Social Sourcing/Recruiting Strategies [How To Guide]
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Social Sourcing/Recruiting Strategies [How To Guide]

Hey what’s happening guys, this is Gabe Villamizar, Social Media Marketing Manager at HireVue First of all, thank you so much
for joining us for first ever time incited that’s we’re
really excited that you’ll are able to join us whether
it’s a livor in our on-demand later and that this is the first-ever its kind
no I remember thinking about this with the marketing team over I’ll what we’re gonna be doing our
around this time a year early on and we want to do something
that was unique something that has never done before without water which organizing grab the
top recruiting and talent thought leaders and make a massive
online event that’s free and how they’re a lot of good quality
content so please guys have been enjoying sessions a very hurt and that state told
me and it now I’ll White Castle sessions later on
demand anyway enough said an upset about that are I could say
where talk about how to find and nurture top talent on
LinkedIn and Twitter and getting questions comments concerns
or whatever I had find me on twitter at beams are can so before move on LinkedIn and
Twitter user by far the largest professional
networks specifically LinkedIn you know the large
professional social network and and mean you’re not playing time
there you nurture talent than are not where you been hiding by I
Twitter every time I bring up Twitter a lot of
people are scared are scared throughout diving Twitter
bernhard we don’t know how to find countdown all but there’s a lot to low heel for a lot
or candidates that specially Millennials that live on
Twitter either to complain about something to talk to their friends about your day or consume media consume
content cetera I mean so let’s start with a bit more to
LinkedIn and Twitter specifically how you can find talent a little bit
about me again this is a I’m Gideon is are to the
left the guy hat on wherever I go I wear hat because
by take up my heart people don’t recognize
me so if you sing at a conference on say hey whats up Gabe I i know i sire
webinar some are whatever this is called hound and then to the right is that are
cómo Kevin rasco he’s a stud and read their that’s the heart hired
local right behind us and like I mentioned earlier my twitter
handle it is at KBM is our and that please follow
the conversation and continue the conversation where hatchback talent insights should be a lot of people actually the
lobby sorry been are people who are tweeting and at adding a lot of good
content to that case summer my background I do a lot or
the new social media marketing for the past five years and that I started i’ve done an
internship with Southwest Airlines marketing at the consulting and some admin company you see here a
have either consulted or worked out for time an issue has we now know I’m now with higher so
idk what tricks are consulted and help them out a little
bit in fact some dot com that’s sad prior to joining higher view
I was there for close to two years I worked with cameras by in structure
and work there and your skin as well your
bilingual Department so let’s jump to it like I said social
recruiting on nurturing process so you can take a
screenshot of this worker taking notes this is Tom the
process that I’ve developed %uh how you can do social sourcing how what’s the best
way to find top talent and how to engage
with him in a non creepy way because with internet and social network you pretty
much find and get a whole the anybody literally
and kinda it’s kinda scary but that’s just the world we live in
there is no such thing as privacy sometimes I mean by default lot of the social
media sites I’m had all your information public unless you
know how to change it to private so I over the past five years right II in the social selling space in the
social recruiting I’ve developed you best practices and
methodologies that have get a lot of success in life a
lot of this stuff is work that’s what guess
we’re trying to say so I number one let optimized right so you before reaching out to talent before
you and find candidates that you want to attract
or engage with you have to optimize so we’re gonna go over how to optimize your LinkedIn and
Twitter profile then we’re gonna a diving tube research
how do you find what the candidates all about what
brands do they like what that word it like to
hang out means people all the social bread crumbs for all the social
behaviors you can make a more educated conversation he can be on the same page
with a candidate and you can talk the same language you
want to call it that so do your research before you reach out
to them can and then you engage case by optimizing
your profile and researching at the candidate when you engage your you’re not a
stalker your help you’re not a creeper and you’re not call
caller called emailing I mean that easiest way out and
whitewater Creek do this not get this out almost on a weekly basis I recruiter
Sens bien in mail okay somebody who have never heard her
somebody who I reno were they they are which company
it is and they want me to take out there
available job openings they want me to apply for XYZ job for
