday at 812 were only get opposed to LinkedIn and rolling
it a post out of the curated category and it’s not saying let’s post to all the networks
in at this moment so this kinda spreads it out to make it look more natural so each of
these scheduling you can see the network at suggesting the category it’s suggesting or
multiple categories you can see it all right here so what you can do is you can go ahead
and then this down or you can just start from a blank slate and start scheduling it out
how you think it would work best for you so once you set your schedule and you have content
in the buckets you are off to the races you can delete these schedules you can tweak this
all that you want is going to start pulling content from the buckets and posting it okay
so that’s our schedule is set up and you can see like siding I don’t think I clicked on
this if I just wanted to see my twitter schedule okay here’s a more condensed version of it
actually like this condensed version so I can see exactly what it’s suggesting per network
and then I can go ahead and I can remove like for example I can just click) remove whatever
I want to remove or tweak and modify it all right here can show you what is queued up
next and right here skin to show you what it has already posted that brings us now to
our grow tools this is the second main feature of this tool now some of this like the auto
follow is that concierge service where it’s automatic for you but it’s not automatic there’s
someone manually growing your audience for you and it is a monthly fee but we can do
user searches this all kind of self-explanatory keyword searches honestly for me I don’t really
see myself using this list of features at all I prefer my social network followings
to grow organically and people organically going there and I make calls to action by
say follow me on Twitter and I’ll have unique Twitter content or Facebook join the Facebook
group and so I have that and a lot of my videos in my content I got links on my website but
I don’t really search out following people so that people will follow me back up but
it is a strategy that a lot of people use because it so as a working strategy okay here’s
that engaged tool where you can put different mentions that means if someone tweets you
then you’re going to be able to automatically send this message let’s take a look at the
default suggested message so someone follows me it’s going to take their twitter handle
and say thanks for the follow, and then refer them by first name have a great and then whatever
the today is Tuesday and it’s can automatically do that for me and you can actually go in
here and add multiple templates and it will rotate through them so it doesn’t look like
some automated thing I think it’s a really nice touch if you’re on Twitter it’s a very
nice touch to thank someone for following me I know on my YouTube videos I try to thank
everyone whenever they leave a comment or something like that to make sure that they
know that I know that they did that for me so that is the mentions and then you can also
direct message personally I don’t find value in the direct messaging because my experiences
been I don’t even check my direct messages on Twitter so it’s more of a spam he thing
I’m not saying that’s what it actually is but to me that’s my perception and lastly
I’m not going to hover over it but I have this edge tab and the only reason I have that
is because I reached out to the developer of this tool and he added some of their under
the serious beta features that they’re working on and I have access to them under this edge
tool I can say something that they’re working on which was that that Twitter posting history
import so that’s a tool that they have it’s available to me in this edge thing they want
to work on it some more and that’s why I don’t want to show you it but I can’t say that I
did try it out and I was like wow that was really easy to get all of my tweets in there
so I can see which ones were valuable enough to retweet out or to put one of these Evergreen
buckets so the last thing I want to say about this and it’s more about the concept of this
evergreen concept and I would say that if you’re gonna do this do it very sparingly
don’t like dump content that the content of the content on all of your social networks
it’s good to keep stuff going there that you think will actually be of value to the people
that are following you on those networks and also put in some stuff that might be current
in timebase and stuff like that so people can get to know you or your business better
I would recommend though not just having the whole darn thing be automated because nothing
is more annoying than that I can tell you several people I can name their names but
I’m not condoning their names but I could name them if if if I was in private and this
wasn’t going on YouTube of people that I have followed them on Twitter and then I realize
it you know they’re there posting all these links to articles from five years ago and
I immediately unfollowed them and I gotta say not only do I unfollow them kind of my
respect and admiration for them goes down a few notches so you gotta be careful how
you tooth is okay don’t put a piece of content that’s getting auto posted that is so outdated
so irrelevant it’s actually going to be a huge turnoff and it’s gonna hurt you more
than it helps you that’s one of things I like about the way that SocialBee has implemented
it because I do think that this evergreen concept is important and there is value to
it I think that most people implemented the wrong way and that’s why some people get that
experience that I just described where it’s become kind of a turnoff so I am going to
be implementing SocialBee but I’m going to do it very very methodically and very carefully
so that I’m only share about sharing just for the sake of sharing I am sharing stuff
that is relevant is valuable I just don’t have them the time to remember to put it out
there regularly even though it’s going to value be of value to people so that’s all
I gotta say about that this is SocialBee I think it’s great I recommended I think is
a great value I think when you go in and you see the polishing behind the app your to be
very impressed right now if you want to get it just visit or you
can visit the link in the video description down below I want to actually though hear
from you your opinions and your perspective on this concept of this evergreen posting
do you think it’s a valuable strategy a valuable concept to you and what you’re doing and is
it something that you would consider implementing in your business or if you have or use any
of his other tools just go ahead and share that information down below in the comment
section 8 thank you for watching this video and I will see you in the next one

