Social media network CEO: How Google censors my company
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Social media network CEO: How Google censors my company

100 thoughts on “Social media network CEO: How Google censors my company

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  3. This insolent furface banned people with anime avatars and now the shoe's on the other foot, cry me a river. Censorship for mee not for thee. Minds is every bit as bad as Google, only not as powerful.

  4. Google and Facebook are the new Pravda, They're following a left wing agenda that's main purpose is to manipulate and control thoughts and opinions. We need an independent news media.

  5. He didn’t answer Tuckers question. What will it be called? He diverted the question instead.

    (Edit: There are always ways to get round the complete censorship on the net, the only problem is that you need the guts to do it. (It’s not a safe route and it can lead you to a very dark place, if you are not carful))

  6. Start supporting to destroy all evil platforms like Google Facebook YouTube etc if you look at their leaders theyre so screwed up in their heads and it's employees deplorable robots!

  7. Google will kill itself. Too bad really, google was awesome in the past and now lost any credibility. The crybullies there think they are untouchable. We will see. Maybe the up and comers at google need to take out the trash so to speak.

  8. google will be taken down, the same way Microsoft had an antitrust order in the 90's .
    use alt-tech such as
    brave browser

  9. I don't buy season tickets to the local drama events; but I don't like to be censored from finding out both sides of the story. Watching MSM is like watching a drama that is enacted and restaged for more "run time" on a daily basis.

  10. No. Not "kidding."…"Hire bodyguards." Google is a deep state operation. They won't tolerate any threat to their control.

  11. I wish someone with a high profile, like Tucker Carlson or Stephen Crowder, would explain what "demonetization" means, to the general public. I have a pretty good idea, but the whole story of how You Tube encouraged content creators to get involved with You Tube for profit, and then much later pulls the rug out from under them, should be exposed.
    So people would see what Google and You Tube are really all about. And expose the way they control what the public can and cannot see.

  12. The left is following the communist playbook. Silence the opposition, destroy the middle class, empower the government.

  13. Every conservative should use minds dot com and pass on to your circles and spread the word to The Libertarian base too

    Everyone should tell every conservative they know that minds dot com wants them there

  14. The majority of people in this comment section that appear to be lefty shills are so jaw droppingly stupid, you'd be forgiven for thinking they were actually clever righty's making lefty's look even stupider than they are. Of course, then you remember all the lefty's you've met previously and remind yourself that they are generally dumber than a bag of broken hammers.

  15. I would almost care if it wasn't for the sake of this sites loop hole of "everything goes" means that when I am looking for stuff that is being kept quite porn and hentai comes up, as if that fucking shit needs reinforcing on a platform for free speech

  16. Carlson banned me from his fakebook page. So the 'right' has its problems as well, It's full of cowards.

    This is all distraction. We should be hanging our corporate commie globalists not keeping up with the latest scandal or waiting for the world to end.

    What can I do?:

    As our ancestors conquered we must be ready to defend or we will be conquered. Or maybe we already have been.

    Why are we pushing democracy when we've lost our Liberty?

    "Democracy is the road to socialism." – Karl Marx

    So when will the republicrats repeal the 16th amendment and the evil gun laws and pass a constitutional amendment to ban socialism?

    Why are we REFORMING COMMUNISM? WHY is NO ONE asking WHY we HAVE an income tax?

    Democracy is evil, another form of manipulation, two wolves and a sheep voting on lunch. Liberty is a well-armed sheep contesting the vote and killing the wolves. We MUST DEMAND LIBERTY!

    The most important things to do:

    The only real reason for the militia:

    A few things that might matter:

    A conspiracy to indoctrinate, or “What is an education?”:

    What’s the ultimate question?:

    They consider us to be livestock. All they do must be assessed with that fact in mind.

  17. Amazon just blocked my book MEGACAUST. The best seller detailed the 164 million people martyred by Communist / Capitalist wars during the 20th century. Work that one out.

  18. It's not only the internet that's being censored. In the UK, leftist Sky TV, the only satellite service, dropped Fox News because it was "not financially" viable. But it took on an anti-American Romanian TV news channel – which nobody watches.