social media marketing job and I remember who they are and mean
they’re just wasting their time their way sooner in males and so there’s better ways to do this so
if you think by optimize your profile researching our
and engage in the right way which I’ll show you that you have a a lot higher chance of
committing the candidate in getting there interest to apply and you actually develop a relationship
at the end whether they apply right away I whether they’re an active or passive
candidate I have developed a relationship case your sooner or later that personal the
individual or candidate its gonna he or she may know someone who
might be a good fit for that position and they might give you a referral if
you develop a relationship or they might and neither company after a
few months or years et cetera so optimization I doing your research engaging at the right time in the right
place and then you’re asking to commit you see how I’d axe in part is that very and a lot of people go for the clothes if you want to call
it that go for the commit as step 1: so we’re kinda reversing the
whole process and and i’ve seen over the past you like a
set for five years a lot of success by doing this because it is just the way things are going now
a days it was so much data and information you can be authentic and you can I’ll
standout I do this process that now are people are
doing it the right way care so on let’s get to it so the rest my
presentation I’ll be kinda popping in and now twill I’m yet at the Twitter profile here and Lee and and LinkedIn profile so
let’s talk about optimization okay that’s step number one
so what King optimize right number one what you can
do is as you can see here have have edited
my background on LinkedIn make sure the
house something pure a recruiter or a or it a BP and HR some sorta recruiting manager make sure
that your background image on LinkedIn this place for company courtroom who you
are and what your company’s down sport its value so at Harborview our tagline
albeit or what we believe in is that everybody
has a story to tell okay so everybody has a story to tell come take
a hardened a common learn more initial call traction and what’s cool
about this that we made it so that everybody in our company we highly recommend if
they haven’t done it shirt that they have the same back ross we
have the same consistency of branding and messaging all throughout our social media networks
as company and as that a as a tool care so it’s the number-one edit your back
hurts that number to make sure that your name exactly what you’d go by so my full name
is Gabriel being His are and I don’t go biking April because I
sound like the no-name so I go by Kate beams are so
make sure that if your name is Robert but you go by Bob
make sure that you have popeye every single profile because when
you talk two candidates and you tell me over the phone or email
hey this is Bob and they go try to connect with you on
LinkedIn then in in your name dropper and told robber
but your by people by I your online by bopper vice versa they
won’t be able to find you case to make sure your name is I
recommend that you put the name that you go by on your actual name and you have gotten
consistently throughout all profiles up next thing that will be our that reckon I recommend trapped in my
eyes is your title so I know my pedals very long
but we’re trying to go for here is I wanna go and I he works are gonna
stand out to my car to audience sourcing some law system very
involved in in social selling social marketing I
wanna rank for these keywords both on Google
and on LinkedIn and whenever anybody comes
to my profile out left that message that I want to portray
that I’m on into social selling that I like social media marketing K
that that I’m into social audience so not I’m only kinda per train that
people come to my profile but I’m also a ranking produced words on
this on the serb or search had to resort cage
can whether it’s being or Google Art Center
so fine I said a combination works best and that
whilst make standout and back not I mean the least you could do is just put your
title so if I really didn’t want any effort into
this I would go and put it as at social media marketing manager at
Harborview but again everybody and although
majority in lincoln’s that users just do that so if you want to stand out
you want to track talent make sure your title I Scacchi stands
out and they’re really kinda portrays the
company’s values and message next to make sure that you up updated
that yours did stating you are where you
company is and your you have the right industry so
as you can see here there’s a lot of industries and a sea change
jobs a lot of people forget to change these industries to make sure your industry of
where you work tonight is up to date care and naps are moving on next thing to optimized is your linking
URL by default LinkedIn gives you I a bunch of weird characters and numbers and gashes et cetera as you’re linking
URL so what you have to do right is at quake on a little gear button and as you can
see here lets you edit and I highly recommend you
state your first name last name that you trying to rank for I’ll our people I’m may go by I don’t know blue teddy bear 22 or something like that and that maybe
