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How companies use Social Media to engage customers? Social Media is a term to describe the communication
between groups and individuals. People produce, share, and sometimes exchange ideas over the
social media. Everyone is using social media nowadays; we
are all known that SNS (refers to a Social Networking System) is a part of our everyday
lives. it is the one of the fastest and lowest cost customer engagements for the companies. The numbers of active SNS users are still
increasing every year. The leading social networks such as Facebook provide multiple
languages for the users in all over the world. According to The Statistics, in
2012, more than 1.4 billion Internet users accessed social networks and these figures
are still expected to grow as mobile device usage & mobile social networks increasingly
gain traction. As a result, the impact of SNS on customers is significant. SNS is playing an important role in customer
engagement as well. Many brands have followed the consumer and also established their SNS
platforms in Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and so on.
More and more companies are investing their funds to SNS campaigns, and also attempt to
grow their online fan base. The companies are trying to establish their
brand value with their customers individually. The best brands use SNS as an opportunity
to build a community by engaging their audience. They do not simply updates social media to
keep the audience attracted, but they are also tiring to create customer worthy content. So, How does the company engage their customers
with Social Media? The customer has big power in Social Media.
It is important to understand who is your customer, and what they want to hear before
you start making strategy. By using Social Media, the company is able to know their customer
inside and out. Therefore, they can build a long-term relationship that encourages loyalty
and increases revenue. There are 3 basic steps to create a good customer engagement in Social Media: Step1: Know and study about your customer
According to Sales force survey, 70 percent of Marketers in US are going to increase social
media advertising, including mobile ads on. Therefore, the key element of engaging the
customer effectively is to create relevant Social Media story. The customer sees a lot
of advertisings everyday, they will not spend their time on the information which not important
for them. To create opportunities to engage your customers,
you can start from read all the comments on the company’s Facebook page. Set up a keyword
or hashtag monitoring stream, and see what your customers are saying about your company,
your industry and the competitors. The research will give you insight into what the customer’s
demographic is thinking, feeling and also their trends. Step 2: get closer to customers emotionality
The emotional bond with the customer is playing an important role for the company. According
to, when the people have strong emotional bonds with the company, the chance
of positive recommend and become your customer will be increase to 300%. To drive a successful
social media interactions should be personal, genuine, and relevant.
Here is an example how a company engages their target customers emotionally on SNS: Captain Crunch is an American cereal mascot
with cult status; it has a huge audience base spanning generations.
The brand wanted to find a way to engage with men in their 20s and 30s, who often eat the
cereal as a snack. The brand uses Twitter to react directly with
their targets; Captain Crunch replied them with hilarious, unique and surprising ways.
The tweets captured their fans and Captain Crunch became the Twitter trending topics.
When #ThreeWordsSheWantsToHear was trending last year in USA, the Captain Crunch replied
with an amusing way. Captain tweets were drawing even more followers.
the most popular response tweet received 558 retweets and 210 favorites. The controversy
resulted in more than 689 million mainstream media impressions and roughly 170 million
social media impressions within just one month with zero paid media. Step3: Listen carefully to the customer
After you crate a good strategy based on the customer research, only keep sending your
messages are not the best way to engage the customer emotionally. The customer will not
be loyal to you, if you keep responding wrong way to them. While you are telling your company
story on Social Media, you need to show concern by listening to your customers.
Make a welcome feeling to the customers, and do not hasted to listing your costumers say
negative feedbacks about the company. To listing all positive and negative feedbacks
can help you address problems in a well manner. After you familiarize the company with the
Social Media engagement problems, you are able to adjust the engagement strategies and
tools. To learn more about customer engagement, please
visit our Website

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