Social Media Marketing: Advanced Strategies and Tactics
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Social Media Marketing: Advanced Strategies and Tactics

NICOLE AMES: I’m really
excited about this program, because a lot of times we
focus so much on just getting everyone up to speed, because
the digital space grows so rapidly. We’re taking up so much time
just talking about the basics. This program is
really for the person that wants to take
it to the next level, or has been working in
social media previously. We’re going to talk
about strategies. We’re going to talk about
different ways of implementing different strategies. So as a class, we
can start practicing what it’s going to take
to do that implementation. So you can address
things like resources. Will you need more
people on your team? Do you really have what
it takes to do this? And I think the
examples will help people see different
opportunities they might have in the social space. Social media marketing can
address many different business needs. It really depends on
what your objectives are. It’s a real opportunity
to engage one-on-one with your customer,
to create loyalty because you’re responsive
to their questions and their customer
service needs. We see best practices around
engagement strategies. And that can be conversations
through your Facebook page. It can be answering questions
or offering customer service through Twitter. You might just want to listen
for problems with your products and services. Those insights could drive
real, meaningful changes for your company. Very important. It’s just monitoring. If you can’t do
anything else in social, you should at
minimum be listening, taking the temperature of
what’s happening out there. The other thing is being
authentic as best as you can. Most customers will
understand that you might have rules
about what you can say or how to take things offline. But people follow
businesses on social media to connect with
people, not to receive a generic
boilerplate-type response. So you want to be relevant. You want to make
sure that you are engaging with your customers in
a way that feels real to them. Building right off that is
immediacy and responsiveness. You can’t put yourself out
there and then back away. So if you’re going to
have a page, if you’re going to have a Twitter
feed that is really dedicated to your customers, you
have to be ready to man that. I designed this
program specifically so that you get to drill down
into a more focused plan that you might
need going forward.

One thought on “Social Media Marketing: Advanced Strategies and Tactics

  1. Great stuff. Having a practical class that brings people together to ask questions and discuss solutions is always a great way to learn. Also, absolutely on-point is being sincere and immediately responsive.

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