that’s because they grew up be called that or whatever make sure again this is very
very important for ranking and and you can get more on you gonna get
down a lot easier by the Internet and by candidates
if you put your first and last name it that’s taking reverse in part last name first name if
that’s also taking try to insert your middle initial in between your first last name if
you’re Mike Jones good luck that’s prolly gonna be takin on bed maybe try to add the company that
you work with at the time que eso that is that for your LinkedIn profile URL care and then moving on right so I highly recommend that you post in use
the Lincoln publishing platform make sure that you are engaging and
creating unique content this can be a blog post
about your company’s scorcher or yet the values that your company or
the perks or why you should work at higher why you should work at ninety
et cetera make sure you realize our the publishing platform it whenever you
do a blog post our in this and publishing platform %uh
LinkedIn in our price: every single one for
connections and that has a lot of value so make sure you
do that add your summary your summary I like to
highly recommend that you write it in first interpersonal because what happens
is Google doesn’t know who I army s where asked if I say Gaby
images are has five years related work experience I’m trying to rank in communicating to
google that I and could be a bizarre okay so the more connect the dots
between my social media profiles and have seen Burbage the higher end for the specific keywords
a lot of people say will gape sounds ridiculous and why we talking up
yourself in 3rd person what all about riding or angle are you
trying to rank higher on Google LinkedIn other networks on by
being be are will be a bizarre or the person who
you are if that’s the case which I can see why
you wouldn’t wanna write for your for search said keywords make sure you
have that consistency so I have bbm is our at the very top happy being is our here
and my summary and things like that so make sure you at carefully craft all this and then at these are rich media types it that maybe they have to do stuff with your
company or your blog were cool video stuff that’s an
attractive candidate can again skills and endorsements is
very huge I mean my goal is that when people come to my
profile that the people know while Gates very rigid at all the skills so the same you want the talent that you
attract and Canada’s to come here and really look up to to US a thought
leader as a recruiter so that he or she may want to walk talk
to you and can and start a conversation and felt a conversation now something I recommend if you have a
lot of endorsements and people have endorsed you move this
to the top work towards the top I think I D for this goes all the way to
the bottom but are making group Creek click on this drag it back
for on and again add rich media text it each position it
makes it not boring okay so you don’t want this to be a
resume so the Kandinsky get super bored about just growing this
mean they’re probably not gonna read everything but they’re gonna scroll and
the more videos and images and things like that they see it can be very pleasing to
the eye and its gonna get their attention can so not showing on I’m cruising
through all this that’s very brief overview of how you
optimize your LinkedIn profile place now let’s go ahead and talk about
how you optimize your Twitter profile so my girlfriend
here ban Martinez BP and HR he retired view on as a very good example of how to
optimize your Twitter profile so as you can see here again we’re
talking about he’s talking about himself in the third
person case again the crawl to go crawl across from left to right and Iskandar want went to come is it
scans at BAM Aquino put a profile its gonna read ban
Martinez so he’s communicating the Google that he is
the ban Martinez the closer the key word is to the top left and over the paragraph hired in
a rank if you have relevant content relevant content slider triggers but this is one about so again he’s
trying to rank for Ben Martinez I mean there’s a lot of them are teens but yes
higher chance doing so on and then make sure you put the title
media HR and then tagged pic the company you work
for very very important I lighter get s social SEO and describe
herself in a few words so he’s a writer blogger speaker and was
curious about social selling recruiting you nation and social selling a podcaster so I
recommend doing 223 hash tags in your bio and again tightening the company you work
with or an organization you associate yourself with but I adding
hot sexy get you’re more likely to be found by other
people and it shows that you know what you’re talking about so that’s how I optimize your bio on
Twitter make sure you put where your side your
work your location and your company this is huge huge huge you to put your on your company page
here or you can pick your LinkedIn profile or
in this instance which is perfect this also band put his
personal website which is very much in a stock of care
the next thing to optimize it make sure you added call back running it again it
shows personality shows that your real you not a robot and egos very very far and that crap a size more than have a
