Social Media Monitoring Using Twitter Advanced Search
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Social Media Monitoring Using Twitter Advanced Search

Hi everyone my name is Larry Snow and in this video I’ll be showing you how to setup a social media monitoring system for twitter and in particular in this case tweets referring to hashtags for Superbowl or Superbowl LI (51) that they could be any hashtag or any search term that you want so let’s get started and i’ll show you how to do it first step is to go over to Twitter advanced search just to go into google and type in Twitter advanced search and get this website once you’re on here I’ve already prefilled in Superbowl and Superbowl LI but this is where you put in your hashtag so these are ORS right, they’re not going to be ANDS they’re not going to find this and then this they’re going to find this or this or this you can also put in exact phrases you can put in all of all of these words any of these words none of these words so you can omit words that you do not want included in your search results you can also include certain people certain accounts and mentioning other accounts and then the biggie here is you can put it here a place so in my example i put in houston texas to change that you click in here and type in the city you can also specify dates and lastly you can specify whether or not you want to have positive negative or a question including sweet once you get your advanced setting set you click on search and it will prevent with something that looks like this will have your search query here and i’ll get to within 10 miles i have it up here and that’s something you add manually it used to be in the Twitter advanced search down here it used to be a radius so you could say within one mile ten mile or even switch two kilometers they have since removed that from the advanced search but it is still there so if you knew about it you’ll be able to do it so i got the very end here i have within ten within colon 10 and mi and Twitter found things related to that so now the great thing with the search result is that you have the top tweet you have the latest tweet you have people for people who are tweeting in about these hashtags photos with these hashtag videos and more you can go on periscopes and you can even click on news and it’s all right here right at your fingertips any of these channels you can dive into one of the things you can view a over here on the three dots you can click on save this search and will be saved in a and all of your saved searches will be over here so what time you want to come back to it you click on the little magnifying but actually click inside the search twitter and here are your recently searches and here is your your saved searches all right and then you can also embed the search you can embed this on a web page web post for wordpress type of thing HTML page anywhere you can embed it on the web browser for the web browser to see and all you have to do with that it click on embed this search it will take you over to something called the widget configurator and it’ll already have picked up your search query here and you can do save search mode or only the show the top tweets, height and theme is up to you i would opt out of tailoring Twitter and then you click on create widget when you do that you’ll get the embed information here you copy that you put it on your web post or page as I have done here and and this is what it looks like so that it! That’s a quick and easy way to get yourself monitoring what’s going on on twitter if you enjoyed this video give it a like and feel free to subscribe to the channel to get notified of more videos when they go up thanks so much and I’ll see you in the next video

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  1. Sounds interesting, but you lost me in the first ten seconds. "Go to Twitter advanced search…". I don't see that on your screen or mine and the cursor moves to fast for me to see where it went.

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