Social Media Is Destroying Our Brains
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Social Media Is Destroying Our Brains

-I am Lilly Singh. I actually just changed
my Instagram handle to @Lilly. That’s right. Just Lilly. I’m famous. [ Laughter ] Go ahead and smash
that follow button. But don’t expect me
to post too much. Because real talk — I’m trying my best to limit
my time on social media. I know. I know.
I know. It’s good. I know. [ Cheers and applause ] It’s because I recently
read a study that said too much social media
can impact your posture. Yeah. It can make you look
an inch or two shorter. And I ain’t trying to wear heels
to make up for all of that. [ Laughter ]
Okay? Clearly. [ Applause ] An inch or two shorter
also seems completely counterintuitive to how most men
use their phones. [ Audience ohs ] Yeah, y’all look real awkward
right now. Don’t you? [ Laughter ] And not only that, there was
recently a study that said that we were growing horns
on the back of our necks from looking down at our phones
too much. Again, based on some of the pics
guys send me, they’re horny enough. [ Laughter ] Now, before you freak out
too much, it was revealed
that the horn study wasn’t completely reliable. No. But do you know why everyone
thought it was? Because it was all over
social media. [ Laughter ] Social media has convinced us
everything on it is true. It’s kind of like that kid
in elementary school who was the authority on sex
because he had HBO. [ Laughter ] Yeah, that’s the thing. Social media isn’t only
ruining our bodies. It’s ruining our brains. Do you remember our brains? They used to give us ideas. [ Laughter ] Now they just say,
“Let’s go on Twitter and see if the world
is still on fire. Oh, it is? Cool.
#Hotgirlsummer.” [ Laughter and applause ] So dumb. Think about life
before social media. You used to have to wait for
holiday gatherings to find out which one of
your family members were racist. [ Laughter ] Don’t you remember how sweet
the world used to be? See, I’m old enough
to remember that world, where trolls were just dolls with bad hair
instead of angry virgins. [ Laughter ] Now I’m sure a lot of you are —
See, look. They love — I said, “virgins.”
[ Laughs ] Anytime I say a sexual word —
[ Laughs ] I’m sure a lot of you are like,
“That ain’t me. Okay? I’m not addicted
to social media.” Well, I created a test. Here’s how you know you’re using
too much social media. When you’re at the grocery store
and you see an eggplant and think,
“Whoa, produce section, I don’t think
we’re there yet” — if that’s you, you need to get
your peach emoji off social media. [ Laughter ] I mean, I’m guilty of being
addicted to social media. Everyone I know is guilty of
this addiction. I had a boyfriend once who was
constantly on his phone. Just swiping
and swiping and swiping. You know, it was like,
“Oh, interesting. So you do know
how to use your fingers.” [ Laughter ] [ Applause ] Hello. [ Laughter ] Our young brains can’t handle
so much social media. So how should we expect our
parents’ brains to handle it? You know what I’m saying? Parents on social media
started out as just annoying. But now it’s straight up
sinister. Before, my mom would post things
on my wall, like telling me about,
“Oh, Kevin Dawson from high school is getting
married. How cute.” [ Laughter ] Now, she’s posting stuff like, “Did you hear
the Earth is flat? Terrence Howard said so.” [ Laughter ] Social media disease has
destroyed our brain so much that when we go see
Beyoncé live, a transformative experience,
our brains tell us, “I should pull out my phone and post this entire concert
to my stories.” [ Laughter ] No one wants to see
your shaky videos of ant-size Beyoncé, Karen! [ Laughter ] God! It’s gotten so bad that I recently read an article
about social-media rehabs. Yeah, that’s a real thing. And the worst part of
social-media rehab is you spend the first few days
going through really graphic withdrawals, and there’s no one there
to livestream it. [ Laughter ] Pics or you didn’t have
a breakthrough, y’all. [ Laughter ] Now, I think it’s incredible that there are social-media
rehabs now. Because when I was growing up,
rehab was mainly just former Disney stars
who believe in six chances. [ Laughter ] But if I can get
real with y’all for — [ Laughter ] But if I can get real with y’all
for a second. I feel like life would be better if we just all took
a break from social media. We should all just take
a little bit of time each day to log off to speak to
one another face to face. It’s the only way that we can
all come together and reach an understanding
as a society that behind our profile pictures
we’re all real people. That was actually taken from
a Facebook status I posted earlier today.
[ Laughter ] Yeah. It got 18,000 likes, and so I thought that I had to
share it with you. [ Cheers and applause ]

100 thoughts on “Social Media Is Destroying Our Brains

  1. Lilly is so good 😊 I love her so much she’s so funny 😂 my boss doesn’t know but I watch her at work while I should be working 😬 but I’m addicted to her love you from England 🇬🇧🥰

  2. I love how she is talking about how social media is ruining our brains (which is completely true) and then in the description it’s like SUBSCRIBE TO…… I love it 😂💜

  3. It’s so funny that it’s usually the ones trying to make the most money from social media that like to make a point of telling everyone that they shouldn’t be on social media.