good headshot you mean going back to to Lincoln here sure that people recognize units and up to the
headshot mean there’s nothing worse than you’re
walking somewhere and then you start talking that person happens to
be someone who you saw yesterday but they look nobody like that person here twitter linkedin
profile because their pictures outdated or its weird art blurry or its crop
where direct its expanded where so I make sure you take a
professional headshot and you know that was very far in speaks for
itself so on moving I so again that’s a optimized
your LinkedIn profile ness I optimize your Twitter profile so once you do that
we’re going through our research on stage so once you’ve identified a few
people who you would like to on do some
research before before engaging with them West are here
on Twitter since right here so let’s say com I’m looking at John grow to get and John greta is that potential candidate
I’m sure you guys have strategies already how to find on these people were
identified these people either through on LinkedIn fuse link the
recruiter or you let’s say you wanna seeing fine passive candidates on 5 stopper
companies are close to use identify who those are I’m not gonna go too much into that
someone should a few other tactics here on LinkedIn and Twitter on and a
few other three parked free plugins that make it very easy to find
information about people by I’m you’re not familiar with how to do this
out when people go to the week in advance search and play around
with this and that we can find a lot of people and passive direct the candidates who be
a good fit for the job that you’re at trying to
fill but let’s go back into how to find people on I try to research
people on Twitter so the same try I found out who they are
linked and and I found them also on Twitter so what’s gonna happen here is there’s that there’s three plugins
that I recommends Quantum’s 360 social plugin so this is that it’s a Google Chrome
plugin and its awesome because taken it helps
you see a 360 degree be you of that person’s social identity and at least two with anything that’s
related to that person let me show you what that looks like so once you install
this free chrome plugin what’s going to happen is
he going to have this little pop-up sure to the right and 12 when you click on it Gaucher one
more time once you install it again that little
MSN wanna be MSN Messenger guy comes up here to the right some clicking on John grow together K so this is what this information it gives me in this is
awesome okay so it tells me you where John is in Salt
Lake City it gives me his email 1k take that out getting his mobile so somehow it search through databases and he was able
to panned and have a correlation that John grow to get you know it’s this one
congregants mobile is this one and then it tells me how many LinkedIn
connections he has great kinda gives you like this Kool Vue everything that you need to
know about John it tells me his Twitter followers which
I cannot see that over here it says in his Klout score which is huge
that tells me that John is acted on social media and what
he talks about so if I really want to engage with John
I’m I wanna talk about business or conservative politics engineering internet marketing job
interviews et cetera I shows me that he has I can find out more about him about me
dot com yours is Google+ profile here’s his YouTube channel are photo
sugar good reads hired me to calm in the nation so look at her all this information that I
kid educate myself with before I reach out and tweet to John or before I have senator Lincoln message
so this is doing your research right now if you don’t like this one or
another option they could do right is one caught connect to fire okay this is connected ir see if I can
find that and it’s a similar concept right it gives me
kind of a snapshot everything about John grow to get his email on is different actual he knows that he’s
had in the past week really pass his phone number his LinkedIn and Twitter is About Me
page Google+ and any website that he’s been featured
on lately so maybe act which had to jet to on John
say hey John you’ll notice that you on work featured here that you get a block was here you know
that’s that’s doing a research on so okay here disconnect the fire this
is how you spell can act and then I F IDRC Google that again it’s a Google Chrome extension
it’s great can and you can also these plugins also
work on LinkedIn as well so if the sick go
back to my profile and I’m somebody’s profile you can you
can see the little pop-ups here and it shows in see this
one’s analyzing myself right here so you’re so the that he’s both I these Chrome extensions
work both for a Twitter and LinkedIn and the third Chrome extension just in
case which is one of the coolest ones ever
its it’s called the are rifle crowd share by I rifle and what’s awesome about this one is studies
job you searched Twitter behavior so this tells me that Ben
Martinez has a class for 56 here and there
somehow found out olive his are social profiles it tells me how many tweets per day
worry treaty does per day how many favorites he does what hash tag is I band tweaking the most and what’s a mentions or who’s he talking to the
