Social Media Prank – Day 2
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Social Media Prank – Day 2

You find people by searching
their social media profiles– people in the area here. We do only ladies? Jack, her name is
Chubby Espagony. Shelby, Shelby. Shelby Palony. Your name is Shelby? Yes, my name is Shelby. That’s right. Yeah! And your last name
starts with an “S” as well, but I don’t
see that, but I know it starts with an “S.” Who are you? Hey guys, this is fun. We should do this every day. All right, start looking. Start looking, Chris. Okay I think I found someone. Are you talking about
Kristin because I just found somebody named
Kristin in a blue shirt. I can’t her name but
she’s a bartender. That’s a different person, then. Well I have no person–
Oh, Kristin is– So we have two people. We have two people in
the area right now, then. I’m going to go out, and
then start feeding me lines after you’ve learned
some stuff, okay? Oh my gosh. Her anniversary
with her boyfriend– It’s on your birthday. Unbelievable, that’s
like too good. Maybe show her your driver’s
license or something. Are you– Kristin? Are you Kristin? Yeah. Hi. Hi. I’m Jack. Hey Jack. Vale, Jack Vale. I was looking at you,
and I saw a date, which is actually my birthday. I can show you my
driver’s license. Watch this. This is really weird. See, my driver’s license. See my birthday on here? See that date, right there? Yeah. What is that? September 2. September 2. And I knew my
birthday, not the year, but the month and the
day, had some significance from like a year ago. September 2, is that right? Yeah, that’s when me and my
boyfriend started dating. Oh, okay, all right. There you go. That’s crazy. Isn’t that weird? Yeah. He looked at me, and he goes– Shut the [BLEEP] up. I swear to you. My buddy just looked at me and
he goes, why’d you say that? I’m like, I don’t know. And I turn around, and you
guys are looking at me. I was like that’s creepy because
that’s her first and last name, so that’s not even cool
that you just said Casey. That’s fine. But, Casey Lucas? Like, are you going to say
her first and last name and not know– That is so weird. No, I just like,
literally said it. First I thought Casey. Yeah, for no reason. That’s weird. I’m sorry. You’ll never guess my name. No, no, no. I can’t find her name. Yeah I will. No? I think she’s a bartender. I know you’re a bartender. Her name is Ali. She’s with her siblings. One on them– His name is Mitch,
and I think they’re– Yeah, they’re by lifeguard
tower number three. Hey are– Are you guys–
You guys look related. Yes. You all are? Yeah. Oh, no way. Do you guys believe
in psychics, at all? Kind off– I don’t know. I wonder if I can convince
you that I’m psychic. Okay, let’s see. You want to do an experiment? Yeah, absolutely. Who’s Mitch? Me. You’re Mitch. Yeah, what? That was weird. As soon as you said that, I’m
like, Mitch came to my mind. No way, no way. Where is there a
Mitch around here? Does your name
start with an “A?” This is weird. Yes. Yes? [LAUGHING] So, this is your sister? Yeah. Ali? What? Ali, I said. Hey, Audrey. How you doing? Hi, how are you? Good, how are you? I’m Jack. Hi, Jack. You told me I met you in Maui. Holy shit. Recently, or the time before? No, like a few weeks ago. Oh. Yeah. I have five kids, and
you said something like, you’re like the Brady
Bunch or someone like that. [COLLECTIVE CHATTER] Really? I was drunk all weekend. I could tell. Yeah. Earlier in the year,
the galley, what was it? Hey, hon, she was on a
roller coaster in Vegas. Where was it, Vegas? The roller coaster. Remember? And we talked
about it in Hawaii. We were talking about like how– Why are you stalking her, bro? Yeah, I know right. Where are you going right now? Me? I’m going that way. Why? Were you going that way
because she was that way? No, I’m going this way. You guys were coming this way. I was going this way. You want me to come with you? I’ll come with you? No, just kidding. Oh, okay. All right, all right. Well it was good seeing you. It’s good seeing you too again. All right, Audrey see you later. See you later. Keep doing all
that make up stuff. I will. All right. Really? Really. How did you find
us on Instagram? You guys posted you guys
at the beach, right here. We saw the lifeguard tower. We saw that it was on
this side of the pier. And we just came over and
started looking for you. That’s so weird. That is unreal. [LAUGHING] Oh my gosh. Because you commented on him. I was starting to get
a little freaked out. I was like, how does
he know all this stuff? There’s a video camera here. There’s a video
camera over there. So by the time we
found you on Instagram because you hash-tags
Huntington Beach or whatever it was, we
went to look for you guys, and we saw the umbrella. And by that time, I knew by the
make up, the roller coaster, Maui, all that stuff,
from Instagram. Okay, all right. That makes so much
more sense now. So you’re not psychic? I’m not psychic at all. I’m tripping out. [LAUGHING] Actually, we
got it all on Instagram. And you know what we’re
doing is we’re hash-tagging How are you going to guess
her first and last name? –we’re hashtagging
Huntington Beach. And we found you
guys through that. Look, look, look. There’s video cameras here. You know what’s funny, though? I was going to go up to Fred’s. Wait, wait, wait. Can we use the
clip for the show? Do you mind? Thank you so much. Let’s go, dude. Yeah. Yeah. Sorry, I just walked by
you and immediately like, the name Cody flashed
in my head, Cody. That’s my parents– It is? Yeah, that’s my
childhood dog, yeah. Shut up. You shut up. I’ve never even known
a dog named Cody. I know, Jack. That’s a silly name for a dog.

100 thoughts on “Social Media Prank – Day 2

  1. Somebody tell these women to put on some clothes!
    O you're causing men and women to lust after you! Know these people not the Word of God? A woman is not to dress immodestly!

  2. You learn something ppl from that film? Don't post everything from your life on fb etc. Ideal source of surveillance for everybody.

  3. dude do you have any idea .. with that anniversary that was my birthday toooooo okay im gonna subscribe and hit a like toooo

  4. What a b!tch in the white top, asking what way are you going. She instantly thinks you're trying to flirt with them, and tries to imply something all the while you're only having a laugh with them

  5. I think it is fucked, that no one is more worried about how easy it is to locate them.  Instead they are more worried about you being a psychic.  How dumb are fucking people these days!

  6. This is so darn funny. We need more laughter in our sad old world. Thanks for making me laugh and keep it up, your the best.

  7. And when you try to escape the future antichrist one world government and not take the mark, they will be able to find you wherever you are.

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