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  18. Thank you so much for this video! Social Be was recommended via my group and watching an unbiased tech video first got me sold. Social networking had been a huge drain on my time. I recently installed Plann for Instagram and then saw Socialbee…bye bye Plann! I'll take my time setting it up. The one thing I don't recall you mentioning is videos and U-tube. Does it share video to Facebook and U-tube? Thank you so much. Sharron in Brisbane, Australia!

  19. Just used your link to buy something.. again! You'd be getting me bankrupt if all these tips didn't keep panning out so well. So thank again Adam, cheers 😉

  20. Another great video that convinced me to buy. Though I have an Appsumo account, I usually buy from your link, because I want you to benefit from the great work that you do (and keep doing it)…
    I have a question, though: I understand that you use it for your own business, but since I'm a web developer, I'd like to know if it is possible to add client account (I understand that I'll have to manage it myself)? If it is, I will probably buy the upgrade to 25 accounts…

  21. I am excited to try this app. Your overview sold me. I am currently using Social Oomph but find it cumbersome. and Heaven help you if you have questions! I have heard that Agorapulse is terrific but who can pass up a $47 one time fee.

  22. Thanks Adam i get this from your link everything counts! thank so much for what you do, whenever you try to do something like to be betrer WP Consultant count me in like the WP Elevate Blueprint… is really interesting just growing on the web design business thanks again for your work.

  23. adam- doesthis do contentgenereation lie missingletr? i boughtML, but am wondering if it would be an ok next buy ifialready haveML?

  24. Thanks, Adam

    When the Edge tab/function is complete, will they offer a dashboard with detailed engagement for each channel? Thanks in advance!

  25. This seems like a great concept, but seems very Twitter focused. Having a visual brand I really rely on IG and Pinterest to pull in clients. Are there any plans to build out the growth and engagement sections for those platforms?

  26. Great job on the review Adam. Curious as what video editing software you use to share your screen with you in the corner

  27. Just sat through a webinar for SocialBee and wanted to circle back to this review. Great call on the deal. You haven't steered me wrong on any of your reviews. Thank you…

  28. Thanks for the video Adam, always find your insights very helpful. (Wish you could do a review like this for every AppSumo deal!) You mentioned that you would do a tutorial as well, where can I find that video?

  29. Thank you for this great video, Adam. I've been looking for a social media solution for evergreen scheduling, and this app looks like it may work for me. 👍

  30. Great video Adam and the product seems perfect for me to automate and distribute my blog content to various social media platforms. I am bummed I missed the AppSumo deal would you still recommend this for the monthly price? I'd probably only need the lowest level ($29/month) thanks.

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  33. I agree Content studio is a major bummer for me.
    Can you do a follow up video on your implementation of Social Bee? That would be awesome!!

  34. Hey Adam! You are really a great and helpful person on YouTube I have ever seen 🙏

    I have just purchased SocialBee following your link though I don't if you are going to get any cut for this or not as your video is almost a year old.

    Last time I purchased Userback by your recommendation and today as soon as I have seen SocialBee deal on AppSumo I literally searched your video on YouTube for this 😁

    Once I found your video it made feel so relax & I instantly determined to purchase this, then after watching your video, I have purchased this product because I have been in a need of this kind of tool for a long time.

    Thank you very much for your awesome & helpful videos and I really mean it 😇

    Founder of Nixupken

  35. Great explanation SOCIALBEE app… Saw this on AppSumo and for $49.00 lifetime seems like a good deal. I always think I would love to have someone do it all for me but then that takes away "ME" and my value. But to be able to do one post and quickly post to to all social media across the board and schedule it is an awesome start. Txs for heads up in this video. Very thorough walk thru of the SocialBee app.

  36. Great news, Adam…this deal is on again so I clicked through to it from your link so you will get credit for it. Thanks again for all you do for our geeky community! (big hugs)

  37. How many different clients can I have on one account? I just picked up the LTD and want to use it for clients. Right now I have three clients and want to manage their social presence. Can I manage all three of them from this one account? Or, do I need to buy an LTD for each client?

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