Social Network Integrated – NetEase Minecraft Chinese Pocket Edition (网易我的世界手游) Review (MCPE)
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Social Network Integrated – NetEase Minecraft Chinese Pocket Edition (网易我的世界手游) Review (MCPE)

In 2017, NetEase released Minecraft as 我的世界
for Chinese, not only on PC, but also on the phone. Last video, I mentioned I will make a PE video. And there you go. [Music] But, before we continue, we need to know. How they treat the old PE players? PROMOTE A LOT! GET ON STOCK! REMOVE GLOBAL! 7 DOLLAR SKIN! FAIL BADLY
[Bleep] For the iOS version, I can download directly
from the App Store. For the Android version, if you want to play
the official Minecraft, you have to go to NetEase website to download it. If you downloaded the official version, you
will get a pop-up telling you to login with your NetEase account. If you are too lazy, just downloaded from
your built-in App Store or something that is not official, you will not be able to login
with your NetEase account. The same as PC, if you are online, you will
get a force update. [Music] So how about offline gaming? [Yelling] [Explosion] Hello? Anyone here? I am still alive! Oh it’s time to play some Minecraft PE I think. [Music] And now you can see, our map created before is here. [Music] So in offline gaming, it is great. After finishing the update, we will get into the mainpage of the game. But you can see. IS THIS MINECRAFT? There are five tabs in total. The first tab is about something like Facebook…
or Faceblock? For example, there are comments section. You can comment to the post. However I can’t see what I type. So what I am typing, I don’t know, I have
to check it again and again. Nice job, NetEase. Besides, you can like to the post, or repost
the post. Of course, you can delete your posts. You can also send the posts by your self,
just like the ehh… You know, Faceblock. You can select photos, and type something,
then post it out. You can even send a screenshot in-game with
one click. The second tab is about Friends. The importance of friends in Chinese PE is
shown on the official promotion. This is the friends list. You can click on a guy and look at his/her
posts. And also send private message. There are also official accounts you can follow,
err… if you want to add friends, oh no, that’s impossible. You can also join the multiplayer by clicking
on the specific message, but that guy should be hosting a room. And actually after I recorded this, they updated
something about friend system to combine PC and PE’s friends list. So there comes a question. If you are too lazy, just downloaded from
your built-in App Store or something that is not official, you will not be able to login
with your NetEase account. [Hyper distorted sad violin] The next tab is the main page. Singleplayer, multiplayer, realms server and
resource download center go from here. There is a recent part where you can launch
your last played map quickly. Let’s go to the resource center, because why
not? Featuring textures and maps are shown here. This is the category. Let’s take a look at the map first. So you can see there are lots of maps you
can download. This map costs me 200 emeralds. And sometimes your downloaded map does not
even work properly. By the way if you logging in with the NetEase
account, you can sync your emeralds and diamonds between PC and PE. [Hyper distorted sad violin] Let’s join the realms. I random joined a public server. As soon as we loaded, my first thought was… Is this server has walked through by the grievers? I joined another server, but got the same
result. [Music] 2000 years later Let’s check the version, but it said you are
not allowed to use this command. Why not build own one? [Music] [My Heart Will Go On Flute] Stop the [Bleep] realms server! On the top left of the page, you can see the
Steve with… [MLG] Actually is the place to edit your skins in game. [My Heart Will Go On Flute] But now, you can set your custom PNG skin from your gallery. [Music] By the way, you can’t set 32×64 skins for that. [Music] Let’s see if it will work in the multiplayer. I go to rebuild my realms, then start the
game. Then on the other side, I join the realms
with another account. As you can see, my custom skin on my iOS device
is able to see. But when we switch to the Android, I am Steve
again, so it is just client-side only. The only way to show skins in multiplayer
is to rent skin for 30 days. The fourth tab is the community, which works
like a small Minecraft Forum. You can see the posts they post here, and
comment, or just upvote. 5 sub-forum are included: News, Minecraft
Discussion, Suggestion, Walkthrough and Video. All videos should be uploaded at CC broadcasting,
which is NetEase’s website. “Me, the broadcaster, 18 years old now.” [Music] And the last tab. You can claim the daily rewards here. And some limited activities. What I think is really useful is the last
one. It names the game genius. You can ask it for some useful tips and tricks
of Minecraft PE. So that’s about the Chinese PE. How do you think about it? Let me know in the comments below, or just
tell me what videos you want to watch in the future. Like for like, dislike for dislike, maybe
you can consider clicking the subscribe button down below. And also, I wish you all guys have a happy
new year. See you in 2018.

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  1. Pretty cool but pay to win it took me a day to set up a China iOS account I wanted to try it and it took me a long time to some how make a account but this would not be a problem if you were in China I got 30 ping with is crazy because I’m basically on the other side of earth

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