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Social Media for Companies

Hi, I’m Katie laird, and I’m the communications team manager here at Schipul So I think one of the biggest surprises that some of our clients have seen as far as Schipul’s Progression over the last Few Years is Definitely the rise of social media as far as being a really really essential business tool For a lot of clients not everybody it’s not for everybody for but for quite a number of them I Remember back in my early days at Schipul speaking with Clients kind of chit chatting on the phone before the project work gets done tell them about you know what I’ve been blogging about or something and I’d seen really Interesting on a group blog or something like boing boing and some of their reactions were I mean very kind of whoa You know like you’ve got to be careful like social media and blogging and you know they were you know kind of petrified They were just hearing the negative things and just saw it is kind of a silly personal thing to be working on But nowadays. I mean definitely a complete 180. I mean we see clients Very very actively searching for knowledge and advice And you know definitely working with some of our project managers on building their presence on Facebook Getting on you know their blog sometimes multiple blogs even so that’s really been quite a paradigm shift You know from being something that kids did to hey, like we want to grow our business connect with clients And then we want Schipul to do for us we are completely completely in love with Sharing our knowledge to clients And which is really really important in the social media sphere because there’s really a new network a new hot website popping up every day and Clients, just don’t have the time to sift through. What would be valuable for them And what would help them grow their business or reach their objectives So you know we’re very Transparent and you know very interested in teaching people Really everything that we know we want them to be a success because it reflects You know very well on our company, and then there’s also a level of trust so whenever you’re looking to a third party to Take your baby to take your brand and your company’s message and you know voice online in a whole, New Direction You know people feel comfortable with us because they know that number one you know our hearts in the right place You know one of our values and actually our vision is to to do good so we’re there to do good we’re there to you know help companies grow and Social Media is just one facet of the way that we’re able to help people you know just be Smashing successes online when it comes to figuring out if the social media campaign is a success it really has a lot to do with being very very specific in your objectives for that campaign and Just being creative and just kind of putting yourself out there and letting your audience and your community Play with you and take a part in your brand and in your company Really the way that the Schipul team tries to help clients is to you know really use social Media You know at first to kind of build their brand to you know grow Those relationships that they already have to connect with new people that they would never have been you know in Communication with before and then from there really figure out, what is it that Clients are you know either their clients or their audience online what they would be interested in what would benefit them and Find unique ways to connect with them

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