Social networking sites have educational benefits
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Social networking sites have educational benefits

Well I think one thing were learning is that
theres quite a lot of good things that are going on in social networking sites that really are
not getting talked about in the popular media, and so our study is really trying to
look at what are some of those things and then how can we help students teachers
and parents think about these sites in a way that can actually be beneficial. I think definitely you see these
sites really helping foster creativity and communication in kids. The kids are telling us that these sites really
encourage them to express their opinions, thoughts and emotions in very creative ways. Like, you see kids that might have an interest
in video editing, they learn a little bit about it in school, and then because
something sparks their interest they end up creating a video, circulating it on their
myspace pages, people find out about it, they get all kinds of feedback on it and
before you know theyve promoted themselves and the issue they care about
through this myspace community. I think Ive also heard a lot of
students talk about how its helping them with their communication skills, so students
who say its really hard for them to kind of express themselves in writing have
found blogs as a way to share their poetry or talk about their ideas with other
students and because they get comments on it from friends they trust that
encourages them to write even more. Contrary to popular belief we
find, were finding that students from low income families
are actually very connected. That they are students who are finding ways to
connect to the internet pretty much every day, and often times these students, people
dont usually think of them this way, but they do have a computer at home,
sometimes its a family owned computer connected to the internet, sometimes its a laptop, and
theyre using internet just like everyone else, so I think they are very
connected technologically and I also think theyre pretty savvy. So again, because most of them
are going to their myspace, predominately Myspace account every day, they
are practicing these technological fluencies that we want them to develop and theyre taking
just the little bit of instruction they get in school like how to use Adobe Photoshop like
some other skills youd want students to develop and then because theye interested
in what they are doing on Myspace they are practicing
those skills and going even further. There are some cautions that the kids
themselves have identified and one of them being that myspace can be a distraction away from
other things they really have to do like work and school and so I think for parents and
teachers just talking about time management and how to use Myspace as an
effective study break rather than, you know, get on there to long. I also you know, have heard them talk about
thinking about privacy issues and trust issues in such big online communities,
Myspace is a global community. So the students have said maybe being able
to talk to parents and teachers about how to stay safe, how to be a responsible user of
the internet or what we all a Digital Citizen, would be conversations that they would
welcome that would really help them. Ive had several students talk to me
about how theyve actually used myspace for what it was intended to do, which is
network, so when we talk to students who are in their senior year of high school and theyre
trying to apply to college and get admitted to college and decide where they want to
go and several of them have said to me that through Myspace and Facebook they were
able to make a good college decision and network with other teens in colleges across the
country that they never could afford to visit or even talk on the phone, but just find
out more about what college and maybe major and career is a good fit for them
by networking through these sites and I think thats a whole really untalked
about use of Myspace and Facebook that we as educators could help students
realize and do effectively.

21 thoughts on “Social networking sites have educational benefits

  1. Remember in 1995 when chatting on AOL and emailing with hotmail was thought of as anti-social by the socialites? But Internet natives just thought, well whatever, they don't know what they're talking about, and are really missing out.
    Looks like digital communication is socially acceptable and even educational now that everyone over 40 has discovered Facebook.
    Still I'd say, for high schoolers, the risks of Myspace outweigh the benefits. Lets be discerning here.

  2. Hello, I am an 8th grader doing a speech on what benefits social networking sites like Facebook provide, and this helped me quite a lot. Thanks for posting this to YouTube.

  3. thank you for giving us an information that social networking has also a good and positive benefit.

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  8. It is safe to say that you get a lot of educational benefits from every single thing that you do. It is just highlighted in social media because information is readily available. Facebook can be a good source of information if you have friends that share a lot of good reads instead of their own personal rants.

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