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Social Media Marketing Tutorial

Hi everyone. My name is Pat Niday of The Net
Impact and today we’re talking about Social Media Marketing. The first question
you might have is why go social? Do I need to go social? Well, our
answer here today in fact is definitely yes. First of all, that is where
your customers are already hanging out. According to a comScore study,
as of 2011, 1 out of every 6 minutes spent online is with social media.
So these social networks are active places where potential customers are
already spending their time. So why not reach out to them there? Also, your customers, they’re social creatures.
As human beings we want to interact with brands on a personal level,
instead of just being force fed a direct message. A recent study of Twitter users suggested
that 64% of people on Twitter would be actually more likely
to make a purchase with a business, if the business simply answered
a question they had about their product, so connecting with people on a personal
level is a great way to drive engagement and therefore profits. Lastly, your competitors are probably already
in the social space so if you’re not there already, you’re behind. Recent
data suggests that 75% of the businesses already use social media to
achieve business objectives. A more specific breakdown of how that works,
71% of businesses are using Facebook, 59% are on Twitter, 33% are on YouTube.
So the people in your industry are already trying to compete in
the social space so it’s important to have a distinct holistic social
media strategy. Now The Net Impact, our philosophy is that
your social strategy should incorporate many different social networks
and that content should be specific to each social network, but it should
also interact with each other. So while the content produced on blogger,
Twitter, Facebook, YouTube is not going to be all the same of course but
there should be a common element, so a blog you’re righting can have
a video embedded, produced on YouTube and that blog can then be tweeted
out, sent out with images on Facebook, and these can be shared with people’s
networks. Your customers can share these among their networks. Not
only should you produce unique, specific content for each network; but also
the content should tie together and be easy to work together so you can really
generate great amount of reach using social media. Now, of course, this is a lot to manage for
a company. There’s a lot of conversations going on here. So it’s important
that you’re listening to what people are saying so reputation managing
and reputation monitoring is really important tactic to use. So here at
The Net Impact we can provide the tools to make sure you’re content strategy
is sound and that you’re hearing all of the things that are being said and responding
appropriately. Now social media networks are actually very
powerful tools and they can drive meaningful conversions as well if designed
properly. So it’s important to have smart URLs on your Facebook pages. It’s
important to have custom Facebook pages or landing pages, where people
can be driven to specific action. So for example, if you are a business to consumer
company and you maybe sold boots for example, you can have a landing
page on your default Facebook page that said “Like this page to get 50%
off boots”. So immediately you’re helping build your social base by building
your Facebook fans and therefore increasing the reach of all your future social
media communications. You’re also promoting a new product if you’re integrating
this with your discount strategy. So this is a great way of integrating
social media with your overall land marking strategy. Speaking of integration, it’s not only important
that your social media content points back to your website content;
but the other way around as well, is important. You need your site to
be easy to share and easy to promote via social networks. So if someone’s
reading an article on your website, it should be really easy for them
to just hit a button and like it, so all their Facebook friends can see
it. So embedding these buttons, tweet, like, plus
one, these easy share buttons are really important to integrating
your content. So that’s a great way of your web marketing content you’re already
developing being integrated with social media networks, and
put into this circle here Where it can really get shared with the rest of
the internet and increase your reach. So whether you’re a business to consumer company
that’s looking to provide discounts or customer support or whether you’re
more B2B, you’re focused on being a thought leader or a network and you’re
supporting your clients, having a sound holistic social media strategy
is essential these days. If you have any questions about social media marketing at all, please
feel free to contact The Net Impact. As always,
you can find us at Thanks for watching.

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