  4. Ayy Lilly, not sure if you'll see this. ❤️ you, ❤️ ur show, I think ur doin great n gettin better and better at it! I just hoped you didn't make fun of LiLo for going to rehab. Addiction n mental health isn't a punchline for jokes n I feel she's been made fun of enough. ❤️

  5. It's nice to hear a late night talk show host talk about something other than Donald Trump in their opening monologues. Come on Stephen Colbert, James Cordon, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, and Seth Meyers. He's been president for 3 years. Get over it. Obama was worst and I don't recall any trash talking about him. But I still love your shows though. Don't get me wrong.

  6. This one was really good! I feel like people thought she had a little bit of a rocky start and she was little intense in the first few monologues, but now she’s got it down!! She’s doing so good!! I’ve been a part of #teamsuper since 2014. It’s been great to see her brand grow into television!!! She a unicorn fungus!! She’s everywhere!! I love it😁😁

  7. Yes social media has the ability to ruin a person's life but so do women!Women can gossip….women have all the legal rights so they can do whatever they want ultamatly killing a males reputation if not ruin his life! Men NEED thier rights back

  8. That joke about a dude swiping through twitter (I guess you do know how to use your fingers at 2:48) belongs to Mary Beth Barone. Google her and watch Comedians are Bad at Sex from Clusterfest. Lilly Singh, write your own jokes!

  9. She should keep her monologue in this lane of comedy: a little personal, a little race, a little current events.

    I think as long as she brings her YouTube charm to the show; she’ll survive and become something really rare and great for late night.

  10. When my brother was a kid and made a joke, he would follow it up with a silly noise or a face. I asked him why he did that? He said “my joke was bombing so I make silly faces or voices” That’s Lilly

  11. Wow, she have same thought like me, i like to enjoy show on my own eyes, not see thru phone camera, shakey stories, whatsapp status. Why we always exhibit ourselves. Post one or two pic on Instagram or facebook is enough

  12. Oh shit I actually did record shaky videos of ant-sized beyonce and post them on my stories😨 why'd she have to call me out like that

  13. How does it feel being the unfunniest person in social media , really sad that you have to Pay people yo laught with you not at you

  14. Happy to see her getting comfortable now, she seemed to be in her element. Maybe she was trying too hard before, as it is lot of pressure being on TV compared to you tube, so proud of her!

  15. Nice to see the punjabis finally ruling america! xD. Actully though, this is to all the white folks that thought that they could beat lilly singh – "DHIMAG SET EYA?" Love ya lilly

  16. Lily – I have to make jokes about how I'm rich and I'm a woman of color and did I mention I'm a woman???

    Rinse repeat and theres the platform this show is sinking itself into

  17. The fuck is this? I should go to hollywood and tell them im the next greg giraldo because I'm latino. R.I.P Greg Giraldo

  18. I like how the camera doesnt focus on the audience this time. Makes me relieved that no person has to suffer that sesh

  19. Omg guys. She's just joking don't take jokes seriously. She's not the only one who's talked about race on her show. It's a thing in the media thats relevant. I love both her Ellen and Jimmy Fallon. Kelly Clarkson too. Stop bashing on my girl Lilly. Who knows if she knows she's being racist. Cut her some slack. Stop being overly sensitive and offended. Jokes on racism and sexism have always been used. Doesn't mean the person is racist or sexist always themselves. Sometimes it appears that way.She's apoligized for it and is improving. Everyone can be a hypocrite once in a while too. This happens in all talk shows. Give her a chance guys. She's getting better and her monologues are getting funnier.

  20. Love how she cracks up on her own jokes 😂😂😂

    But hey….she's getting better at her jokes and I love it that she is getting comfortable with the stage and her outfits are also better love you the most lilly ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  21. I don’t get how this is even a comedy show… Like I don’t see this funny at all. It’s so cringe lol. Not meaning to spread hate I just don’t see how this is funny, like at all… lol

  22. Seeing an eggplant makes me think how awesome it would be to buy it and slice it up, frying it and then putting garlic all over. With bread this is HEAVEN.
    Also, I refuse to take more than 5 videos and photos on a concert. I was on Evanescence last month and I wanted to see it with my own eyes, not through a screen. If I have a chance to see them live, I take it. I can see them through a screen whenever I want. And seeing them live had suchan impact on me… I created the most wonderful makeup ever on my face only to cry it down. Now I'm not a crybaby, but Amy made me cry twice withing an hour or so. The emotions, the energy, the feels doesn't reach you through the screen. Being busy trying to make a decent video makes you ignore all the magoc happening on a concert…
    Still, it is hard to find someone more addicted than me 😀
    Lilly, I still adore you. YT or Little Late, I don't mind. As much as I missdd you when you posted less on your main channel, way mkre you give back to us, your Unicorns. Mother Unicorn rocks! Love ya to the Moon and back, keep kicking ass! ♡

  23. I deleted Instagram recently. I mean now I have TikTok but I don't be on it much and it's mostly positive and happy. My brain needed a break.

  24. My mom told me about the horn thing. She reads an article on EVERYTHING. That’s why I’m not allowed to have Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.

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