Social Media Tools – 7 Content Creation Tools
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Social Media Tools – 7 Content Creation Tools

25 thoughts on “Social Media Tools – 7 Content Creation Tools

  1. Thanks so much for these tips! Watched the webinar on itsjudyslife. I am from Australia & used to be a pastor pre 3 kids so now looking at starting a mommy channel that is more motivationally orientated so found it really helpful.

  2. Very helpful video Sean – you're doing a great job. Curious if you've done "how to's" on how to set up a vlog and/or blog? I'll be taking a missionary trip to Cambodia in January and would love to capture content and tell stories of what I've experienced. Looking forward to your next vid. 

  3. We had the Toshiba and it was great for editing and gaming, and then moved to the MSI gaming computer for editing, but I would not recommend MSI because of their terrible customer service. I am a PC person as well, but I've heard that Macs are better for video editing. I'd like to have a few of the iMovie options myself. What software do you use for video editing? I like the Sony RX100 – we both use them. Honestly, I'd have to say it is the absolute best. What settings do you use for vlogging with it? I would LOVE to find a video mode that smooths the skin. It really is way too HD for my face lol!! We use movie mode atm for video. Do you know of an option on there for video? I found one for pictures, but not movie.

  4. Hi TMTV! I just found your channel and, BOY, you are a man who is prepared and I'm impressed! How long have you been into electronics?
    I do have a tech question, I have a Canon Rebel T5i and when I make a short video on it (9 minutes or less) and try to put it on youtube, the file is too big. How do I on the camera record in a smaller file size for easy upload to youtube? Thanks.

  5. wow amazing quality camera thank you. I have not use an actual cam for a few years now hence wasn't even following the tech development. Bad bad anna! 😀 Quick question, when shooting can you actually see yourself? 

  6. Hey Sean, I love the videos you guy make! So much great content and great ideas, thanks for the work you do!!

    Where do you get those social media lower third overlays?

  7. At the end of the video during the shot of Rosie a side bar popped up with a list of products that were mentioned in the video with prices. How did you do that?

  8. Hey Sean great video! I wanted to add our video content creation tool to your list . We aim to help social media marketers easily and efficiently create video content online. Thanks, feel free to try it out and let me know what you think!

  9. Sean, how in the world did I just find out you had your own channel? Seriously. lol I watch you and Benji on Video Influencers, but had no idea about your channel. Your tips have seriously helped me kick start my channel in the two months that I've had it. Thank you so much for your awesome tips and content!

  10. A smart[hone and a computer as content creation tools? I've learnt so much. thank you. Most definitely worthwhile :/

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