Social Media Tool TweetDeck HootSuite to promote your products or services
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Social Media Tool TweetDeck HootSuite to promote your products or services

I will show you great Twitter tools to schedule tweets in advance and make your tweet activity to analyze. You still can use simple analyze tool called ‘Twitter Analytics’ ( to see tweet activity. Let’s start Hootsuite first. HootSuite is the popular social media platform that you have a tool design to make your activity manageable, measurable and productive to organize your social accounts into a single customizable dashboard. integration with the networks and applications you use everyday. You save time to schedule tweets. You can sign up Hootsuite for free up to 3 social media accounts to link. We have been using HootSuite since 2012. When our tweets exceeded of maximize 50 schedule tweets in TweetDeck. This is our HootSuite Dashboard, There is a toolbar on the left side, click on ‘Publisher’ to see our scheduled tweets. Here you can see our 3 twitter accounts. Move your mouse pointer into the tweet box, Type your tweet here. create Hush tag, adding product URL uploading images from here. You can make your long product URL shorten here too. You don’t have to use BitLy to shorten the URL. You can see by Week, Month when you upgrade it to Pro version. But you still can see past scheduled tweets by month in Free version. If you tweet less than 50 a week or two, TweetDeck is great tool to schedule your tweet. TweetDeck was created in 2008. 3 years later, Twitter acquired TweetDeck. We have been using TweetDeck since 2010. Here is our TweetDeck Dashboard There is a tool bar on the left side, click on new tweet icon to open types your tweets in the box. Including Hush tags, adding product URL, uploading images from here. and schedule your date and time and click on ‘Tweet’. Both are pretty easy to manage social media account tool. That’s it for this lecture. Happy Promoting! (^-^)

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