Social Media Marketing Agency Business Plan 2020 SMMA Checklist

what’s up YouTube everybody watching in
today’s video we’re going over the social media marketing agency business
plan now what I’m doing is I’m leaving a business plan checklist for your digital
or social media agency right down below in the description you could click on
that not only is there a checklist for your business but also there’s a little
mini demo presentation showing you how we reach out to clients and also what we
show them when we bring them into our demo just click that link down below in
the description for free and you get access to that now besides the social
media marketing agency business plan I see a lot of things out there I have
another video where I go in-depth on how to start a social media marketing agency
and I’ll leave that up here so you can watch that if you haven’t already I’ll
also link it down below but what I want to go over is four main important
pillars today if you’re just starting out or if you’re struggling with your
social media marketing agency so we’re gonna go over those four main pillars
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jump into a social media marketing business plan we’re talking about that
stuff one of the first things is setting up your business getting it started and
I hear a million excuses and that’s what made me really want to make this video
is when I’m talking to other people other agency owners or other people that
are starting their agency they’re like I’m not going to start yet because I
didn’t get my LLC or I didn’t get my ein I didn’t get a bank account I didn’t set
this up I don’t have my business name I didn’t get a domain or a website yet
that type of stuff and that attitude those excuses and that mind
that is what’s stopping you from success so of course those things are important
but the four main pillars I go over today or what creates the success for
your social media marketing agency and your digital marketing agency so we’re
gonna jump right into this you’re trying to start your social media agency maybe
you have a social or digital marketing agency you’re looking like what’s the
business plan what’s the overall thing now again in the description I have a
checklist business plan down in the description you can look at that that’s
the overview of the things you need and when you get that checklist there’s also
other valuable stuff there but besides that the four main pillars number one
first thing we’re going to talk about is the skills and again I have another
video going over how to start a social media marketing agency check that in the
description I’m telling you it’s really in-depth it goes over things from
experience the first thing is a skill we’re not talking about a skill when
you’re selling social media marketing or you’re selling digital services you need
a specific skill and I suggest you put that skill not only on one thing but
towards one niche when I say niche it’s pretty much one vertical when I say
vertical that means one type of business what do I mean by that so if your niche
let’s say is Hair Salons that’s your niche Hair Salons so the skill let’s say
it’s Facebook Ads you need to master Facebook Ads
right that skill in your niche which is hair salons so you need to develop a
skill that produces results all the time with Facebook Ads for hair salons that’s
the first thing you want to do niche down and master a skill to many of you
are messaging me to many of you trying to do too many things overwhelming
yourself making excuses you need one skill set it’s driving leads people want
results that’s the biggest thing everyone at the end of the day
wants results results this is the key right here results right people want
results okay so you want a skill that produces results how do you do that you
test you take on clients on a barter system you take on clients that you know
just to produce results and test and as you’re testing and you develop this
skill nobody wants to talk about this they act like it’s so easy and so simple
I’m gonna tell you the ins and outs I’ve made plenty of mistakes I’ve lost a lot
of money I’ve made a lot of money I’ve been through the ups and downs of my
digital agency social media marketing I know the ins and outs I spent thousands
of dollars on coaching and courses ins and outs of different programs taking
the best of everything and applying it I know what it’s like if you’re stuck if
you’re just starting out believe me I know and one of the core things that I
can go back to is understanding a specific skill not getting diverted all
over the place you want to master a skill for a specific niche that’s number
one because once you get that done number two is prospecting and signing up
clients on autopilot so we’re gonna hear prospecting and closing clients now why
is it so important well we all know why this is so important it’s the money this
is what grows the business now what you need to really do is have retention but
guess what do you know how you have retention if you’re going after a
specific niche and you get results retention will be there you have a good
retention rate now listen that doesn’t make everyone happy I’ll tell you that
right now but you’ll have a way better retention rate if you could get results
okay so you get the skill down you get results you know what you’re doing now
when you start closing your retention rate is high and then you start closing
more but how do you close more you need prospecting tactics in place now I’m
actually developing right now on my team something called prospecting kings all
right down here and you can check the description down below prospecting
Kings and this is a program course training that we’re putting together on
all the taxes on how we actually get in front of clothes
social media marketing clients digital marketing clients get in front of them
and close the deals this is exactly how to reach out to them cold and get in
front of them and close the deals so when that’s open they’ll be down in the
description below as well right now we’re still adding so much content to
that program but that will be down below prospecting Kings so now you have a
skill down now your prospecting bringing money in the door having a good
retention rate why because you get decent results and you have this
prospecting force in place where you’re closing more clients and signing them up