most and then what you or else he uses the
most recent recession and how many tweets per day six to eight
today so bench pretty active on Twitter so maybe it’s a good opportunity for me
to reach out to to ban via Twitter to get his attention instead of the
traditional email or phone call and he says buffer or Twitter
for iPhone TweetDeck to tweet so a extension is very good for Twitter only
but it gives you a very comprehensive snapshot and detailed analysis up any use urs at social behaviors and
dirty cat so that some I I know I’m going really fast but that’s
%uh some other thing they could do about research to the next step is engaging
right so once you’ve been gauge with the right
person and he found the person you want to engage and the way you engage ready to go back
to my slides here on me launch this real quick okay so I’m before you engage you wanna have a
social content strategy you wanna be posting not just your job openings and things
like that there whether it’s on Twitter and LinkedIn for sample II recommended
311 posts in strategy worked for 11 so for example your first we or your
first a LinkedIn post make sure it’s about on somebody else so third party content
for higher view we like to tweak or to a post about our
partners either greenhouse or cornerstone or work day what we talk
about we talk about the industry news or we share blogs or website a case that’s
the my first post or he’s a con tonight week that
share right weather on LinkedIn and Twitter in
a given day the second ones also going to be a third party content again a the third one is also gonna be
there now the fourth one it’s gonna be a job
opening that I’m trying to fill it may be a talk
about my company the coculture blogger by okay research case study about our company or
about what we do attire view and maybe even sure Katie
content to capture candidates cetera and the next one can be personal content
so selfie take a picture your friends and
family are people at the office I and make a very personal so cannabis
can relate to you so if you have a constant strategies
such as this one when you reach out to you engage with candidate they’re gonna see that commune I just
posting talking about yourself 24/7 case there nothing worse than what’s up
he reaches out to you you probably don’t know and you go back
to your Twitter profile or you go back to their LinkedIn profile and all they’re doing is just posting me
me me stuff okay so that’s a this huge turnoff make
sure that you you have content that you’re educating
and that you’re actually an arsonist comes across you come across
as a thought leader or just have educational content to
attract talent and so they can see wow this person really does her homework
they know you’re talking about care and down so whatever content my you share to engage with the
candidate I images are great you know infographics
quotes motivational means cetera on videos are even better
because they retracted and IR videos with their two minutes or
less a slight shares in characters just don’t state two words and
characters all the time that’s the easiest thing to do to engage so on on Twitter right how can you
engage with a candidate so let’s say I kid favorites one other
tweets to get their attention whenever you favor that they get
notified I’m under on their cell phone our desktop on your
email you my one you can read tweet any other on retweet
right don’t overdo it many comes across that
you’re trying too hard you can maybe reply: say great on tweet John thanks for sharing so if you find an article at cannes is
sharing insist I love this this Tweet thanks for
sharing cetera K on okay so you get I hope you get that sense
here how to engage on Twitter and LinkedIn
once you connect with them make sure you when you connect with them
use a personalized message but once you connect on makes you can
like their comments he can on brief share reply and the things that nature so that you
on get their attention and that you bill
that relationship on LinkedIn as well okay so those are a
few strategies how to engage began running added time
here but then after you’ve done all those things then you are go for the clothes or go
for the committee k try to and go back to the slide after you do that I hope that you guys
are asking them to commit I invite you or to commit last go for the clothes so at
your ticket conversation of lying that that should be our number one goal
or on either via email or phone and as you can
see here this whole process is reversed and by
doing this you gonna get highly more qualified candidates in your
contacts race you’re going to increasingly get I and develop strong relationships and
that so far this has been working great so I
let me know if you have any questions again a its at KBM is our bet you feel I have any questions or like me
send you some more on PDF for everything I’ve spoken to I know
I was all over the place they are OP to dance they’re very educational PDF at
we at me it’s like I said at KBM is our and with the hash tag time insects so
that’s a gas thank you so much for joining in and they’re learning about social
sourcing or social recruiting sick for that stick out for the next
session and that talk to you soon have gone

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