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Social Media @ John Jay College

Hey guys I’m Michael a freshman at John
Jay College and part of the social media team. One of the things that drew me to
John Jay College was being able to experience campus life daily through
John Jay social media platforms. I got to learn about important research, events, opportunities and resources available to all students including myself through IG snapshot Facebook and Twitter. You experience campus life directly through your phone. A scroll through our Instagram free show distinguished guests, campus Beauty, resources, supporting deadlines, and voices of John Jay. Snapchat Instagram stories are a great way to get a behind-the-scenes
looks at John Jay events in real time. Twitter is perfect for learning about
faculty research, campus news, and conferences. Last month John Jay hosted
the smart and crying innovations conference and while I couldn’t make the
second day I got to fall along online through the smart and crying conference
hashtag and was able to watch the live stream directly from John Jay’a YouTube
channel. Facebook is the place to go see videos and photos from big campus events
such as homecoming. In addition to following John Jay College several departments and clubs also have a strong social media presence to help create a community on campus. So now’s the time. Pull out your phones and follow us at John Jay College across all social media platforms.

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