  19. Yes YES YES!!! :> Awesome point form interview. #Goolag #Screwgle
    Join Purple Crow in the free speech evolution:

  20. Google has become a censor capital of the internet. It does not matter if your liberal or conservative, they have been censoring people on both sides, by taking away ad revenue. In fact it actually benefits them big time, they dont have to pay you for your hard work, but they still get to maintain their earnings on your work.

  21. Is funny how Tucker, as realistic as he usually is about government, keeps pointing how "government refuses to reign in" Google's alleged monopoly on information. If anything, government policies are strengthening Goggle stranglehold over the search-engine market.

  22. Concerning defamatory censorship on Google, YouTube, Fascbook and Twitter et al:
    People say the American Constitution's First Amendment only protects individual citizens (and corporations) from the government, but that private companies can enforce whatever rules they want to within their own domains.

    But … hey, guess what! NOT when their rules amount to CRIMES (say, of slander)!

    See, whenever FASCBOOK (And Twatter and ScrewYouRube, and GO-OGLE et al) humiliates people in public by censoring them and posting (slanderous, libelous) warnings, they are actually breaking the LAW.

    Slander (and it's written form, libel) are sub-categories of criminal FRAUD.

    Further, if (as can be easily demonstrated in these cases) they committed their fraudulent, defamatory slanders and libels as part of an orchestrated conspiracy to suppress and destroy evidence of the crimes of the holy-mobster "muslim" gang members of the world's oldest and largest ongoing extortion racket and crime-syndicate ("ISLAM") then they are also guilty of endorsing those same crimes (many of which amount to mass-murders, if not to actual genocide) and since islam itself is openly hostile to any and all sovereign nations (which it regards as temporary and man-made false idols, all of which are to be eventually destroyed and replaced with their own one-world muslim Ummah Nation, to be ruled over by their global theocratic caliphate government) it is also a clear case of sedition and treason, of aiding and abetting an existential threat to the United States and Western world in general.

    Zuckerturd and his globalist minions should be arrested indicted tried convicted jailed and possibly executed for their treason to rationality and civilization and their ongoing crimes against humanity.

    Beyond that, Twitter et al's lately-revealed "shadow-banning" practices really only amount to cases of de-monetizing "reverse" defamation, and so should be subject to massive penalties in class-action lawsuits as well.

  23. Minds just underwent an UI (app & website) remodel. You should come check it out. It's actually pretty great.

  24. Minds isn't a free speech social network, they ban accounts for legal speech that offends them and i've witnessed that first hand. I can agree google has too much power but saying minds is a free speech site is just false advertisement.

  25. Decentralization isn't it… centralization to give you more in one without having to log into multiple sites is best. #Worldie 🙂 – Underestimate us, while adding topics to groups on FB when I mentioned it a while before 😛

  26. I have an edifying Minds Page right here: Minds is better than Facebook because Minds don't sell your private information and Minds don't violate your Freedom of speech (First Amendment).

  27. Minds is brilliant, but difficult to use. They desperately need someone to help them with their user interface. They need to make it dead simple for people to switch from Facebook to Minds.

  28. Google is the most pathetic of all the fascist tech companies. I am not buying anything from them ever again. I just added this video to a playlist in my You Tube channel titled "The Lefts Pathetic Censorship".

  29. I wish this guy well. 'went to his site, and frankly, can't quite figure it out. But his concept that open, multiple networks is sound. Zuckerberg currently imagines that he owns all the data on facebook. The data is OURS. He owns it no more than the monopoly Ma Bell owned your phone number. How about a facebook rival called "sidecar" that accesses & interacts with all your "friends", and they with you. Same data, separate platform.

  30. Ottman runs a pay for play site and anything you "boost" (the only way to get heard) is by paying and having your post approved by Minds. Biggest con on the net.

  31. Left coast billionaire corporations are simply using their social media formats to promote THEIR liberal agenda and SILENCE all those who oppose their agendas!!!!
    This is a DIRECT violation of the Constitution and ALL these "forums" and social media giants MUST be sued into bankruptcy if they refuse to allow free speech!

  32. I could not agree with him more. We are seeing the rise of sites like Gab and Dissenter. What we need to see is opensource equivelents (which also fully support free speech) to take on facebook, youtube, twitter, instagram, etc.

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