Hi guys, it’s Sarah. Now around August of last year, I did a video
called Social Media In Real Life and I really enjoyed filming it, I really enjoyed editing
it and people enjoyed watching it. So I figured what better thing to do than do Social Media
In Real Life 2! Featuring all the social media sites that I left out slash didn’t exist when
I filmed the last one. Here we go! – Hey Facebook, how’s it going?
– What’s on your mind? – That’s a bit TOO personal considering we
just met, don’t you think? – Fair enough, but I do have some news for
you, your childhood best friend Jane is engaged, Katie is pregnant, Amy is pregnant, Susan’s
pregnant, Jake got a promotion, oh and your grandmother sent you a Candy Crush request. – What are you doing?
– I’m broadcasting! But no one’s watching. – Aren’t you just sitting around doing nothing?
– Yeah, and? Ugh, alright, I’ll just tweet the link again. – Sub4sub?
– No, YouTube. Everyone knows sub4sub is the worst thing you can do to your channel.
– I just made a similar video, check out my channel!
– Can you not? – Let’s support each other! …please? Business, business, business, business, business,
business, business – I hate you.
– Who are you exactly? – An anonymous hater, duh! Go kill yourself!
– So you just send anonymous hate? Why the f*** do people sign up to this website? – Hey, Tinder!
– Yeah… yeah no, sorry. – Hey, hey, wait- – Ooh, he’s cute. And that is it for Social Media In Real Life
2, did you enjoy it? Let me know in the comments down below. Is there another social media
site that I haven’t done yet that I should do in a number three? I don’t even know if
there’s that many social media sites that are that popular, but… If you enjoyed that video make sure you give
it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel if you would like to. I make videos twice
a week, thank you so so much for watching and I will see you in the next one. Bye! *Outro*
The first thing you’ll need is a camera. If you don’t have a DSLR, don’t worry! Just take
your iPhone front camera and you’re good to go. Oh, what’s that? You filmed vertically? Please
reassess your life and try again.

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