Social Media for B2B Tech Companies

3 out of 4 B2B buyers use social to guide
their purchase decisions. So to reach those buyers, you have to master
social. But is social really any harder for tech companies? Well let’s see. You’ve gotta engage the elusive B2B audience,
deliver on customer experience, and prove social works in a buyer journey that’s complicated. At Sprout Social we get it. We’re a tech company, we have the same challenges
you do. So we built a social platform to solve them. And thousands of other tech companies use
Sprout Social too. Zendesk drives engagement with Sprout’s Smart
Inbox. Evernote automates interactions with Sprout
Chat Bots. And Trello improves customer service with
Sprout collaboration tools. Tech companies use Sprout Social to flip the
script from “social is hard” to “social is our advantage.” Isn’t it time for a social platform that gets

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