Social Media Strategy | Which platform should your business be on?
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Social Media Strategy | Which platform should your business be on?

Hey guys welcome back to Just The Tips with
Trena where I provide you a one minute tip for your business that you can take action
on today. Today I actually have a good friend of mine
Rachel, from here to share with you her tips on how to chose the right
social media platform for your business so you’re not struggling with trying to conquer
all the social media out there. So take it away Rachel. There are two things you should keep in mind
when choosing a social media platform to use for your business and I’m going to share
them with you today. Tip number one, you want to make sure you
are using the platforms your audience is actively using because you want to make sure you are
actively using and building your presence on the platforms they’re also using. If you spend your time building a presence
on the platforms they aren’t on, they’re not going to find you. It’s not going to
be a way to help you build your business, to send traffic back to your website, its
not going to help you find those clients or customers. So you want to consider why they’re spending
their time online and invest the time and energy in those platforms. Tip number two, use the platforms that feel
good to you. Which platforms to do enjoy the most? Which platforms come naturally to you?
You want to make sure that you are using those because those are going to be your opportunity
to shine. You’re really going to stand out on those platforms because they just click
with you. It just works. Because after all, everything you do in your
business should feel good. It should feel fulfilling to you. You should enjoy it. What everyone needs to remember is that even
though there is so many social media platforms available today, you don’t need to be everywhere
online. You don’t need to invest the time and energy on every single platform. If you
try to do that you’re just going to feel over whelmed. You’re going to feel burnt
out. And odds are your probably not going to at your best on each and every single one
of those platforms. And in the end its much better to be on, let’s say, two or three
platforms and do them really well then it is to be on five or six platforms and do a
crappy job at them. So narrow down social media platforms that
you use. Keep those two tips in mind. Figure out where your audience is spending their
time and figure out which platforms you really shine on and invest the time and energy into
those platforms. You don’t need to be everywhere, you just need to do an amazing job on a few
platforms if you really want to get results and that’s key. So keep that in mind and you are sure to find
social media success. Those are some really great tips Rachel. I
know when I was starting out with my business I thought I had to be on all social media,
all the time, and it was very overwhelming and stressful. So it was really great to hear
Rachel’s tips. If you guys want o follow me on social media
I’m on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, you can check me out on all those platforms.
I will everything down below. Go check out Rachel her website will be down below and
all over her social media handles will be down there too. If you guys thought this video was helpful
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I have a lot of great resources there for you and I have a brand new ecourse that really
focuses on how you can start creating effective video content for your business. Thanks for watching guys. Bye!

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