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Social Media Marketing for Self‑Publishers

Hey, everybody. I’m Kelvin with IngramSpark. Today, we’re going to be discussing a course
we’ve put together that covers social media marketing strategy for self-publishers. All right. So within this free social media marketing
course, you’re going to learn how to market your book on social media, which social platforms
work best for you as an author, and how to best develop a social media marketing strategy
that promotes your book, as well as your author platform. Now then, allow me to break down some of the
chapters you can expect to come across within this free social media marketing course. Chapter 1 Social media marketing overview. In this chapter, we’ll break down why social
media is important for almost every industry as an awareness tool and why it’s also a great
place to build interest for books, as well. Chapter 2 General social media marketing tips. As with anything, there is always tried and
true best practices from those who have gone before you. In this chapter, we’ll discuss the best over-arching
strategies for achieving a successful social media presence as an author. Chapter 3 What to post on social media. Social media writer’s block is a real thing. You have no problem hammering away at an 80,000-word
novel, but when it comes to remembering one Tweet a day, that can be a different challenge. In this chapter, we’ll give you quality guidelines
that will help you get through that writer’s block and post more consistently. Chapter 4 What social media platform should I use? Now, naturally, every author has a different
comfort level with social media. In this section of the course, we’ll be covering
the best social networks for authors, as well as how they can use them. Chapter 5 Facebook for authors. With more than one billion daily active users, Facebook
offers the potential to reach a substantial readership. In this chapter, we’ll show you how to find
communities of other authors, as well as how to cultivate your organic reach, because hey,
it’s free. Chapter 6 Twitter for authors. Although Twitter might be considered the cocktail
party of social media, it can be a more serious medium than its flighty name might suggest. In this chapter, we’ll show you how to use
this social network to share quick and engaging thoughts that appeal to your audience. Chapter 7 Instagram for authors. Instagram is becoming much more than a place
to just post a photo and a short caption. Some users are starting to post long-form
video content as well as long-form captions to better engage with their audience. In this chapter, we’ll discuss how to take
full advantage of an image-driven social network like Instagram. Chapter 8 Goodreads for authors. Goodreads is the largest and most popular
online booklover community. It’s also a very popular place to go when
people are looking for book recommendations. In this chapter, we’ll show you that it actually
requires a very low time commitment in order to maintain an active presence on this critical
social media platform for authors. Chapter 9 Blogging for authors. Another way to build your following and sell
more books through social media is by blogging. In this chapter, we’ll show you how to leverage
free blog services in order to promote your book and your brand. Chapter 10 Amazon Author Central. An incredible percentage of books are sold
each year in the United States by Amazon. This online retailer accounts for 74% of all
ebook purchases in the country. In this chapter, we’ll discuss how to take
advantage of Amazon’s book marketing tools to leverage your book sales. Chapter 11 Other social media for authors. The social media networks we cover in earlier
chapters are certainly some of the most impactful, however, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t
look to take advantage of other under-utilized social networks as well. In this chapter, we’ll break down other social
media platforms that you can explore as an author. And last, but certainly not least, Chapter
12. Creating video for social media. This chapter is all about why you as an author
need to think about creating video for social media platforms. Regardless of how introverted you are, video
is here to stay, and the sooner you embrace it, the better. There you have it. There’s a brief overview of what you can expect
to find in this social media marketing course for authors. We hope you’ll take full advantage of it because
IngramSpark believes in your publisher education, and that’s what makes it so much more than
just a printer and book distribution partner for authors and publishers. Without any further adieu, go ahead and get
started with this free social media marketing course for authors. Until next time, we’ll talk soon. Bye.

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