Social Media Strategies : Why Social Media Strategies is a must Today

Why Social Media Strategies Are a Must Today
90% of people born before the year 2000 have at least one profile on a social network.
60% of those active users are about 25 years old. These users spend at least 6.5 hours
daily on a social network, compared to 1.5 [hours] on a search engine. With more than
800 million users on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, the business opportunities are limitless.
The advantage of being active in social media is that you can dominate the search engine
result page. You can achieve better ranking for your money-making website. Social media
for business is the space where you as a business would go, and establish yourself as being
the expert in your domain and in your niche. This is the place where you connect with people,
have a conversation, get introduced to new people, and offer solutions. Social media
is the space where you connect, converse, convince and convert people into loyal clients.
So diving simply into Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn and using them without any proper
training or knowledge, [not knowing] what are the goals and what are the strategies
that you want to follow as a business, is not acceptable. It is a necessity today that
you sit down with an expert in order to lay down the proper strategy that would serve
your company’s goals and your brand and your business objectives, and respect at the
same time your business regulations and policies. If you want to discuss in depth your social
media goals, or if you have any questions, please give us a call now and we can help

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