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Social media – short film

Social media – short film What are you doing? I’m just chilling I thought you asked me, I’m writing with you Haha, nice Goodnight beautiful Goodnight sweetie I want too see your beautiful face in real life, are you alone right now? Yes, why? Can I get a picture of you? Haha okay? Naked sweetie Oh… I don’t know… Please beautiful Okay then.. OMG! Have you seen the naked photo of that slut!? Disgusting! Have you seen the photo? Little whore! Her parents must be proud, omfg! What an attention whore! What the fuck is she doing!? Seriously she is so cheap! She makes me want to throw up! Ew, I have never seen anything that ugly! Seriously, who could even bang her? #slut Ew, what’s happening??? Omg seriously, why don’t she just kill herself hahaha!

11 thoughts on “Social media – short film

  1. Social Networks My Bullocks! 😉

  2. dit is gwn slecht voor je neem eens een frisse lucht man..nii normaal ik snap het social media is leukk maar als je er 24 uur op zt begint het voor mij anders wel saai te worden en word ik gwn ziek

  3. It's a good video.

    But the girl is clearly an idiot. Why would she send nudes in the first place? Shouldn't she know the consequences? For someone her age, she should've known. Didn't she know that people can use those pictures as an advantage to blackmail?

  4. I love it. This is so good. But, why the heck she want to do that shit? Oh god. It's very important for YA GIRLS. don't do that anything stupid like that, definitely with someone u doesn't even know in person (just know him/her from social medias). Don't let social medias ruining ur life. Much love from me ❤

  5. Cool film! New short film "ALT+erred" on my channel. Check it out! Please consider leaving feedback and subscribing ❤

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