now 3 this is one of the most important things is your mindset your mindset to
take the action you have to be learning studying putting the work and setting up
ads doing the work of prospecting and cold calling and cold emailing and doing
the screencast process that we teach all the stuff that we teach in prospecting
Kings course and our digital and social media courses their work involved it’s a
real skill set it’s real work they get real result but you have to put in the
work so your mindset has to be taking the action and your daily routines are
you putting in the work are you willing to put in the work are you willing to
fund or this is not just something at home to snap your fingers press a button
and it works are you willing to commit now to get the rewards in the end that’s
really what it comes down to it’s putting in the work so your mindset is
key and we go over some things like that I like to talk about that stuff because
again from my experience and going through different types of businesses
offline and a lot online it really comes down to your mindset coaching and
dealing with a lot of people and talking to a lot of people I notice it all comes
down to our mindset really is a big step of taking the action and the leap of
consistently and daily getting the important things done that compound in
the end and in the long run to produce real results and the last thing
thing is scale with systems now I’m not gonna go too deep into this but when you
get these three things done and money’s coming in things are going well you got
momentum big Moe’s in place things are going well where do you put that
momentum how do you grow further and it’s putting in systems you need systems
right you’re walking into Starbucks don’t make your latte there make
anything that’s on their menu every single time almost exactly the same
within a timely fashion because there is a system in place they know the recipe
the ingredients everything’s right in a system so we want systems in place and
that’s how we’re going to scale by hiring the right help that scale our
business up by using systems that we can look over monitor and grow so this is
how you grow this is for growth I’m gonna go more into this on other videos
but this video is really for someone that’s in the beginner stage or in a
stuck stage right with your agency and when you’re looking for a business plan
again I have that attachment down below where it goes over the basic main things
but honestly a business plan anyone can make a business plan sound and look good
to what you want right we see it all the time you can draw this business plan out
and make it sound great but honestly these are the four things you need to
understand that you can do if you could do these four things you’re going to
make money you’re going to be successful you get these four things right these
four pillar things are the core of your business when you have the right skill
and you’re very nice and vertical specific when you don’t have this
prospect and closing it in front of the right niche and specific clients when
you have the right mindset and you’re going to take action and be on a daily
routine and get things done that’s when you’re also going to be able to transfer
that over to a team and scale and have massive growth with systems you need to
understand these four pillar things for any business that you’re in and I see a
lot of these things are lost again I made a lot of mistakes I’ve opened up a
lot of businesses these systems weren’t always in place this mindset wasn’t
always in play as I grew as I studied as I took
training as I implemented and learned the ups and downs I could take
everything that was right everything it was positive and forced it into new
things and that’s what you have to understand your business plan the four
main pillars over your business plan is this stuff though of course you need
your LLC but that’s not an excuse if you don’t have your website up yet that’s
not an excuse that you’re not doing any other stuff because who cares about
anything else if you don’t you don’t have to worry about your LLC your
business website if you don’t have a client yet what are you worried about
that for when you start getting clients if you have these four things in place
I’ll take these four things in place over anything else in the beginning of
your business because you have these four things in place that’s when you
need to get your LLC that’s when you need your EIN that’s when you need your
bank account that’s when you need paypal or stripe or a merchant that you can
take a payment right that’s a good problem to have
get that problem first stop worrying about that and making yourself paralyzed
from taking action start these things learn a skill start practicing get the
skill down start prospecting get some clients get one client start
trial-and-error around him get him results get him happy
learn what prospecting techniques start that daily every single day when you get
this type of stuff going it’s a good problem to have where you have to scale
we have to learn how to scale well you have to get other business elements in
place that’s a good problem to have but you’re not gonna have that problem if
you’re just saying static and not doing anything because you’re making excuses
so again if you want that social media marketing business checklist that’s down
below you’ll also get a little demo video for free in there I’m also sharing
how to start a social media marketing agency that videos very crucial it’s
down below as well again if you’re a beginner or you stuck watch these videos
I’m making other videos as well and I’ll also be sharing prospecting Kings we’re
putting a lot of hours and working to this every single system we use to get
in front of new potential very specific clients and close them and bring more
revenue in but definitely look out for that there’s a lot of value in that
system it’s exactly step-by-step everything we’re
doing so you’ll get a lot of value out of that I know you will and again
mindset big thing if this is adding value definitely like it share with
anyone else you know other agency owners you know someone’s trying to start a
online business this might help them out as well please share it and again if you
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look for my weekly videos I’ll see you in the next one

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