Social Networking in Plain English
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Social Networking in Plain English

Networks get things done. Whether it’s sending a letter or lighting
your home. Networks make it happen. To get from Chicago to Santa Fe, we need to
see the network of roads that will get us there. We see that Chicago is connected to St Louis,
which is connected to Dallas, which is connected to Santa Fe. Of course, people networks can help us with
finding jobs, meeting new friends, and finding partners. You know how it works. Bob is your friend, he knows Sally, and Sally’s
friend Joe has a job for you. This is a network of people – a social network. Yaaay! The problem with social networks in the real
world is that most of the connections between people are hidden. Your network may have huge potential, but
it’s only as valuable as the people and connections that you can see. Boooo! This problem is being solved by a type of
web site called a social networking site. These websites help you see connections that
are hidden in the real world. Here’s how it works. You sign up for a free account and fill out
your profile. Then, you look for people you know. When you find someone, you click a button
that says, “Add as Friend”. Once you do this, you and that person have
a connection on the website that others can see. They are a member of your network, and you
are a member of theirs. What’s really cool, is that you can see who
your friends know, and who your friends’ friends know. You’re no longer a stranger, so you can contact
them more easily. This solves a real world problem because your
network has hidden opportunities. Social networking sites make these connections
between people visible. Like a map for a highway, they can show you
the people network that can help you get to your next destination, whether it’s a job,
a new partner, or a great place to live. Your network is suddenly more useful.

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